Mass-building nutrition + deep squats = monster thighs!

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Radically increase your THIGH SIZE by radically increasing your SQUAT STRENGTH

By Andre Newcomb

The Parrillo 12 week high-intensity squat specialization program: Here is a Parrillo truism about legs and leg training and how best to build massive thighs, “Men that consistently squat heavy poundage deep and low while maintaining an upright posture build gigantic thighs.” There is an irrefutable relationship between deep squats (done properly and consistently) and big thighs. Bodybuilders want leg size and big squatting builds big legs. If you want to take your thigh development to the next level, we suggest you try our 12 week thigh specialization program. The entire program consists of a lone thigh exercise, the barbell back squat, done once a week. No thigh exercises other than squats for 12 straight weeks. We concentrate all our efforts towards improving our poundage-handling ability in the heavy back squat. We would advise throwing in some calf work and hamstring exercises to round out this squat/thigh specialization program. When you embark on the squat specialization program, you simultaneously embark on a three-month Parrillo “mass building” nutritional diet. This is a high calorie diet designed for the athlete seeking to add lean muscle mass and is the perfect nutritional compliment for our squat program. We combine big squatting with big eating to build big legs. Here are four aspects of the Parrillo squat specialization program you need to remember…

1.) Develop perfect squat technique – this is the foundation.

2.) Learn how to squat deep and upright, use pristine technique on every rep.

3.) Each successive week relentlessly drive the squat poundage upward.

4.) Combine the squat specialization program with a Parrillo Mass Building diet.

Squat till you drop: For three straight months concentrate all your thigh efforts towards the attainment of one goal: successfully pushing the back squat poundage upward each week for 12 straight weeks. We are thigh1looking to add 100 to 200 pounds (or more) to the poundage you use to repetition back squat. We also look to add one to three pounds of bodyweight per week each week for 12 straight weeks. At the end of the 12 week cycle expect to add 1 to 3 inches to your thigh size. This is a size and power routine for a serious man serious about taking his thigh development to the next level. No sissies need apply. The good news is you only have to train squats once a week; the bad news is you will have to use an excruciatingly difficult squat technique and come hell or high water, each week you must add weight to the squat bar. What the Parrillo elite understand is that by dramatically changing how we squat and by dramatically increasing the exercise poundage used, the legs have no choice but to grow. We create rep and poundage goals for each successive week and each week we hit the target poundage for the week and take a step closer towards our final squat poundage goal. Start off light and precise; repetitions are relatively high initially. Every 2 to 4 weeks the reps are lowered. Be patient.

Establish a sound technical base: squat deep and squat upright: If you are seeking to increase thigh size, improve thigh shape and amplify thigh power, then you need to get really good at deep squatting. Start off light; learn how to squat deep while staying upright. Go all the way down, “ass-on-heels” as the squat pros say. Over time, as we master the technique, build up the poundage. Over a three month period, drive the exercise poundage (and your bodyweight) upward. Watch as your thighs morph from poor to good by the end of month one, then from good into really good by the end of month two; and finally, from really good into outstanding by the end of month three. Increasing thigh size is directly proportional to increasing squatting power. Establish a perfect technical squat style, one that stimulates the maximum number of thigh fibers. Over time increase the squat poundage. The good news is that if you have never done deep squats consistently, by starting now and doing them right, over the next 90 days you will experience the best leg gains of your entire life. The good news gets better: you only have to train thighs once a week. The bad news is the effort exerted during these squat sessions will undoubtedly be the hardest physical effort you have ever put forth on any progressive resistance exercise in your entire life.

Increase strength and create new muscle: There is an intrinsic relationship between strength and size. Increased strength creates additional muscle size and size always follows strength. Champion powerlifters and power bodybuilders, men like Tom Platz, Dorian Yates and Ron Coleman, all leg giants, all understood the need to get truly strong in order to build truly huge muscles. Power trainers worship at the altar of intensity…maximum weight done for low reps.

How the squatting elite roll: The powerlifting elite will work up to one all-out top squat set. That is it. They will use massive ball-breaking poundage for a single top set of 1 to 5 reps. That’s it! One top set and the squat session is over: no leg extensions, no leg press, no hack squats, no lunges, nothing more for thighs. So the procedure is this: work up to a single, all-out, ball-busting top set of squats for a single set of 1 to 8 reps. That is it for the thighs for the week! Sounds good so far, but the tradeoff is the lifter must adhere to a rigid periodization schedule that calls for relentless weekly poundage increases. The once-a-week, single, all-out top set of squats must be driven ever upward each successive week. The top set poundage is increased by 10-25 pounds per week. The elite lifter has predetermined weekly target poundage they need to achieve. This target poundage is always heavier than the previous week and lighter than the following week. A 12-week squat specialization periodized cycle might look like this…

Weeks 1 thru 4

Work up to one all out set of squats for

8 reps

Weeks 5 thru 8

Work up to one all out set of squats for

5 reps

Weeks 9 and 10

Work up to one all out set of squats for

3 reps

Weeks 11 and 12

Work up to one all out set of squats for

1 rep

Week 13


Squat right! There are valuable lessons to be learned from elite powerlifters and power bodybuilders. Here is one: “If you want to grow big legs, squat big poundage DEEP!” The surest way to grow big legs is to obtain a monstrous (relatively speaking) back squat. In order to take your leg development to the next level, you need to increase, extend and elongate the squat ROM, the squat range-of-motion, the depth. Deep squats, deep and heavy squats, need to be done with an upright torso and a minimum of forward lean. Depth is critical. One recurrent mistake novice and intermediate weight trainers and bodybuilders make is they squat shallow. They fudge on the depth and depth is everything when it comes to productive squatting. Typically the novice squatter backs up from the squat racks with poundage way too heavy and then proceed to bang out ten reps, barely breaking their knees. These “nosebleed” squatters squat down perhaps one foot before they arise.
A purposefully shortened rep stroke, regardless the progressive resistance exercise, allows the trainee to handle a
lot more poundage. The macho ego prefers big weight, as in, “HEY! Look at ME! I can squat 405 for ten reps!” If the 405 x 10 nose-bleed squatter were forced to go down to ass-on-heels depth, this macho man would be hard pressed to do 185 x 5. Ironically that 185 x 5 would provide him far superior strength building/muscle building results compared to results delivered by his shallow, worthless 405 pound squats.

Squat technical analysis: The elite all agree that a properly performed super deep squat is the finest thigh developer known to man. The question becomes – how best do we do them?

Squat all the way down, ass-on-heels

Inhale mightily on the descent

Synchronize slow exhalation with coming erect

Maintain a vertical (or at least static) spine throughout

Little if any forward lean while descending

The barbell stays over, or behind, the knees; never let the bar get in front of the knees

The lifter goes all the way down – they bottom out

Stay tight – don’t relax your muscles at the bottom of the squat

Come erect to a full and complete lockout

Start super light, ingrain proper technique

Slowly increase poundage over time

Never allow technique to disintegrate

Most elite squatters squat once a week: if a man is training his deadlift heavy and his squat heavy, you work many of the same muscles; hips, erectors, thighs and hamstrings. The key to making once-a-week squatting (and deadlifting) work is continually and consistently making progress. We define progress as improved poundage handling ability. This results in an increase in lean muscle mass. Strength gains beget muscle gains. The key is being disciplined and determined enough to stick to
the plan.

It is optimal to combine thigh/squat specialization with a Parrillo mass building regimen.

Success in squatting is all about being able to master ultra-deep barbell squats.

Poundage and muscle size will come with time.

Full ROM is performed while maintaining an upright torso.

This ensures that 100% of the muscular stress is centered on the thighs.

Avoid bending forward: Perhaps the worst technical mistake in squatting is to bend forward at the hips when descending; this dilutes muscular focus on the thighs. When we lean forward we redistribute and reapportion muscle stresses. We purposefully call upon the lower back and the hip-hinge to come to the aid of the maximally taxed thighs. When leg power alone is insufficient, the legs call for help. World record holders squat with an upright torso. With 800, 900 or 1,000 pounds draped across your shoulders, and assuming you go below parallel, you can’t bend forward or the ponderous poundage will slam your torso to the floor. Staying upright and avoiding the temptation to lean forward makes squatting all about thigh power.

Complement squats with Parrillo Mass-building nutrition: To maximize muscular results, the elite bodybuilder engaging in our thigh specialization program pushes their bodyweight upward each successive week for twelve consecutive weeks. Look to add 1-3 pounds of bodyweight per week, depending on the physical size of the trainee. At the end of the 12-week squat specialization program, the trainee ends up heavier, thicker, stronger and just as muscular with dramatically larger thighs. This squat specialization program never misses – the only time it falls short is when the trainee slacks off in their execution of some critical aspect of this multilayered and multidimensional leg specialization program. If you embark on this program and under-eat, or eat the wrong foods at the wrong times, results will be subpar: to optimize results, consume a steady stream of “clean” calories over the course of the day; eat multiple meals and at each meal eat a portion of lean protein, a portion of insulin-dampening fiber carbs and a portion of starch carbs. Food meals are supplemented and augmented by the expert use of powerful and potent Parrillo nutritional supplements.

Blasting legs and using Parrillo nutrition to amplify results: If you under-eat, you will ruin any chance of success. To grow muscle the body needs an excess of protein and carbs, to varying degrees. Anabolism is induced by the expert use of regular food. Potent Parrillo supplements further amp up results. You have to have your nutrition squared away. Before
embarking on this 12-week thigh blitzkrieg, stockpile a bare minimum of Parrillo supplements…

Hi-Protein or Optimized Whey Protein powder: supplemental protein provides building blocks needed to construct new muscle.

CapTri®: ingest clean calories and fuel growth; CapTri® calories cannot be converted into body fat; they are used to construct muscle or burned to fuel activity.

Parrillo Bars: sort through the various types and flavors to find a bar that appeals to your taste buds: pick amongst the Energy Bar, Protein Bar, or Hi Protein Low Net Carb Bar.

50/50 Plus: Post workout supplement designed to provide the body, traumatized by the just completed workout, with exactly the nutrients needed to fuel recovery and growth.

Muscle Amino Formula: branched-chain amino acids “spare” muscle protein during the workout and replenish decimated muscle tissue after the workout.

Let us recapitulate: the strongest guys have the biggest legs; the best thighs belong to the men that squat the lowest with the most poundage. Emulate them. We can get away with squatting once a week if we’re smart about it. Do it right! Squat super deep, use pristine technique. You need only squat (and deadlift) once a week if your efforts are sufficiently intense and heavy. Eat big, eat clean, eat often, supplement with Parrillo and settle in for three months. We use power squatting to blast our thighs out of whatever growth rut they are currently in. Nutrition is used to aid healing, recovery and muscle growth. That this program works is beyond dispute – whether you have the stones to pull it off, to adhere to its rigid tenants and strict rules for the requisite 90 days is an entirely different story. Well do you?


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