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Bulletin #156 – The Many Wonders of Minerals

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With so many supplements on the market, sometimes the basic ones get forgotten – like minerals, the work-horse of just about every reaction in your body. Every supplement proto-col we have in our program includes two important supplements: our Par-rillo Essential Vitamin Formula™ and our Parrillo Mineral Electrolyte Formula™. Here’s a look at some of the key minerals in the latter – and how they can benefit your body and health.Calcium: Of all minerals in your body, calcium is the most abundant. It accounts for 40 percent of your skeleton, and about 99 percent of the calcium in your body is depos-ited in bones and teeth. These struc-tures are hardened and strengthened by calcium, working in combina-tion with the mineral phosphorus.

The remaining one percent of the body’s calcium is concentrated in the soft tissues where it plays an essential role in muscle contrac-tion, nerve transmission, blood coagulation, and the activity of  the heart.Although calcium is vital for bone health, it is being studied for other health benefits. For example, emerg-ing research hints that it may pro-mote normal insulin action. That’s important, since if insulin is out of whack, it can promote weight gain. Calcium has also been implicated in research showing a weight loss ef-fect. And for more than 20 years, scientists have known that ample calcium helps control and prevent high blood pressure – a silent killer you want to avoid.Magnesium: Magnesium is the maestro of more than 400 meta-bolic reactions in your body. Some examples: It helps orchestrate the protein-making machinery inside the cells of soft tissues; helps direct the metabolism of potassium, cal-cium, and vitamin D; is necessary for the release of energy; helps your muscles relax after contracting; and plays a central role in the secretion and action of insulin.

Bodily stores of magnesium are valuable in help-ing the body handle glucose and maintain proper blood levels for even energy levels throughout the day.A magnesium deficiency can makes the body’s cells less sensitive to in-sulin, and a severe magnesium de-ficiency can cause abnormalities in the function of the heart and is pos-sibly related to cardiovascular dis-ease, heart attack, and high blood pressure.How do you know if you’re mag-nesium-needy? In some cases, your doctor may order a test in which magnesium is administered intra-venously and urine is collected over a 24-hour period. The test is usually reserved for people at a known risk of magnesium deficien-cy, and these cases include patients with congestive heart failure, heart attack, ketoacidosis, alcohol abuse, potassium or calcium deficiency, and chronic use of certain drugs.Potassium: Potassium serves the body in many ways. It assists the nerves in sending messages, helps digestive enzymes do their work, ensures proper muscle function-ing (including that of the heart), regulates water balance, and re-leases energy from protein, car-bohydrates, and fats.

A potassium deficiency can lead to irregular heart beats, high blood pressure, muscular weakness, fatigue, kid-ney and lung problems, and insu-lin resistance. Zinc: Zinc is at the heart of many activities in your body. For ex-ample, it helps: absorb vitamins; break down carbohydrates; syn-thesize nucleic acid, which di-rects the manufacture of protein in cells; and regulate the growth and development of reproductive organs. Zinc is also a component of insulin, and it prevents defi-ciencies that can lead to problems in your body’s use of insulin. Zinc-poor diets are also associ-ated with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, elevated tri-glycerides, and impaired glucose tolerance.Selenium: You can get powerful anticancer protection by stocking up on foods rich in selenium, an important antioxidant mineral. Such foods include fish, nuts, and whole grains. A huge body of evi-dence proves that diets low in sele-nium are a significant risk factor for cancers. In studying world popula-tions, scientists have discovered that people with low-selenium diets are more prone to have cancers of the breast, colon, liver, skin, and lung.

Over the years, several studies have suggested that selenium also helps reduce risk of prostate cancer, the second deadliest form of cancer in American men. Selenium works by protecting cells from damage. It may also block the action of carcinogens by interfering with their metabolism.Chromium Picolinate: Chromium is a trace mineral that helps turn carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar), the fuel burned by cells for energy. Chromium also helps regulate and produce the hormone insulin. Plenty of research over the years has found that chromium picolinate may improve body com-position and promote weight loss in healthy adults. It also may stimu-late the burning of carbohydrates so that they are converted into energy given off as heat, rather than being turned into body fat. Chromium is also believed to help stimulate the metabolism. Further, it appears to aid in protein synthesis. Assisted by chromium, insulin helps amino ac-ids gain access to cells, where they reassemble themselves to construct new muscle tissue.

Thus, chromium may have an indirect effect on mus-cle growth.Iodine: This mineral in our supple-ment comes in the form of kelp, a nutritious sea vegetable rich in io-dine. Iodine is a trace mineral that helps the thyroid gland produce thy-roxin, the principal thyroid hormone involved in metabolism.Supplementing With MineralsYes, you can get protective levels of these minerals from natural foods – including lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables, but it’s a good idea to hedge your bets and take a mineral supplement. Per pill, Parrillo Min-eral-Electrolyte™ contains 250 mg of calcium; 5 mg of iron; 250 mg of phosphorus; 75 mcg of iodine in the form of kelp; 250 mg of magnesium; 11 mg of zinc; 50 mcg of selenium; 500 mcg of copper; 10 mg of man-ganese; 25 mcg of chromium pico-linate; 45 mg of potassium; 500 mcg of boron; along with other nutrients. I recommend that you take one tab-let with each meal during the day for improved metabolism and well-be-ing.

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