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Bulletin #41 – Programned For Success: Supplementation For Optimal Results

In the previous bulletin we discussedthe importance of nutritional supplementsin an individual’s diet and reviewed thebenefits of Parrillo’s Essential Vitamin andMineral-Electrolyte Formulas as well asCapTri. In this bulletin we will review theimportance and relevance of several othernutritional supplements.We’ll start with the tandem of Hi-Pro-tein Powder and Pro-Carb. Hi-Protein isformulated from a base of casein and wheyproteins, two of the best protein sourcesknown. The highest efficiency protein ofall is whole eggs, but obviously wholeeggs wouldn’t make a very good supple-ment. So what we did was start with caseinand whey (which are milk proteins) andadd purified amino acids to adjust theamino acid profile of the formula to matchthat of whole eggs. This way we’ve gen-erated the highest efficiency protein in away that supplies no fat or cholesterol. Itmixes easily with a spoon and tastes great.Hi-Protein Powder is very rich in essentialamino acids, branched chain amino acids,and glutamine. These are the aminos yourbody needs the most to build muscle. Eachscoop provides 20 grams of ultra-high ef-ficiency protein along with six grams ofcarbohydrate.

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The carbs are included toprovide a small, steady insulin release,which helps muscle cells absorb theaminos. Pro-Carb is formulated withmaltodextrin, a slow release glucose poly-mer. Pro-Carb contains 22 grams of car-bohydrate per scoop and four grams ofprotein. So  how do you use Hi-ProteinPowder and Pro-Carb? These prod-ucts are designed as an easy andconvenient way to increase theprotein and carbohydrate con-tent of your diet. Many of ourathletes are eating 5,000 -6,000 calories a day (ormore) to maintain theirmuscle mass, and are look-ing for a way to eat more.Supplying nutrients in liq-uid form is an easy way toincrease calories and nutrient levels tosupport more growth. If you find your-self at a plateau in your training and arehaving a hard time gaining more muscle,the first thing to try is increasing yourcalories. Muscle is metabolically activetissue, meaning that it burns a lot of calo-ries, even at rest. It takes a lot of energyto maintain muscle, which must constantlybe repaired after each workout. The moremuscle mass you have, the higher yourmetabolic rate. This means your bodyneeds more calories every day just tomaintain itself, let alone get bigger. Sowith every pound of muscle you add toyour body, your daily energy requirementincreases.

This is why you need to slowlyand constantly increase calories as yougain more and more muscle. A lot ofpeople hit a plateau and don’t gain anymore muscle, simply because their exist-ing muscle mass is using up all of theirdietary energy (calories), leaving none leftto support growth. If you’re at such a pla-teau there are three places to look: notenough rest, not enough calories, or aproblem with your training program. Themost common problem is not enough calo-ries. If somebody is training hard, withheavy weights to failure, and eating asolid diet, there’s no reason theyshouldn’t be gaining muscle. Bodybuild-ing is not supposed to be about gettinggood gains for a year and then staying ata plateau for the rest of your life. If you’renot gaining muscle, you’re doing some-thing wrong. Change something. If youcan’t get it figured out, give us a call.That’s what we’re here for.Obviously, as your muscle mass in-creases your need for protein and calo-ries increases as well. Hi-Protein and Pro-Carb were specifically designed to meetthis need for quality nutrients.

One scoopof each mixed together provides 210 calo-ries, 24 grams of protein, 28 grams of com-plex carbs, and less than a gram of fat. Agreat way to flood your muscles with nu-trients is to take a scoop of each mixed inwater with each meal or between meals. Ifyou do this five times a day, this will sup-ply 1,050 extra calories, 120 grams of pro-tein and 134 grams of carbohydrate. Bytaking it between meals you maintain aconstant supply of energy and nutrientsfor your muscles. It’s very easy to put a scoop in a shaker bottle and drink it downwhen you don’t have time for a meal. Liq-uid nutrition is an easy way to supplymore calories without feeling full andbloated. If you’re stuck at a plateau, add-ing Hi-Protein and Pro-Carb to your dietmay be all you need to do.The Parrillo Bar has proven to be oneof our most popular supplements, prob-ably because they taste so good. They’reanother great way to supply quality nu-trition when you’re in a hurry. Each Barcontains 12 grams of high efficiency pro-tein, like that used in our Hi-Protein Pow-der, 38 grams of carbohydrate from ricedextrin, a slow-release carbohydrate, andcontains 240 calories. Each Bar also con-tains 5.5 grams of CapTri, so it representsbalanced nutrition for the bodybuilder.Put a few bars in your pocket or your gymbag, and you’ll never have to miss a meal.Endurance athletes love them too;they’re easy to eat while you’re on thebike.

A box of Parrillo Bars is a kind ofnutritional insurance, so you’ll never becaught without food or be forced to eatsomething you’re not supposed to.Liver-Amino Formula is a blend of de-fatted beef liver and casein, providinghigh quality protein, B vitamins includ-ing B-12, and heme iron. Iron deficiencyis the most common nutritional deficiencyin the world, and is surprisingly commoneven in America (3,4). Female athletes andendurance athletes are the greatest at risk,with as many as 22% of American femalesdeficient in iron (3-6). Regular iron, com-monly supplied as ferrous sulfate, ispoorly absorbed by the body. Some greenleafy vegetables like spinach contain asignificant amount of iron, but only 1.4%of it is absorbed (3). Iron from vegetablesources is said to have a low bio-avail-ability, meaning that only a small fractioncan be absorbed from the food. The bestiron source is called heme iron, which isiron complexed to the molecule heme. Thiscomplex is found in hemoglobin in redblood cells and is responsible for trans-porting oxygen in the body. Heme iron isfound in red meat, but red meat unfortu-nately contains a lot of saturated fat andcholesterol so I don’t recommend it onmy diet.

Liver-Amino Formula has beenspecially prepared so all of the fat andcholesterol is removed, leaving a goodsource of quality protein and heme iron.It’s fortified with pre-digested amino ac-ids to further improve it’s amino acid pro-file, and also has added B-12. This is acore supplement for many strength ath-letes. The iron helps build red blood cells,and increased oxygen transport improvesenergy and endurance. It doesn’t containmany calories, so it’s not used for weightgain. It’s real benefit is in increasedstrength and endurance. This should bea core supplement for all endurance ath-letes and hard-training bodybuilders. Ifyou’re looking for a nutritional productto give you increased performance, thisis it.Essential Vitamin Formula, Mineral-Electrolyte Formula, CapTri, Hi-ProteinPowder, Pro-Carb, Parrillo Bars, and Liver-Amino Formula are the core supplements.The vitamins, minerals, and CapTri are re-ally the entry level products. Beyond thatyour needs depend on your diet and levelof training. If you’re stuck at a plateau,try Hi-Protein and Pro-Carb. That combi-nation alone will usually add severalpounds of muscle in a month or two. Ifyou need more energy to train, try Liver-Amino.

This should be considered an es-sential supplement for serious enduranceathletes. If you’re having trouble eatingall of your scheduled meals or getting inyour required amount of calories, the Baris a great answer. If you’re trying to losefat and have hit a fat-loss plateau, cutback on 100 grams of starchy carbohy-drates a day (400 calories worth) and useone-half to one tablespoon of CapTri ateach meal. This will get your fat loss go-ing again. To get in contest shape youmay have to cut back on carbohydratesfurther, increase CapTri, and increaseaerobics to an hour a day. I have yet tomeet a person who could not get excep-tionally lean by following this protocol.The exact details of how to structure yourdiet are in the Parrillo Nutrition Manual.Finally, we have several other supple-ments designed specifically for advancedathletes. Muscle Amino Formula is a mix-ture of the branched chain amino acidsleucine, isoleucine, and valine, in the op-timal ratio for assimilation into muscle tis-sue. The branched chain amino acids(BCAAs) are among the most abundantamino acids incorporated in muscle pro-tein (7). (Note that glutamine is the mostabundant amino acid in muscle, but mostof it is free in the cytoplasm rather thanincorporated into contractile protein.)

TheBCAAs thus supply a concentratedsource of building blocks your bodyneeds to build muscle. Why is this so im-portant? Because your body cannot makethe BCAAs, they must be obtained fromthe diet or supplements. The BCAAs havebeen shown to be anti-catabolic (8), re-sulting in a net increase in muscle masssince they also have the ability to be usedfor energy in the muscles. Ultimate AminoFormula is a blend of crystalline “freeform” (single) amino acids profiled in the ratio of the ultimate protein. It’s an ex-tremely efficient amino acid source, re-quiring no digestion. It’s designed for pe-riods of intense training and strict diet-ing, to help prevent muscle loss while pre-paring for a contest. Since it’s very low incalories, this is not what you want to useto gain muscular weight. To gain musclemass, Hi-Protein Powder is a betterchoice. Ultimate Amino is for the guy whowants to compete at 240 pounds and 4.0%body fat, instead of 239 pounds and 4.1%body fat. See what I mean? It’s used whenyou’re training hard and getting lean.Advanced Lipotropic Formula is aspecial blend of nutrients used by theliver to metabolize fat, including L-car-nitine (9,10).

This product ensures thatyour body has all of the required nutri-ents and co-factors it needs so that allthe fat-burning metabolic pathways canoperate at full efficiency. Again, I have toget back to the basics, which is a goodlow-fat diet and a regular exercise pro-gram. Some companies lead people to be-lieve that if they simply take a lipotropiccompound, they’ll automatically loseweight. I want to be very clear in statingthat to lose fat you need to clean up yourdiet (see last month’s article on nutrition)and exercise regularly. Advanced Lipo-tropic Formula supplies nutrients used infat metabolism, but it won’t burn fat foryou. You still have to do that yourself byexercising. So if your goal is to optimallyburn body fat, make sure to pay close at-tention to your diet and exercise, and in-clude Advance Lipotropic Formula to en-sure your body has all the nutrients itneeds to perform the metabolic fat-burn-ing processes.Enhanced GH Formula is a mixture ofarginine and lysine, two amino acidswhich have been shown to increasegrowth hormone release. Growth hormoneacts in the body to increase muscle massand decrease body fat. This is anotheradvanced product, and you should startwith CapTri and Hi-Protein Powder beforeadding it to your program.Max Endurance Formula is designedto increase energy and endurance in en-durance athletes. It contains magnesiumand potassium aspartates, as well asinosine, phenylalanine, and ferulic acid.The aspartates help the body detoxifyammonia, a break down product of pro-tein metabolism which occurs during en-durance exercise.

The urea cycle is a meta-bolic pathway in the liver which convertsammonia to urea, which is then filteredout by the kidneys and excreted in theurine. The urea cycle requires aspartatefor activity. Inosine is a precursor (build-ing block) of ATP, the energy source ofthe cell.I’ve tried to summarize how to intelli-gently incorporate supplements into yournutrition program for best results. Remem-ber that the proper diet is the foundationof everything. If you’re not making theprogress you want, look at your diet andtraining program first. A healthy diet ofwholesome food is the foundation ofgood nutrition, and you need to be eat-ing right in order to derive the maximumbenefit from your supplements.I’ve also tried to describe a rationalapproach to designing your own indi-vidual supplement program. Start with thebasics: vitamins, minerals, CapTri, and Hi-Protein. Strength athletes should addLiver-Amino. Endurance athletes shouldadd Liver-Amino, Pro-Carb, and the Bar.Advanced endurance athletes should addMax Endurance Formula. If you want togain muscular weight use CapTri, Hi-Pro-tein, Pro-Carb, and the Bar. If you want tolose body fat use CapTri and AdvancedLipotropic Formula.

Competitive body-builders should add Muscle Amino. Pro-fessional bodybuilders should addMuscle Amino and Ultimate Amino.If you’re at a plateau in gainingmuscle, add Hi-Protein Powder and Pro-Carb to your program. If you hit a plateauwhile losing fat, cut back on carbs andsubstitute an equivalent amount of calo-ries from CapTri. If you want to improvestrength or endurance, add Liver-Amino.Call for a free supplement catalog(800-344-3404), which includes a list of allthe ingredients and the amounts in eachformula, as well as suggested usageguidelines. More information about maxi-mizing your results from supplements canbe found in the Parrillo Performance Nu-trition Manual and our Sports NutritionGuide, which includes technical and sci-entific information. Our technical servicesProgrammed For Success: Supplementation For Optimal Results, Part IIIline (513-531-1311) is staffed to answerany questions you may have in optimiz-ing your program and selecting the bestsupplements for you. We’re here to sup-port you and you strive to achieve yourtraining and nutrition goals.


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