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Bodybuilding Goals – Differing goals requires shifts in emphasis

By Duke Nukem

There are six disciplines, six separate aspects that combine to create the bodybuilding template: nutrition, weight training, aerobics, supplementation, rest and recovery. Some experts combine rest and recovery and consider them as one discipline. At Parrillo Performance the thinking is that rest and recovery should be treated as separate issues: rest can be handled by resting, sleeping, napping, etc. Recovery is positively affected by resting and it is also positively impacted by nutrition and modulations in training. All six of the component parts of bodybuilding need to be included and accounted for in any successful bodybuilding game plan. In the Parrillo approach to bodybuilding there is actually a seventh seth-drake-fx-fascia-stretchregularly reoccurring aspect to the bodybuilding template: fascial stretching. This unique protocol enables the bodybuilder to use intense stretching to dramatically increase muscle size, this while accelerating recovery and improving flexibility. If you consider yourself a bodybuilder, if you seek bodybuilding-type results from your fitness efforts, all of the bodybuilding component parts need be present and practiced. If any one component is absent, results will be substandard. At Parrillo Performance, establishing specific bodybuilding goals is considered critical. Once you have a defined goal, place the goal into a timeframe. Work backwards to a current starting point: each week moving forward, take a step closer towards the ultimate goal. Bodybuilders always need to be working towards a goal and generally speaking, there are three bodybuilding goals…

  • Add lean muscle mass: select a specific timeframe (usually 6-12 weeks) and direct all training efforts and all nutritional efforts towards acquiring lean muscle mass – without adding an unacceptable amount of body fat.
  • Reduce body fat: select a specific timeframe (usually 6-12 weeks) and direct all training efforts and all nutritional efforts towards a reduction of body fat – without losing an unacceptable amount of muscle mass during the diet process.
  • Add muscle, reduce body fat, do so simultaneously: the highest form of the bodybuilding art occurs when the elite bodybuilder attains a metabolic sweet spot. When training, nutrition and recovery are in perfect balance, muscle can be built while fat is being burned.

What’s the plan, Stan? Everyone needs to have a plan. Most fitness trainees don’t plan: they arrive at the YMCA or Gold’s Gym and do whatever exercises they feel like doing, usually the same thing in the same way over and over. A bodybuilder coordinates a system of training with a system of nutrition in order to (after a protracted period of time) arrive at a predetermined physical result. Those that “exercise” usually repeat the same favored weight training exercises in the same favored way, using the same favored number of sets, reps and poundage. When doing aerobics, most will use the same favored tool or device in the same way for the same duration and at the same pace as they used yesterday and as they will use parrillo-principles-girl-working-out-one-armtomorrow. Sameness is the enemy of bodybuilding progress. A serious bodybuilder has a plan going into every cardio or progressive resistance “training” (not exercise) session. The methodical bodybuilder has a series of goals heading into the workout and logs results from the training session. Workout results are scrutinized and analyzed and appropriate tweaks and adjustments are made to keep progress forthcoming. Parrillo-style bodybuilding has many unique aspects; Parrillo-style weight training has a highly specific strategy that is inexorably linked to Parrillo fascia stretching. Parrillo-style aerobics are equally unique: John asks bodybuilders to perform “fasted cardio” and use high intensity pacing to build mitochondrial density. All Parrillo-style cardio is done using extreme effort. Parrillo-style nutrition is synchronized and coordinated with high potency Parrillo supplementation. The selection of supplements is tailored to whatever training phase the bodybuilder happens to be in.

Add lean muscle mass: if the plan is to add lean muscle mass, the trick is to skillfully alter the balance between lifting-cardio-nutrition-supplementation. The balance is shifted in order to facilitate and make predominate the goal of building new muscle tissue. To add muscle, the body needs to have a calorie surplus. Too few calories and the body will be unable to respond optimally to the heavy-duty training stimulus. Too many of the wrong kind of calories and the body will create an unacceptable amount of body fat: what is the sense of adding ten pounds of bodyweight if seven pounds is body fat? The Parrillo approach encourages a calorie surplus, however with the asterisk being that all calories are “clean” calories, i.e. lean protein, natural carbohydrates, fiber carbs and potent Parrillo supplements. Bodybuilders clean up their diet by jettisoning processed foods, fast food, sweets, refined carbs, pizza, beer and all the other calorie sources that preferentially create body fat. Once the diet is purified, the next step is to add in Parrillo supplements. The best way to attain a caloric surplus that does not add to body fat stores is to consume nothing but clean calories. In training, each week seek to increase poundage or reps. Do not dispense with between-set Parrillo fascia stretching. To make sure bodystat-manual-meral-ertuncany weight gain is lean, continue with early morning fasted cardio: limit cardio sessions to 30-minutes, but go all out. Monitor body composition with the Parrillo BodyStat Kit. Look to push bodyweight up 1-2 pounds per week for the duration of the predetermined mass-building cycle. Achieve a caloric surplus using Parrillo supplements and potent bodybuilder power foods. Force muscle growth with high-intensity weight training Use nutrition to create a state of fertile anabolism, induced with regular food and supplementation. Each week for the duration of the cycle, push bodyweight upward, come hell or high water. Stay lean by continuing cardio and continually monitoring with BodyStat.

How to get ripped: the Parrillo method for attaining maximal leanness is based on the KISS principle: “Most bodybuilders overcomplicate the process of leaning out. First and foremost, square up the nutrition. Regular food, expertly used, is the nutritional foundation. Without disciplined food selection, and a commitment to never miss a meal, getting ripped is impossible. Nutrition is far and away the biggest single factor in the quest to achieve a single-digit body fat percentile.” When seeking to get ripped, next to nutrition, cardio is King. To become maximally shredded, twice-a-day cardio is highly recommended. The Parrillo aerobic approach is to start every day with a sweaty, high-intensity “fasted cardio” morning session. Wake up, dress, down some Max Endurance Formula™ capsules with an Optimized Whey™ shake, then tear into a 45-minute aerobic session that has you huffing, puffing and sweating profusely. Work right up to the edge of your cardio capacity in every session. Not only does this high-intensity approach towards cardio burn calories at a dramatically accelerated rate, the sheer intensity of the effort accelerates the metabolism, jacking it up for hours after the end of the session. Add to the early morning fasted cardio session, a second aerobic session done later in the day, a shorter 30-minute session usually tacked onto the end of the evening weight training session. Twice daily cardio coordinated with Parrillo-style nutrition (and supplementation) remains the optimal method for burning off body fat. Plan weight loss with the same methodical weekly planning that you would use for mass-building – only reversed – instead of looking to add 1-2 pounds per week, in a Parrillo lean-out phase the bodybuilder systematically sheds 1-2 pounds per week. BodyStat weekly measurements are critical; BodyStat allows the bodybuilder to truly see what is going on: Losing fat? Adding fat? Losing too much muscle? Staying the same? Without BodyStat, how do you know with any degree of certainty?

The ultimate metabolic state: elite bodybuilders are able to add muscle size while reducing body fat and do so simultaneously. As you would imagine, the degree of exactness and discipline needed to attain this most desirous and precarious of bodybuilding states is difficult, to say the least. Essentially, the elite bodybuilder cleans up the eating completely, the pure eating is combined with maximum training frequencies using off-the-chart training intensities. Once the fat-burning metabolism is established, the topflight bodybuilder will slowly, precisely, incrementally increase the consumption of clean calories. As John Parrillo puts it, “The bodybuilder’s metabolism grows from a campfire into a bonfire; as the fire grows in size, we are able to throw bigger logs (more clean calories) onto the fire.” The bodybuilder with a raging metabolism can increase the thermal effects by eating clean food and eating it often. Over time, by eating slightly more clean calories at each feeding, a blazing metabolism morphs into a raging metabolism. Once the elite bodybuilder attains that elusive elevated metabolism, they cannot miss a single meal or a raging bonfire will shrink into a sputtering campfire. Once a bodybuilder attains this perfect state, they have to stay perfect if they want to stay there. Small bobbles risk jostling the bodybuilder out of the perfection zone. One entire bad day and the bodybuilder will need a week (or more) to get back in the zone. There is an exactness that has to be exercised every minute of every day: prepare to be perfect or prepare to be cast out. Without continual monitoring using BodyStat, the degree of precision needed to attain and maintain this delicate state becomes nearly impossible. Building muscle while dissolving body fat is the ultimate expression; the highest level of bodybuilding expertise.

The role of supplements: at Parrillo Performance Products the role of nutritional supplementation is always expanding and evolving. Supplements, potent supplements used correctly, amplify every aspect of the bodybuilding process. Training need be intense and nothing accelerates recovery from brutal weight training like copious amounts of clean calories and lots of lean protein. Protein is required to rebuild muscle torn down by resistance training and protein is needed to construct new muscle tissue. Parrillo Performance Products is an industry leader in post-workout replenishment supplementation: 50-50 Plus™ is specifically formulated (50% high BV protein, 50% slow-release carbohydrate) to provide a body shattered by an effective weight training session with exactly what is needed to heal and repair muscle and accelerate overall recovery. The faster and more completely the bodybuilder recovers, the more often and harder they can train. Intense cardio is improved by supplementing with Parrillo Max Endurance Formula and Advanced Lipotropic Formula. Many Parrillo supplements have dual uses: CapTri® C8 MCT, the patented Parrillo MCT supplement, is used by those seeking to add lean mass and those seeking to get shredded. Parrillo Creatine Monohydrate™ and Liver Amino™ tablets are favored by mass-builders while the incredible Soft Chew bar (22 grams of protein, only 120 calories) and Muscle Amino Formula™, loaded with BCAAs, are mainstays for both mass-builders and “shredders.” Every Parrillo supplement has a targeted use and often more than one use. Educate yourself, study the Parrillo catalog and acquaint yourself with the products. Stockpile based on your goal. Monitor results weekly. BodyStat is a nine-point skinfold caliper test that enables bodybuilders to access changes in body composition. BodyStat creates the bodybuilder’s report card on the week’s nutrition and training: is the bodybuilder improving or regressing? Without BodyStat it is all guesswork and visual interpretation. Expert use of nutrition and supplementation is critical. The bottom line: don’t just exercise – train with a plan. Be prepared to shift emphasis, based on the goal: bodybuilding is a subtle and sophisticated process underpinned by fierce training and a disciplined approach towards eating and supplementing. Pick a direction, create a timeline. Time to get serious.

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