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Bulletin #135 – The Anabolic Effect Of Food

Regular food can create a powerful anabolic environment for the conscientious bodybuilder. Regular food is food pur-chased at the supermarket and when com-bined with a proper weight training and cardiovascular regimen, amazing physical results occur rapidly. For thirty years I have refined a system that combines pre-cision eating with high intensity exercise and when properly balanced and used con-sistently, this approach triggers dramatic gains in muscle mass and equally dramatic reductions in body fat. Many young body-builders are on an eternal search for a ‘miracle’ nutritional supplement that will allow them to eat in an undisciplined way and train in a haphazard fashion no such product exists or has ever existed. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, proper amounts of regular food eaten at the proper time will get you 80% of the way there, as-suming you train hard, heavy and often. It takes lots of high intensity weight training and aerobic exercise to trigger gains and it takes a lot of calories to support serious training. Supplements can add 20% to your efforts and that’s huge! Unscrupulous supplement manufactures make outrageous claims about phony products in an effort to get you to buy their goods.

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They want you to believe that by using their miracle product you can effortlessly build your physique without hard training or disci-plined eating. People desperately want to believe this myth and there are plenty of supplement makers that will tell you with a straight face that they have designed just such a product. As a result there is always a market for crazy new nutritional supple-ments that make unbelievable claims.Reality is a lot different from make-believe. In the real world results start with the expert use of regular food; this is the foundation on which every sound and sane nutritional program is constructed . What is the best way to construct a nutritional program that delivers real results? Start by establishing a multiple-meal daily eat-ing schedule . Once the eating schedule is squared away, turn your attention to food selection: discipline yourself to eat only foods that are beneficial, not detrimental.

After you have squared away the eating schedule and regimented yourself to eat only foods that help, not hinder. The final step is to utilize a broad array of nutritional supplements. At Parrillo Performance we have developed a line of potent supple-ments that are designed to do just that: supplement a sound eating program struc-tured around the intelligent use of regular foods. Bodybuilding foods are available at the local supermarket and when combined with our supplements (designed to supple-ment not supplant or replace regular food) the supplements act as a force multiplier. To reap maximum benefits from your nutri-tion, train hard and ingest plenty of quality calories to heal muscle tissue shock-blasted from intense training. Eating too few calories is as bad as eating too many of the wrong calories; in order to make progress, hard training must be supported by big eating. The trick is to derive calories from foods devoid of saturated fat, sugar and refined carbohydrates. The human body has an easy time converting fat and sugar into body fat and for that reason we avoid them. On the other hand it is virtually impossible for the body to convert pure protein and fibrous carbohydrates into body fat and for that reason we build our nutritional founda-tion upon these foods. Multiple meals are critical: The logic is irrefutable; better to consume the daily caloric allotment in smaller chunks.

If you are con-suming 2,000 calories per day, bet-ter to consume five 400-calorie mini-meals than in one or two high calorie maxi-meals. Small meals lessen the digestive burden and multiple meals ‘teach’ the body how to digest and assimilate food in a more ef-ficient fashion. Multiple meals ‘build the metabolism,’ and this is the cornerstone of the Parrillo nutritional philosophy. Opti-mally a meal or ‘feeding’ need occur every two to three hours. This ensures the ath-lete maintains ‘positive nitrogen balance,’ the ultimate metabolic state for building muscle tissue .Eat only recommended foods: Once a multiple meal eating schedule is estab-lished, turn your attention to food selection. As mentioned earlier, protein devoid of saturated fat and fibrous carbohydrates are the foundational foods in the Parrillo nutri-tional program. Starchy carbohydrates are the ‘wild card.’ Every Parrillo-style meal should include a protein portion, a fibrous carb portion and a starchy carbohydrate portion. Protein and fiber are eaten in large amounts and starch is eaten in a precise fashion: if the athlete is building mass lots of starch is consumed. If the bodybuild-ing is in a pre-competition ‘ripped and shredded’ phase, starch is eaten in smaller amounts .

Eliminate foods that are detrimental: Powerlifters build huge amounts of muscle by eating lots of calories and training hard and heavy using basic exercises with bar-bending poundage. Because they are not choosey about caloric sources their impres-sive muscle mass is usually accompanied with equally massive amounts of body fat. The Parrillo-style bodybuilder rips a page or two from the powerlifter by ingesting lots of calories and by training hard and heavy but in order to minimize body fat the body-builder is super selective in food choices and performs aerobic exercise. By confin-ing foods to those difficult for the body to compartmentalize as body fat and by performing high intensity aerobics, muscle mass is acquired and body fat acquisition is minimal .Exercise often and exercise intense-ly: At Parrillo Performance we have de-veloped a integrated system of weight training, aerobics and nutrition that results in a radical alteration of the physique in short order assuming all the elements are in place and practiced with due dili-gence.

Training is done with great intensity whether it is weight training or cardio-vascular training. For maximum results weight training sessions are done often. I recommend a wide variety of exercises for every body part: use low reps to build size and power and high reps to build muscle density and separation. Aerobic sessions should be performed often and done with great intensity . Hard cardio actually in-creases mitochondria density and the more of these tiny muscle blast furnaces exist within a muscle the more efficient the body becomes at oxidizing calories.Supplements are critical: Nutritional supplementation can make or break a body-builder. Assuming you are training with the requisite frequency and intensity, un-less you are ingesting sufficient calories clean calories devoid of fat and sugar no progress is possible. A common mistake for hard working bodybuilders to ‘under eat’ in the mistaken belief that restricting calories is proper and appropriate. Noth-ing could be further from the truth: train-ing hard and not eating enough result in muscle catabolism and the human body will actually eat its own muscle tissue to cover calorie shortfall. More often than not the bodybuilder cannot eat every single required calorie from regular food sources and this is where supplements come to the rescue.

A serious bodybuilder will require 1.5 grams or more of protein per pound of body weight per day and by supplementing with protein powder the athlete is easier able to hit the protein target and without having to cook every single bite. Par-rillo carbohydrate powder, sport nutrition bars, CapTri, amino acid supplements and various vitamin and mineral supplements round out the eating regimen effortlessly.Regular food forms the bedrock foundation: As I mentioned earlier, the expert use of regular food, the kind avail-able at the grocery store, allows you to construct a nutritional game plan that will get you 80% of the way towards the goal: maximizing your ultimate genetic poten-tial. The precise use of nutritional supple-ments will provide the remaining 20%. Assuming you are training frequently and intensely, physical transformation is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Use a multiple meal schedule based on the consumption of regular recommended foods and supple-ment with potent Parrillo supplements. Train hard, eat correctly, supplement pre-cisely and the results will shock and amaze you: muscle mass increases, body fat melts and inside of sixty days you will undergo a total physical makeover.

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