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Bulletin #149 – Nutrition 101: Get Lean By Getting Back to Basics

We’re a nation of dieters. In fact, about 50 million of us will go on a diet this year. Yet we’re also a nation of fatties. More than 97 million Ameri-cans are now considered obese or overweight, according to a report from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. What gives? Why is it that we diet, only to get fatter in the process? In two words: fad diets. Weight-loss experts agree that diets promising quick weight loss, from the Grapefruit Diet to the Lose-Weight-While-You-Sleep Diet, won’t work for long. You’ll only regain your lost weight and then some. In fact, very few people only around 5% can keep weight off for good. The most effective way to knock off the pounds and keep them off is with a plan that emphasizes a variety of foods, re-duces calories and includes regular ex-ercise. The Parrillo Nutrition Program is that diet. It’s healthy and energizing, plus simple and easy to follow. Stick with it, and before long, you’ll experi-ence a fitness that you can see and feel.

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The Parrillo Nutrition Program in-cludes a five-part fat attack strategy: Eat lean, high-fiber foods in fat-burning proportionsThe emphasis in this plan is on low-fat, high-fiber foods, which have been shown in research studies to help peel off pounds and banish them for good. Proportionately, this plan is high in protein, moderate in carbohy-drate, and low in fat. This approach suits the needs of active people and has been found in numerous stud-ies to effectively promote fat loss. Eat multiple mealsOn this plan, you’ll forgo your usual three squares a day and eat six or more meals a day. Research shows that eat-ing multiple meals stimulates fat burning and preserves lean muscle. Take supplements to enhance health & fat lossSupplementing with certain dietary products has been shown to facili-tate fat loss and assist the body in building lean muscle.

This increases your nutrient density and ensures that you’re getting exactly what you need to develop the best physique possible. Parrillo Performance has a great line of supplements and func-tional foods for your needs.Include a combination exercise programIncorporate both aerobic exercise and weight training into your week-ly fitness program. Submaximal ex-ercise, such as aerobics, uses fat as a fuel source, helping to burn off your fat stores. It also builds your aerobic power, so you can train longer and burn even more fat. Weight training burns fat as well, but in a different way by creating met-abolically active muscle tissue. This maximizes your metabolism. So with a combination exercise program, you’re burning fat several ways. The BIG payoffFollow these simple strategies and you’re sure to melt away the pounds. Stick to it, and you’ll actu-ally keep the fat off.

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