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Bulletin #138 – Creatine for Maximum Results

If you are interested in maximizing mus-cle size, creatine helps in two ways. A more long-term effect is that creatine supplementation allows you to lift more weight for more reps, so you get more muscle fiber hypertrophy. A more imme-diate effect is that as muscle cells take up creatine, it takes water along with it. So it makes the muscle fibers swell, getting bigger and harder. After a month of cre-atine supplementation, you might ingest only 250 grams of creatine, but gain six to fourteen pounds of muscle mass. That weight is mostly water, being drawn in-side muscles cells by the extra creatine. It’s kind of like having a constant pump. Your body makes some creatine naturally. Your kidneys make about one gram per day . Creatine is also contained in meat, and the average diet of meat eaters supplies about another gram per day. So, without creatine supplementation, you get about two grams per day, unless you’re a vegetarian, in which case you get about one gram per day .

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Creatine supplementa-tion allows you to propel this to a much higher level. This increases the amount of creatine inside muscle cells, making them bigger and harder and stronger. The way to use creatine is to start with a loading phase, which usually is 20 grams a day for five to seven days. To do this, take five grams (one teaspoon) four times a day, for five to seven days. This is followed by the maintenance phase, which is five to ten grams a day. After only one month, you will see a noticeable increase in size and strength. I feel that Parrillo Creatine Monohydrate™ is the highest purity creatine supple-ment available. And a word of caution: don’t be fooled into buying creatine phos-phate supplements.

It sounds like a good idea, until you realize creatine phosphate is not absorbed from the intestine. You need to use creatine monohydrate, which is absorbed from the intestines. Once transported inside muscle cells, it is con-verted into creatine phosphate. Also beware of liquid creatine supplements, as creatine will break down after a few weeks of being dissolved in water. To boost your gains through the roof, there’s an excellent supplement to use in combination with creatine: 50-50 Plus™. 50-50 Plus™ is a drink mix made from about 50% protein and 50% carbohydrate. The protein portion is very much like Parrillo Hi-Protein Powder™, and the carbohydrate part is derived from Pro-Carb™. Studies have shown that a combination of protein and carbohy-drate like this works better at promoting muscular growth than either one alone. Combining creatine with 50-50 Plus™ is, quite frankly, the most potent nutri-tional supplement available for support-ing muscle growth.

The amino acid pro-file of the protein is ideal for supporting muscular growth, and the carbohydrate replenishes glycogen, further enhancing energy levels and strength. The best time to use this combination is after training. At that time your muscles are depleted and are begging for nutrients. The pro-tein acts to repair muscle damage from training as well as to supply the building blocks to generate new muscle tissue. The carbohydrate replenishes glycogen, as well as increasing uptake of the amino acids and creatine by muscle cells. If you’re on a budget and want to keep things simple, try 50-50 Plus™ along with creatine. After just one month, used in combination with proper diet, you will see and feel a difference.

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