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Bulletin #1 – MCFAs: A Fat That’s Not Stored as Body Fat

We want everyone who uses our prod-ucts to be on the proper diet. After the foun-dation is laid with the

CapTri Cooking

CapTri Cooking

proper foods, supple-ments can be used to further increase nu-trient levels beyond what can be obtainedfrom foods alone. So to understand howCapTri® works and how to use it, we haveto discuss it in the context of a total pro-gram of nutrition. The most surprisingthing about CapTri® is that it is techni-cally a fat, yet paradoxically it contributesless to fat stores than conventional fats andeven carbohydrates.


 To understand why, you have to under-lized in the body. Conventional dietary fatsfound in foods are called “long chain trig-chain fatty acids (LCFAs), which are 16-22 carbon atoms in length.  This also turnsbody.  CapTri® is known as a mediumchain triglyceride (MCT), because it is(MCFAs), which are only 6-12 carbon at-oms long.  This difference in molecularCapTri® behaves differently in the bodythan conventional fats (1).cent water and that fat is not very solublein water (oil and water don’t mix).  Yourtive process in order to absorb and metabo-lize fats (2).  

The gall bladder produceslittle fat droplets called micelles.  Cells inthe intestines make protein carrier mol-These fat-protein complexes are calledchylomicrons  and are released from thechylomicrons eventually reach the blood-stream through the thoracic duct.  Once inthroughout the body.  Insulin causes fatcells  (adipocytes) to absorb the fat mol-   ture and is more soluble in water (1).sorb and does not require this complicatedfats are prone to be stored as body fat,small intestine to the liver by the portalturned into ketone bodies which theused for thermogenesis (heat), and a por-rency of the cell (1,3,4).  

CapTri®, there-fore, is processed in the liver so there is   CapTri® provides the caloric density offat —but without the tendency to be storedides have been demonstrated to contributeless to body fat accumulation than conven-   In summary, excess calories from anyfood can be stored as fat, but some foodsers.  Carbohydrate or protein  has to beconverted to fat before it can be stored ashand, already has the same chemical struc-ture as body fat.  

This is why excess calo-prone to be stored as body fat.  CapTri® isprocessed by the liver and is immediatelylittle tendency to contribute to body fatstores (1).   MCT on the market and is considered to bethe world’s premier MCT supplement.CapTri® is an excellent way to provideextra calories which can be used to supportbody fat.  


1.  Bach and Babayan, Medium chain36: 950-962 (1982).chain versus medium chain length triglycer-use.  Nutr. Clin. Prac. 1:129-135 (1986).Campbell, Thermic effect of medium chainClin. Nutr. 44:630-634 (1986).Abumrad, and Greene, Thermogenesis in hu-triglycerides.  Metabolism 38: 641-648 (1989).

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