Dennis Newman

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Dennis Newman burst onto the bodybuilding scene after winning the San Jose Superbowl and then the first MUSCLEMANIA, sponsored by American Sports Network, In., in 1991. At only age 22, Dennis is fast becoming a big name in the sport and already, he is in world-wide demand for guest appearances and magazines covers. In fact, Dennis is one of the principal models in John Parrillo’s new book High Performance Bodybuilding, to be released in January 1993.
PP: What has happened to you since winning the first MUSCLEMANIA?
DN: I went on to win the California in May 1992. That was an important contest because it opened up even more doors for me.
PP: What new opportunities have come your way?
DN: In addition to guest posing at all of this year’s MUSCLEMANIAs, I’ve been guest posing around the world, including Japan, London, Alaska, and Hawaii. The opportunity to see the world has been exciting, At present, I’m also evaluating several endorsement offers from fitness-related companies.
PP: What do your parents think of your success?
DN: My father is really proud of me and tells all his friends about my bodybuilding career. At first, my mother didn’t understand my devotion to bodybuilding. She would have preferred that I go to college. But that’s not for everyone. Now that she sees what I’ve accomplished so far, she’s supportive.
PP: How do you train and eat?
DN: I’m now in off-season training , and I work out every day for about two ┬áhours, and that include aerobics. During the off-season, I train one body-part a week, going as heavy as I can to build mass. I eat seven to eight meals a day, and each meal consists of plenty of lean protein and complex carbohydrates. I don’t really count calories, preferring instead to rely on my energy levels to tell me whether I need more food. I supplement my diet with multi-vitamins and minerals, free form amino acids, branched chain amino, an a protein powder.
PP: Do you have a training partner?
DN: No. I’m one of those bodybuilders who likes to train alone, and that works best for me, I train at World’s Gym in Lake Forest, California. It has a serious atmosphere; in other words, no one bothers me when I train. All the members respect each others’ need to concentrate on their workouts.
PP: Where are you headed in bodybuilding?
DN: Hopefully, toward winning the USA in June 1993. All of my mental and physical energies are channeled toward a victory there and that will mean wining my pro card – my most important goal right now. Long-term, I want to make a respectable living as a bodybuilder and earn enough money to make some smart investments that will afford me with future security.


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