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Getting on the Parrillo train – Isolative ab exercises – Puberty is perfect – Upper and lower lats – MCTs are more than a bodybuilding supplement

By Iron Vic Steele Good morning, I am not a bodybuilder but train like one and (mostly) eat like one. I am a Parrillo Product user and a big fan of all his supplements. I recently got a copy of his classic book, High Performance Bodybuilding. I was really taken by the idea that, when [...]

2020-01-01T18:26:34-05:00 January 1st, 2020|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

The Parrillo Principles – The Bodybuilding Lifestyle

By Duke Nukem Monday: Jim awoke at 5:00 am. He washed up, dressed and headed to the kitchen. He drank an Optimized Whey™ protein shake (34-grams of high BV protein) washing down six Liver Amino™ tablets, 8 Max Endurance Formula™ capsules along with three each of Muscle Amino™ and Ultimate Amino Formula™ capsules. Jim headed [...]

2020-01-01T17:58:55-05:00 January 1st, 2020|Duke Nukem, The Press|

DON’T TURN INTO PORKY PIG THIS WINTER – 3 tips to avoid the winter blubber

By Ron Harris Most of us do it, and I am the poster boy – gaining unnecessary, unwanted, unhealthy, and ugly bodyfat in that holiday season that kicks off at Thanksgiving and often continues well past New Year’s Day. All the factors are in place to throw you off your diet rails. It gets dark [...]

2020-01-01T17:44:08-05:00 January 1st, 2020|Ron Harris, The Press|

Strategies to Improve Sleep

By Dr. Jeremy Girmann In the previous month’s column, we considered the importance of sleep and examined potential consequences of sleep deprivation.  The goal of this month’s column is to outline several ways in which we can improve the duration and quality of our sleep.  Our bodies function according to various rhythms. These rhythms govern [...]

2020-01-01T17:33:22-05:00 January 1st, 2020|The Press|

Mysha Enneking – Going at things differently

By Marty Gallagher Mysha Enneking came to fitness and bodybuilding in an unusual way. As a child and teen, the Ohio native was athletic and fit. She played tennis in high school and was agile and adventurous. Mysha was born with outstanding legs. Her legs were large in comparison to her normal sized torso. As [...]

2020-01-01T15:19:02-05:00 January 1st, 2020|Marty Gallagher, The Press|

Tired all the time – The 400 pound bench press – Behind-the-neck press? – Prison muscle – Fish fan? – Fair game!

By Iron Vic Steele Good morning, I successfully lost 16-pounds over the summer. I basically trained every day either lifting or performing some form of cardio exercise. My eating was extreme. I basically ate some protein and a salad once a day. For 2.5 months this worked great and I lost weight every week. Then [...]

2019-12-09T01:03:08-05:00 December 9th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

Joint Pain Relief Update

By John Parrillo We’re hearing a lot more on TV commercials about products to relieve aches and pains, particularly in the joints. No wonder – people are living longer (that’s good) but with longevity often comes joint problems (that’s bad). Generally, the management and treatment of joint problems are based on the use of anti-inflammatory [...]

2019-12-09T00:51:19-05:00 December 9th, 2019|by John Parrillo, The Press|

Nutrition and Food Preparation – Overlooked, undervalued

By Andre Newcomb The biggest single factor in bodybuilding success is nutrition; the biggest single factor in in bodybuilding failure is nutrition. Success or failure is dependent on the ability or inability of the trainee to successfully establish and then faithfully adhere to the strict and unbending guidelines of a true bodybuilding diet. Without precision [...]

2019-12-09T00:45:01-05:00 December 9th, 2019|Parrillo Principles, The Press|

Focus on Can, Not Can’t – Changing your perspective is your key to success

By Ron Harris I’m in a similar situation to many of you who are now in your 40’s or beyond and who have been weight training hard and heavy since our teenage years. I’m all banged up! It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve become one of those middle-aged guys at the gym who looks longingly [...]

2019-12-09T00:26:55-05:00 December 9th, 2019|Ron Harris, The Press|

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