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Bulletin #80 – Rut Blasters

Amino acid supplementation can push your physique up to the next level of de-velopment assuming you have a quality product and a proper understanding of us-age, timing and dosage. Different amino combinations produce differing results and are highly effective if used correctly. Most Parrillo supplements are what might be termed ‘core’ products, because they are used daily by serious bodybuilders; possess a high name recognition and their use and purpose is widely known. Cre-atine, protein, carb powder, sports nutri-tion bars, vitamins and minerals make up our core group of well-known products.

Parrillo Performance

There is a second group of Parrillo sup-plements, a little less known yet just as effective. We currently offer four amino acid supplements: Ultimate Amino, Liver Amino, Advanced GH and Muscle Amino . Each is designed with specific formula-tion for a specific purpose (or series of purposes) using specific amino groupings to stimulate results . Used correctly, target amino supplementation can blast you out of whatever rut you find yourself cur-rently in. But the Devil, as they say, is in the details . First and foremost: obtain the bulk of your nutritional needs from plain, whole-some food. They are called nutritional supplements are not nutritional replace-ments and our products should be used in addition to regular food, not instead of it. Your most important nutritional purchases happen at the grocery store, not the local Health Food Store. It has long been my contention that food is the cor-nerstone of proper nutrition. Whole foods are the foundation of bodybuilding nutri-tion and if you’re not dieting right your supplements won’t make up for bad eat-ing habits. Initially, concentrate on food content and meal timing and then add on lots of heavy lifting and high intensity aerobics to complete the solid nutritional and training foundation. I’m not going to go into deep detail on our philosophy of food.

We have a multi-dimensional ap-proach based upon science and empirical knowledge gained preparing the world’s top pro bodybuilders. We have in the past devoted article after article on food selection and will continue to do so in the future. On a related note: In my estima-tion, the single most valuable nutritional product we offer is not a supplement but rather the Parrillo Nutrition Manual. Why? Knowledge is power and never was this statement truer than as it applies to bodybuilding. The nutrition manual has turned average bodybuilders into phy-sique champions and as a system has many famous proponents. Come look at the incredible number of signed en-dorsements from the great champions of past and present hanging in our Hall of Champions at Parrillo HQ. Do you have a copy of the Manual? Why not dial up our 800-number right now and obtain a copy? Maybe it will change your life as it has innumerable others But I digress. Eat 5-8 times a day using clean foods (low fat and sugar) in proper balance and combination. When is the optimal time to supplement?

After your basic diet is in place and operational. Layer on top of a good eating program one or more of the core Parrillo nutritional supplements: Op-timized Whey, Hi-Protein Powder, Energy Sport Nutrition Bars, High Protein Bars, 50-50 Plus, Pro-Carb, CapTri . Creatine is another ‘must’ supplement as are Es-sential Vitamin Formula and our Min-eral-Electrolyte tabs. Both are required to round out the ‘basic game plan.’ Step two involves integrating the core products with the base diet. There is yet another level to the Parrillo nutritional supple-mentation program and it is subtle and precise . Sports supplements are designed to enhance performance, add muscle and improve body fat composition. In body-building competition winning or losing is determined by small differences. Amino acids offer that little something extra that often makes the difference between 1st place and 8th place. We offer four distinct amino acid products each with a different purpose and formulation. Taken cor-rectly, these products will give you the physical and competitive edge.MUSCLE AMINO FORMULA This amino grouping provides you with Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). The time to use this product is imme-diately before and after training. Hard dieting is a great time to supplement with branch-chain amino acids. During times of energy insufficiency (dieting) your body will actually break down its own muscle to use as fuel if no other is avail-able.

Catabolism is a dreadful metabolic state that occurs when glycogen stores have been depleted and fat oxidation has maximized. Metabolically, your body requires a certain level of glucose (blood sugar) to be maintained in order for the brain to function. While body fat provides a long-lasting energy supply, fat cannot be converted into carbohydrate by the hu-man body. But protein (amino acids) can. Under adverse conditions, carbohydrates are exhausted and your body breaks down protein stores (muscle tissue) to con-vert into carbohydrate to supply energy. Branched Chain Amino Acids are ef-fective because they form a substrate for growth and are metabolized as fuel directly within muscle cells. A handful of Muscle Amino Formula™ capsules will help prevent the onset of catabolism (1-4) and has both anabolic and anti-catabol-ic properties . Hi-Protein and Optimized Whey are fortified with extra BCAAs for just this reason. We suggest two or more with every meal. Remember that BCAAs require insulin for absorption into muscle cells so take them with food (carbs) rather than on an empty stomach!ULTIMATE AMINO FORMULA Think of an amino acid as the filet cut of the protein molecule, the essential es-sence . Ultimate Amino is a scientifically balanced profile of 17 free-form amino acids and is specifically designed to sup-ply the base building blocks necessary for muscle growth. Ultimate Amino For-mula™ includes a complete profile of all twelve “essential” amino acids, which are those that the body cannot manufacture itself (3,4).

Some amino acids are con-vertible into other aminos and therefore if you have a deficiency in one amino your body can correct the balance, if all the corrective elements are present. There are some amino acids that your body cannot make on its own and these have to be sup-plied by the diet (1-5). Ultimate Amino Formula™ insures that all the essential amino acids are supplied in the proper ratio and there will be no missing links in the amino profile chain. This is our best all-around amino acid product, complete unto itself. If you have money enough for only one amino product, this might be the one for you. We suggest two or more cap-sules be taken with each meal and make sure to take Ultimate Amino Formula™ with a starchy or fiberous carbohydrate as specified in the Parrillo Performance Nutritional Manual.LIVER AMINO FORMULA An oldie but a goody. Bodybuild-ers since the heyday of Steve Reeves and Clancy Ross back in the 1950’s have known all about the muscle-build-ing properties of beef liver condensed into tablet form. A steady stream of Liver Aminos will help keep the body in positive nitrogen balance. Concentrated protein is stuffed into a potent tablet and each Liver Amino Formula supplies 1 .5 grams of pure beef liver. Among the various cuts of meat, organ meat contains the highest concentration of protein, far exceeding the amino density of other beef cuts. But how many people can stomach a steady diet of liver and onions or sweet-breads (brains)? Parrillo Performance has engineered a liver formulation that is a tremendously concentrated source of amino acids.

Our unique product pro-vides high quality amino acids plus heme iron from purified, de-fatted liver extract. Anemia, a low red blood cell count, is surprisingly common among athletes, particularly women who suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Serious athletes often suffer from “sports anemia” which is pri-marily the result of the cortisol secretions and the catabolic demands of extensive and intense exercise (6-9). To make he-moglobin you need iron and to make red blood cells you need protein. If you are deficient in either, anemia can result. Most iron supplements provide metal-lic iron in the form of ferrous sulfate. This sulfate is absorbed poorly by the body, perhaps 10% at best. When iron is obtained from a biological source it is already incorporated into heme, a build-ing block of hemoglobin. Heme iron is absorbed through the intestine far more efficiently then ferrous sulfate. Liver Ami-no Formulation contains expensive heme iron and is combined with amino acids plus a complete array of B vitamins. Competitive endurance athletes are in need of hemoglobin to deliver oxygen to muscles and should gobble these po-tent tablets eagerly. For many endurance athletes, especially women, Liver Amino Formula™ is a ‘must’ supplement. We recommend 5-8 tablets with each meal depending on your bodyweight.

Take a handful at bedtime to forestall the cata-bolic effects of the fast period we call sleep . This is our most economical amino formulation. Arnold used to eat up to 100 liver tablets a day in his competitive days and he was a man never known to make a foolish move.  ENHANCED GH FORMULA Is there a natural way to stimulate the release of growth hormone in the body? Several prominent studies indicate that this is a distinct possibility. Amino acids, two in particular, have shown great prom-ise . Arginine pyroglutamate and lysine monohydrochloride have been shown to increase the natural release of growth hormone in scientific studies (10-14). The idea is to douse the body with Arginine and lysine (particularly before sleep) and allow this specific combination to work its magic. Growth hormone increases lean muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis and by stimulating nitrogen retention. GH increases the utilization of fat for energy and has fabulous muscle-sparing characteristics. Growth hormone is generally considered the most anabolic of all hormones and has been shown to alter body composition by increasing lean mass while simultaneously decreasing body fat. I suggest taking 2-3 capsules on an empty stomach first thing out of bed in the morning and again the last thing at night before sleep. If possible, Enhanced GH should be taken when the stomach is empty .


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