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Bulletin #100 – Jump-Start the Fat Burning Process

Here’s something that happens to a lot of people about now: Summer’s here, and you’re dissatisfied that you haven’t suf-ficiently trimmed down for the season. Is there any way to accelerate your fat loss make up for lost time?Absolutely. First of all, I recommend that in addition to weight training three or more times a week that you perform at least 30 to 60 minutes of aerobics prefer-ably before breakfast to force your body to burn fatty acids sooner.Once you’re doing all this, there are four supplements I recommend when your goal is to lose body fat. Here’s a rundown:CapTri®CapTri® provides your body with a high-density energy source burned rap-idly by the body for fuel.

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Case in point: In a single-blind, randomized, cross-over study, 20 healthy men ingested a single dose of either 71 grams of MCT oil or canola oil. Blood samples were taken prior to the dosing, then at one-hour intervals over five hours following supplementa-tion. Triglycerides, or blood fats, actually decreased 15 percent as a result of taking MCT oil, whereas fats increased 47 per-cent with canola oil. These findings are quite remarkable: MCT oil burns up and reduces fatty substances in the body. The ramifications of this finding are important for anyone who wants to achieve and maintain a lean physique. (1)Instead of being stored as fat, excess calories from CapTri® are converted to body heat, and this means you burn more calories per hour. This explains why calo-ries from CapTri® contribute less to fat stores than an equivalent number of calo-ries from conventional fats or carbohy-drates (2, 3, 4). What’s more, the replacement of con-ventional dietary fats with MCT oil such as CapTri® results in much less body fat (5, 6).

There’s more: The enzymes that make new body fat and convert glucose into fat are less active if lipids like Cap-Tri® are included in the diet.If limiting carbs to accelerate fat-burn-ing, replace some of those carbs with CapTri®. Because CapTri® is metabo-lized in the body like a carbohydrate, you shouldn’t feel the loss of energy usually experienced with low-carb dieting. (To learn more about how to use CapTri® in this manner, see the Parrillo Nutrition Manual.)If you have never taken CapTri® be-fore, gradually introduce it into your diet at the rate of a few teaspoons a day until you are eating two to three tablespoons a day. CapTri® is so rapidly absorbed that it tends to cause stomach cramping if too much is taken at one time or on an empty stomach .Advanced Lipotropic Formula™ This supplement contains fat-mobiliz-ing nutrients your body needs to ef-ficiently metabolize fat. One of these is choline. Present in all living cells, choline has some very important roles in the body.

Choline is synthesized from two amino acids, methionine and serine, with help from vitamin B12 (which is why we include 200 mcg of vitamin B12 in this supplement). Choline helps prevent fat from building up in the liver and works to shuttle fat into cells to be burned for energy .Another lipotropic is inositol. Work-ing together with choline, inositol helps prevent build-ups of fat in the arteries and keeps the liver, heart, and kidneys healthy. Each capsule in our formulation contains 200 mg of inositol.Also included in our lipotropic for-mula is biotin. This B-complex vitamin is required to activate specific enzymes involved in metabolism. Without it, your body can’t properly burn fats. Biotin also influences the body’s ability to properly metabolize blood sugar (to avoid low-en-ergy periods).We formulate this supplement with an-other B-vitamin vitamin B6 . This nutri-ent helps keep the body’s water balance in check, plus helps regulate blood sugar so you don’t get swings in blood sugar and the cravings they cause. Each capsule contains 20 mg of vitamin B6 .Methionine, an amino acid in the for-mulation, has been linked to weight con-trol.

In combination with another amino acid phenylalanine methionine ap-parently assists in the breakdown of fat.2 Our Max Endurance Formula™ contains 200 mg of DL-phenylalanine, and each capsule of our Advanced Lipotropic For-mula™ contains 200 mg of methionine.  An important lipotropic in this supple-ment is carnitine, a nutrient that shovels fat into the cells’ mitochondria (cellular furnaces) to be burned for energy. It also cleanses the mitochondria by removing cellular waste products. Thus, carnitine is absolutely vital to metabolism.When combined with chromium pico-linate, carnitine appears to boost fat loss potentially up to two or more pounds a week, according to re-search. That being so, we’ve formulated this supplement with chromium picolinate too . Chromium picolinate helps turn carbo-hydrates into blood sugar, the fuel burned by cells for energy.

It also helps regulate and produce the hormone insulin . Manu-factured by the pancreas, insulin helps control hunger, regulates fat storage and muscle-building, and assists the body in utilizing cholesterol properly . While chromium has a good reputation as a fat burner, it also may stimulate the growth of lean muscle if you lift weights. In one study, 10 college men attending a strength-training class twice a week took either chromium supplements (200 mcg a day), or a placebo. After 40 days, the chromium supplementers gained an aver-age of 4.84 pounds of muscle, without gaining any fat. The placebo group did not fare as well. They gained barely a pound of muscle, on average, and their body fat increased by 1.1 percent.(7) Per capsule, Advanced Lipotropic Formula™ contains 50 mcg of chromium picolinate. Finally, Advanced Lipotropic Formula™ contains two important enzymes: pancre-atin and betaine HCL. Enzymes such as these help ensure that our bodies properly break down the foods we consume so that they can be properly utilized by the body for growth and repair. Pancreatin, for example, helps the body digest fats, and is also believed to have strong fat-dissolv-ing properties Betaine HCL helps activate the protein digesting enzyme, pepsin .

For these reasons, enzymes are often recom-mended as digestive aids.I recommend that you take one capsule with each meal which means four to six capsules daily, depending on how many meals you consume. That way, your body receives a continuing supply of important fat-mobilizing nutrients throughout the day .Liver-Amino Formula™The third supplement I recommend for fat loss is Liver-Amino Formula™. This supplement is a concentrated source of liver that has been processed to remove all the fat. It is rich in protein, B-complex vitamins, minerals, lipotropic agents, and heme iron (a type of iron derived from animal proteins that is well absorbed by the body). Iron is important in the body’s energy system because it helps manufac-ture hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.This supplement also contains B-com-plex vitamins a vitamin group that is active in converting carbohydrates into glucose, which the body burns to produce energy.

The B-complex vitamins in this supplement include choline, inositol, and biotin, which are lipotropics.Together, all the nutrients in this supple-ment are necessary for energy production when carbohydrates are limited for the purpose of accelerating the fat-burning process . For best results, I recommend that you take several liver tablets with each meal. Along with ample calories from high-density foods, this supplement should help you achieve your fat-loss goals.Essential Vitamin Formula™ and Mineral-Electrolyte Formula™Consuming a balanced intake of vi-tamins and minerals is vital during a fat-loss program. If you’re reducing your carbohydrate intake to shed fat, you may be losing some basic nutrients your body needs. Use of these two products ensures that your body gets the essential nutrients it needs to run as an efficient fat-burning machine. I recommend that you take one tablet of each of these supplements with each meal .


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