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Bulletin #146 – Joint Health

If your joints are creaky and achy, don’t despair .You can help your joints with some natural approach-es, and hopefully not have to resort to over-the-counter or prescription pain-killers (unless your physician recommends them). Here are some options available:Evening Primrose Oil Evening primrose oil, in particu-lar has specific benefits for ath-letes, bodybuilders really, any-one who is interested in improv-ing personal health and fitness. It comes from a plant that grows wild along roadsides. It is so named be-cause its yellow flowers resemble in color real primroses, and these flowers open only in the evening. From this oil, your body can di-rectly obtain GLA, which stands for gamma-linolenic acid. GLA is ultimately converted into the pros-taglandin E1 series, a group of ben-eficial chemicals that helps reduce inflammation, regulates blood clot-ting, decreases cholesterol levels, and lowers high blood pressure, among other functions.

Parrillo Performance

Thus, eve-ning primrose oil is indicated for various diseases or conditions in which prostaglandins are associ-ated, and these include premenstru-al syndrome (PMS); heart disease; diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage that is a complication of diabetes; and arthritis. A growing number of medical ex-perts and scientists now believe that taking GLA-rich oils can effec-tively fight the inflammation the major cause of swollen, painful joints. GLA is a building block of a beneficial type of prostaglandin, which exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Thus, supple-menting with GLA increases pro-duction of these prostaglandins and may help control the pain and inflammation associated with joint problems and arthritis.Parrillo Performance recognized the need for a product that counter-acts joint and inflammation prob-lems.

The Parrillo Performance solution is Evening Primrose Oil™ a concentrated source of essential fatty acids, including GLA. EFA’s keep joints lubricated, hair and skin healthy, and brain neurons firing correctly. Each 1000 mg gel cap contains 30 IU’s of vitamin E, 100 mg of Gamma Linolenic Acid and 760 mg of Linoleic Acid. Take one to three capsules daily. Other Joint-Friendly NutrientsOur ongoing research recently led us to develop the Parrillo Joint For-mula to assist in the rebuilding of damaged joints, tendons, cartilage, and soft tissue. The nutrients con-tained in this supplement include: GlucosamineChemically, glucosamine is a combination of glucose and ami-no acids, and it has been exten-sively studied for joint health and support . When you supplement with glucosamine, it gathers in the liver, kidneys and articular cartilage . Once it reaches the chondrocytes, the cells that pro-duce cartilage, the glucosamine is incorporated into those cells . Eventually, it forms a viscous fluid that helps protect and lu-bricate your joints and cartilage. ChrondroitonLike glucosamine, this is another one of the molecules that make up cartilage. One of its functions is to attract fluid into the tissue, and this gives cartilage resistance and elasticity. Also like glucosamine, chondroitin appears to stimulate cartilage cells to create new car-tilage and it may also slow the breakdown of cartilage.Shark CartilageThis supplement can provide re-lief to painful, swollen, and stiff joints.

The secret to shark carti-lage’s success in treating arthritis primarily lies in the complex carbohydrates it contains: muco-polysaccharides, which relieve the chronic and painful inflam-mation that is so injurious to joints. Other benefits of shark cartilage are to regulate the im-mune system and prevent new blood vessel growth into the car-tilage of the joints. European re-searchers have reported dramatic reductions in pain and inflam-mation in arthritis patients sup-plementing with shark cartilage.  Green Sea MusselThis nutrient supports the restoration and maintenance processes of synovial fluid and connective tissues, including joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and intervertebral discs.Keep in mind that all these products should be used in conjunction with The Parrillo Performance Nutrition Program for best results. Joint For-mula™ should not be taken if you are allergic to seafood.


Greenberg, R. 1994. Clinical implica-tions and therapeutic administrations of shark cartilage. Chiropractic Prod-ucts November, pp. 140-142.

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