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Bulletin #132 – Erythritol: Top Next Generation Sweetener

Of the many sweeteners now available, Parrillo Performance has made the move to use erythritol in one of its products. Eryth-ritol is technically a “sugar alcohol,” made from the fermentation of corn. A sugar al-cohol is neither a sugar nor an alcohol, but is labeled such because of the fermentation process used to produce it . Sugar alcohols are “polyols,” a carbohydrate that has very little effect on blood glucose levels.Sugar alcohols, in general, are low in carbohydrates and contain roughly half the carbs found in an equal amount of sugar.

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Their advantage as additives in food is that they affect blood sugar and insulin levels less dramatically than regular sugar or other simple sugars which means that they are appropriate for weight control and for the management of diabetes.There are a number of sugar alcohols used in food products. Among them: man-nitol, sorbitol, xylitol, isomalt, and maltitol. But erythritol outperforms them all in a number of ways. Erythritol:• Is very low in calories Per teaspoon, erythritol has 0 calories, and therefore is an excellent choice for reducing fat-forming sugar in your diet. Erythritol also looks, cooks, and tastes like sugar. It is about 70 percent as sweet as aspartame and sugar and has no aftertaste.•

Has a high digestive tolerance Most sugar alcohols can cause diges-tive disturbances such as diarrhea, gas, and upset stomach. Erythritol, however, does not generate these unpleasant side effects a quality that distinguishes it from other sugar alcohols . The reason is that erythritol is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine due to its small molecular size and struc-ture. Several clinical studies have proved its high digestive tolerance. This unique metabolic profile is a real plus, especially for people who have been avoiding sugar alcohols that produce gas and have laxative effects.•Gives foods a “melt in the mouth” qualitySugar alcohols like sorbitol have long been used in sugar-free hard candies be-cause they produce a candy that doesn’t crystallize and stays hard and dry . Eryth-ritol has different properties; it provides smooth bulk, ideal for our supplement bars, to give them a creamy, melt in your mouth quality.Like other sugar alcohols, erythritol does not cause tooth decay. It is resistant to oral bacteria that breaks down sugar and starches to produce acids that may corrode tooth enamel .

The American Dental As-sociation recognizes the value of sugar al-cohols, including erythritol, as alternatives to sugar and as part of a comprehensive program to fight tooth decay.Human studies have found erythritol to be well tolerated and safe, and animal studies show it to be harmless. Further, it has been used in foods around the world since 1990, and so it already has a long history of safe use. Commercially, you’ll find it in sugar substitutes, hard and soft candies, reduced and low-calorie bever-ages, in dietetic cookies and wafers, and in chewing gum in addition to our new High Protein Low Net Carb Bar.

It has the ability to mask the off-flavor bitterness often asso-ciated with other sugar substitutes.Erythritol is naturally present in foods such as pears, melons, grapes, mushrooms, and corn. It is a near-perfect sweetener if you’re trying to control your weight, re-duce your carbohydrate intake for greater fat-burning, or need to regulate your blood sugar .We strive for the best supplement for-mulations at Parrillo Performance, and we believe that our decision to use erythritol Parrillo Performance Nutrition Bulletin # 132Erythritol: Top Next Generation Sweetenerby John Parrillohas resulted in a better taste and metabolic profile for our customers.

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