About John Parrillo

The following is written by Jason Butcher who has personally worked with Parrillo Principles for over 20 years not just on myself but hundreds of athletes and average people who wanted the best and fastest results:

For more than 25 years Parrillo Performance has been about creating the best products, training techniques and diet system for those who truly want to make a difference in how they look and feel.  From the average individual who wants to lose 40 pounds to professional bodybuilders looking to make their mark, Parrillo Performance works.

Parrillo Performance products have always been created with a “food first” mentality.  Your body will achieve goals best with food…period.  Having said that, there is a time when people want to achieve more, whether it be losing an additional 10 pounds or becoming the next top women’s fitness competitor.  It is then that supplements will become an integral part of a sound nutrition program.

Parrillo Products are and always have been the best in the industry.  Top competitors visit Parrillo because they know that the supplement line is the only one that fits into a strict, results-based regimen.  It is this same line that has helped so many achieve weight loss (fat loss) goals quickly.  

Having worked with thousands of individuals from Moms wanting to lose baby weight to bodybuilders and even NCAA football players, I’ve learned that significant time is saved by putting them right on a Parrillo training, nutrition and supplement program.  Results come surprisingly fast to those who eat and train smart. Many of those who follow Parrillo’s program learn how to make a complete lifestyle change, much like I have for over 20 years on the program.

People often ask me what to eat, how to train and what supplements are the best.  My answer has always been that I can’t answer that in 5 minutes, but if you really want to know, go to Parrillo.  It’s been the only referral of any kind where I’ve been 100% confident that there’s simply nothing better available..anywhere.

Parrillo training techniques are unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced.  For athletes, you’ll be pushed to limits you never thought possible, whether you’re a top MMA fighter or triathlete.  If you’re just looking to get in shape from being extremely “out of shape”, the same techniques can be adjusted for your goals.  Results will come equally as fast.  Many of the “average” people I’ve worked with, who wanted to lose a few pounds and get in shape, achieved more than they ever thought possible.

Parrillo’s nutrition program is surprisingly simple at its core because it has a foundation of food.  The key is to understand how to combine your foods, when to eat them and it what quantities.  Every person is different but I have yet to work with anyone who didn’t get quick results from the core nutrition program and that was with almost no supplements.

As your goals change the diet will change as well.  Don’t plan on being hungry, because this is a metabolism building, fat burning, muscle creating program based on lots of healthy calories.

Top athletes from every sport have come to Parrillo to gain an edge on their competition.  It is this testing ground that helped Parrillo to create the most potent and effective products, techniques and nutrition programs.  

But you don’t have to be a top athlete to use Parrillo programs.  They’re for anyone who wants fast results, so if you’re just looking to lose a little extra weight this year, try Parrillo and you will likely achieve much more than you thought possible.