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Lack of energy – Back attack – Chocolate switch out – Leg extension yay or nay – Fishing boat refuel – Symmetrical impasse?

By Iron Vic Steele Howdy, I am a pretty good female bodybuilder up here in Montana. I am 50 and have been competing off and on for 20 years (more off than on, recently.) I am naturally lean and wiry. Being overweight has never been an issue. For me, the battle has always been adding [...]

2019-05-17T17:39:25-04:00 May 17th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

Parrillo Pre-Workout Power

By John Parrillo If you want more oomph in your workouts, then make sure you’re powering up properly with pre-workout supplements – a regimen that will help boost your strength, increase your focus, and give you a turbo-surge of energy. Here’s a protocol I recommend: CREATINE One of the most amazing and effective bodybuilding supplements [...]

2019-05-17T17:25:37-04:00 May 17th, 2019|by John Parrillo, The Press|

Do you train hard enough? Knowing what to do is only half the battle

By Andre Newcomb It was chest and biceps day, and this was the end of the training session. The two sweat-drenched bodybuilders were down to the final exercises of a session that had already lasted 48-minutes. And they weren’t done yet by a long shot. As was their habit, when they were ¾ of the [...]

2019-05-17T17:20:07-04:00 May 17th, 2019|The Press|

The best way to train your first year – Stick to the fundamentals

By Scott Canatsey – Lead trainer at the Parrillo Performance training facility At Parrillo Performance, we have a lot of people come through the door looking to begin a vigorous weight training program that will yield serious muscular gains. There is always a great excitement and typically a misperception of what all is entailed in [...]

2019-05-17T17:08:31-04:00 May 17th, 2019|The Press|

Is Fasted Cardio Best?

By Dr. Jeremy Girmann This month’s question comes from Performance Press reader, Andrew: “I heard that fasted cardio will help me to burn more fat compared to cardio that is done after I eat. Is this true?” Ah…the cardio conundrum. Before answering this question directly, let me start with a few general thoughts on cardio [...]

2019-05-17T16:52:27-04:00 May 17th, 2019|Dr Jeremy Girmann, The Press|

Don’t Give Up! 4 ways to keep gaining when you need to go lighter on compound movements

By Ron Harris Sooner or later it will happen. Either an injury or a more insidious long-term degradation of the joints like arthritis will force you to lighten up considerably on the meat-and-potato compound movements that built most of your muscle mass. That’s when a lot of people just give up and quit lifting. They [...]

2019-05-17T16:45:18-04:00 May 17th, 2019|Ron Harris, The Press|

Miguel Lopez – A Lifelong Athlete Turns to Bodybuilding

Miguel Lopez was born in Puerto Rico in 1993. As a youngster he was athletic, energetic and tall for his age. Blessed with quick reflexes and a loads of fast-twitch muscle fiber, he was a natural for volleyball and basketball. “I discovered I could leap. At age 15 I could dunk and by age 16 [...]

2019-05-17T16:38:22-04:00 May 17th, 2019|The Press|

Training partners – Back after sickness – Triceps exercise ranking order – Recovery accelerator – What is the best trap exercise?

By Iron Vic Steele Greetings! I was recently asked to join a training group of four guys. They asked if I wanted to become one of their training partners. These guys get together three times a week to train at the local Gold’s Gym. I would classify them as intermediate level bodybuilders. They don’t compete [...]

2019-04-16T23:42:52-04:00 April 16th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|


By John Parrillo Can the supplement calcium pyruvate make body fat vanish? At least three studies say – yes. An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study looked at 13 obese women who went on a pretty low-calorie diet (500 calories daily) for 3 weeks. Half the women supplemented with 19 grams of pyruvate and 12 [...]

2019-04-16T23:33:50-04:00 April 16th, 2019|by John Parrillo, The Press|

The Case for Casein – Build muscle and reduce body fat – while you sleep!

By Duke Nukem It takes science awhile to catch up to bodybuilding and it takes bodybuilding awhile to catch up to John Parrillo. Case in point: casein. Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™ is a casein protein, one of nature’s highest quality proteins. Casein protein had been somewhat eclipsed with the widespread introduction and popularity of whey-based protein. [...]

2019-04-16T20:47:27-04:00 April 16th, 2019|Parrillo Principles, The Press|

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