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Bulletin #126 – Parrillo Bars: Catabolism’s Worst Enemy!

New converts to Parrillo methods al-most invariably have a common complaint, “I don’t have the time to eat all the regu-larly scheduled meals that you insist are critical for bodybuilding success.” In this day and age, that’s no excuse. First off, the serious Parrillo-style trainee cooks the food they require for the coming week the previ-ous weekend. It’s a fairly easy thing to take some time and bake or grill chicken breast, fish, shellfish or lean beef. Do it ahead of time. It’s also a fairly easy thing to bake potatoes, steam rice and prepare veggies in quantities sufficient for the entire com-ing week. Salad fixings are available at the grocery store in pre-made packages.

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Pack the cooked food away in the refrigerator and each day before work or school (or the night before) construct those highly structured bodybuilding meals using proper amounts of pre-made food. I recommend a portion of protein, a portion of starchy car-bohydrate and a portion of fibrous carbs at each meal. Once the meals are assembled, place the portions into individual sized Tupperware containers for transportation to the workplace, office or school. When it’s time to eat a meal bring them to life by zapping them in the microwave or eat them at room temperature in a pinch . Finding time for meal consumption is a consideration. Even if your boss is Ebenezer Scrooge how long does it take to consume a mid-morning or mid-after-noon meal? Five minutes? You can eat a meal in less time than it takes to smoke a cigarette or use the bathroom; the point be-ing that even with the constraints of work and school you can make the bodybuilding meal plan work if you want to.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a convenient ex-cuse not to cook ahead of time and looking to find a way not to eat a mid-morning and mid-afternoon meal, than perhaps you’d be better suited for golf, bowling or tennis instead of bodybuilding because frankly, if you don’t come to grips with food preparation and food consumption your chances of success are slim to none. For those rare instances when it is impossible to eat a real food meal at an appointed time, don’t fret; you can still have a great bodybuilding meal using Parrillo supplements. A single Parrillo Energy Bar contains 240 calories with 14 grams of high BV whey protein, 35 grams of slow release carbohydrate and 6 grams of CapTri®, my patented medium chain tryglyceride fat. My Protein Bar has a slightly different nutritional profile: 20 grams of protein combined with 30 grams of carbs. The great thing about my sport nutrition bars are their portability: you can stash them in your gym bag or the glove compartment of your auto, you can leave a few in the office desk drawer, satchel, purse, locker or file cabinet and this way you are never, ever without a delicious, muscle-building snack how long does it take to consume a bar? Three minutes?

There really is no excuse to miss a meal or deny your self the quality calories needed to ward off catabolism. I would strongly suggest that you consider keep-ing a container of Parrillo Hi-Protein or Optimized Whey protein powder stashed at work. The simplicity of protein shake preparation is mind-boggling; keep a small Tupperware shaker handy and at the appro-priate time place two scoops of dry protein powder into the shaker, walk to the water fountain, add six ounces of cold water and give the concoction a vigorous shake or two. Presto! 150 calories, 33 grams of high BV whey protein, no fat or sugar and 4 grams of carbohydrate. Look at the amazing meal you can have by consuming an Energy Bar and an Optimized Whey™ shake… It would be pretty darned hard to top the nutritional profile of these two products individually and combined they provide a 400-calories mini-meal that is virtually un-beatable. This one-two Parrillo supplement punch rivals the classical chicken/broc-coli/rice bodybuilding meal in terms of nutritional wallop: the all-supplement meal contains a 47% 40% 13% ratio of pro-tein/carbohydrate/fat. The fat contained in my products is not the standard long-chain saturated variety but a special MCT that is processed by the body like a carbohydrate.

This technical distinction is huge and can-not be overemphasized; the problem with fat is not the caloric content but the fact that saturated fat is easily compartmental-ized as body fat. MCT oil accounts for all the fat calories in my nutritional products and while boosting the calories (a good thing) is virtually impossible to end up as body fat. Substituting the Energy bar for the Protein bar makes the split between protein and carbohydrate roughly equal at 44/44/12. Best of all, this 400-calorie meal doesn’t have to be cooked and can be eaten anywhere. Is it any wonder that elite body-builders will consume a “Parrillo Meal” after an intense workout? Science has shown repeatedly that nu-trients are absorbed at a far faster and more efficient rate immediately after a high inten-sity weight workout.

There exists a window of opportunity that opens after a workout ends and snaps shut roughly one hour later . During this period if quality nutrients are ingested in a timely fashion and in the right amount, all kinds of miraculous results oc-cur: catabolism is thwarted, anabolism is established and (assuming the nutrients are of sufficient quality and quantity) muscle tissue is healed, repaired and growth oc-curs. Conversely about the worse thing you can do to a muscle after beating the hell out of it in a fierce workout is to starve the muscle. Is it any wonder that elite bodybuilders are often seen sitting on an exercise bench after an exhausting workout drinking a Par-rillo protein shake while they munch on a Parrillo bar? You should do the same. I am a great believer that supplements should be used to supplement not replace regular food. Often bodybuilders take a good thing to extremes and virtually live on nutritional supplements. Their logic is understandable but flawed; if supplements are good, more supplements are better. The problem with consuming supplements most of the time is that repeated use doesn’t take advantage of the effect real food has on digestion.

A perfectly balanced ‘real food’ meal, one that contains a fat-free protein portion, a starchy carb and a fiber carb portion, provides sustained nutrition over a pro-tracted period of time. It takes the human body time to digest food and break food down into usable subcomponents. This is a good thing as the digestion process ensures a sustained release of quality nutrients. Bodybuilders who use nutritional supple-ments on a near exclusive basis don’t get the same results as those who receive the bulk of their calories from real food meals. The optimal method is to consume most of your daily calories in the form of whole foods and supplement sound eating with high quality nutritional supplements. Ev-ery single meal does not have to be a food meal; as long as the majority of your daily calories are derived from ‘real’ food, a daily feeding (or two) derived strictly from quality supplements is okay. Then you have the best of both worlds. The ease and quickness of a post-workout ‘smart bomb’ is genius-on-a-stick. The quick digestive properties of a Parrillo Bar and a Parrillo protein shake can work to our post-workout advantage. We don’t have to wait for the body’s enzymes to break down whole food in order to get nutrients to blasted muscles before the post-workout window of op-portunity snaps shut. Post-workout, smart-bombing using nutritional supplements are totally appropriate . Sometimes circumstance prevent us from eating that perfectly balanced body-building meal at its appointed time.

Rather than miss a critical feeding and go catabolic or instead of stuffing your face with junk food retrieve that Parrillo bar (or two) and drink a protein shake. Inside two minutes you’ll have consumed a delicious, nutrition-ally balanced meal. Persuaded? You should be pick up the phone right now and call our toll-free number and order a canister of Parrillo Optimized Whey™ and a box of our bars. When situations and circumstance contrive to keep you from consuming that perfectly constructed bodybuilding meal, you’ll be ready. After that high intensity, Parrillo-style weight workout there is no smarter, faster or more efficient way to re-vive, repair and restore muscle tissue than eating a bar and drinking a protein shake. Don’t forget our patented 50-50 Plus™ supplement which blends near equal parts of Optimized Whey™ and Pro-Carb™. I designed this powerful supplement to pro-vide the hard working bodybuilder an easy to use anti-catabolic drink.

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