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Bulletin #160 – Parrillo Nutrition Program Boosters

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Whether starting a nutrition plan like the Parrillo Nutrition Program, or renewing a commitment to get fit, everyone needs some “booster shots” from time to time to shore up motivation. Toward that end, here areCaptri and Vegetables 46 of the smartest tips ever for sticking to the Parrillo Nutrition Program so that you burn body fat and look great in 2008:

1. Eat all required foods on the Parrillo Nutrition Program: lean proteins, starchy carbs, fibrous carbs, and essential fats. Never skip a thing!

2. Use spices and seasonings to flavor your foods.

3. Do not eat fruits, or drink fruit juices or juice based products. They contain fructose, which is easily converted to body fat.

4. Shoot for 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily. (The Parrillo Nutrition Program builds this requirement in automatically – no need to count grams.)

5. If you feel hungry, eat extra protein to tide you over.

6. Eat at least two servings of fish a week to obtain a type of healthy fat called omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial fats help your body in numerous ways, including reducing triglycerides (fats in your blood), boosting your aerobic power, and normalizing your mood.

7. Remove skin and fat from poultrybefore cooking.

8. Avoid cured and smoked foods. They’re high in fat, salt, and nitrates (which are carcinogens).

9. Choose liberally from fibrous vegetables, especially for the preparation of salads.

10. Serve up salads prior to your meals to help you feel full and more satisfied faster.

11. Prepare your salads within your daily fat allotment, with fat free salad dressings, or vinegar.

12. Spice your foods with red pepper (capsicum). This popular seasoning is believed to rev up your metabolism by creating heat. You’ve probably noticed this yourself. After you eat hot spicy foods, your body will heat up in a process known as “diet induced thermogenesis.” When body heat rises, so does metabolism, and more calories are burned.

13. Blend chickpeas into a hummus for vegetable dips.

14. Try Parrillo’s Hi-Protein Cake and Cupcake Mix™ for a sweet treat.

15. Try using lemon juice or various herbs on your vegetables, rather than eat them with too much added fat.

16. Do not substitute or add to the Parrillo Nutrition Program.

17. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages. Have sparkling no calorie beverages with a twist of lemon or lime when you’re out.

18. Other than water, you may drink the following beverages: regular or decaffeinated tea, green tea, herbal teas, regular or decaffeinated coffee, carbonated water, mineral water, sugar free diet sodas, and sugar free drink mixes.

19. Write down what you will eat each day – for better control over your food intake.

20. Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. Water aids in weight loss by dulling your appetite and enhancing fat burning processes in your body.

21. Drink green tea liberally; it can be helpful in burning fat.

22. Add in Parrillo supplements according to your goals. See the Parrillo Nutrition Manual for an explanation.

23. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals only makes you hungry later.

24. Slow down your eating and chew your food thoroughly. Both actions help you feel full faster and are a proven weight control measure.

25. Do you overeat or over-snack with fattening foods in front of the television? If so, make it a rule in your house to always eat in the dining room while seated at the table.

26. Never let yourself get bored, stressed out, or depressed, if at all possible. These emotions can trigger cravings for sugary or high fat foods.

27. If you don’t have time to cut up vegetables, buy precut veggies from the grocery store, or take advantage of the store’s salad bar, which usually has plenty of freshly cut items.

28. Out wait your cravings for sugary or high fat foods. Cravings generally last no longer than 10 minutes. If you feel the urge to splurge, find something else to do for 10 minutes, or until the craving passes.

29. Be assertive when people offer you food that’s not on the program.  Train yourself to say “No, thank you.”

30. Visualize what you will look like in a bathing suit, then believe it will happen. What you believe you can achieve.

31. Hang your bathing suit on a door handle, or somewhere visible – as reminder of what you will accomplish.

32. Clear your kitchen cabinets of binge food.

33. Use non-stick saucepans for cooking foods so that you don’t have to add extra fat.

34. Keep plenty of cut up crunchy raw vegetables around to snack on.

35. Never eat foods out of their original jars or containers; always eat them on a plate while you are sitting down at the dining table.

36. Tell your friends and family that you’re on the Parrillo Nutrition Program and that you need their support.

37. Grocery shop only from the list of foods allowed on the Parrillo Nutrition Program.

38. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, but always on a full stomach. That way, you won’t be tempted to buy something that would sabotage your program. Eat a Parrillo bar before going grocery shopping.

39. When you lose some pounds, or achieve other important milestones while following the Parrillo Nutrition Program, reward yourself with a non food treat or gift, something that makes you feel good about yourself and your appearance. Some ideas: a massage, new pair of exercise shoes, new sports gear or equipment, new exercise video, a weekend getaway, a shopping spree, a new outfit, makeover at a day spa, pedicure or manicure, salon haircut, tickets to a concert, jewelry, new CD or DVD, limousine ride to a concert or other event, new addition to something you collect, or an accessory or accent piece for your home.

40. If, after all of your planning and commitment, you do overindulge, try not to feel guilty. Guilt only weakens your resolve to maintain healthy habits.

41. Don’t ever resort to crash dieting. This can result in a loss of muscle, decreased strength and power, low energy, moodiness or irritability, and compromised im-munity. Lose no more than a pound or two of pure fat a week. That’s a safe rate of fat loss for everyone.

42. Incorporate both aerobic exercise and weight training into your weekly fitness program. Sub maximal exercise, such as aerobics, uses fat as a fuel source, helping to burn off your fat stores. It also builds your aerobic power, so you can train longer and burn even more fat. Weight training burns fat as well, but in a different way — by creating metabolically active muscle tissue. Weight training also helps to preserve lean muscle.

43. Incorporate supplements such as Parrillo Hi-Protein Powder™, Parrillo 50/50™, or Parrillo Optimized Whey Protein™ into your diet. These supplements are great for a post workout meal. By providing nutrients when your body needs them most, proteins and carbs increase the production of two hormones (insulin and growth hormone) that are conducive to muscle growth and recovery.

44. Add Parrillo Creatine Monohydrate™ to your program. This is an effective sports supplement that enhances strength, promotes muscle growth and reduces body fat. The recommended dose is 5 gm a day.

45. Get enough rest. Lack of sleep has been associated with fat gain. Sleep deprivation increases the stress hormone cortisol. At chronically elevated levels, this hormone drives fat to the abdominal area. So get 7 to 8 hours of shut eye each night.

46. Lose body fat for yourself, not because your husband, mate, or parent wants you to.

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