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Carrie Canatsey – Is this the most dramatic transformation ever?

By Marty Gallagher

Longtime readers of the Parrillo Performance Press are familiar with the amazing transformation of Carrie Rapp. Carrie Rapp is now Carrie Canatsey, and if that name sounds familiar that is because a few years back Carrie married Parrillo Performance head trainer and bodybuilding expert Scott Canatsey. Carrie, spotlighted in the PPP in 2014, had made such stunning progress since then that we wanted to follow up and catch up – and reacquaint readers with her incredible story. Ten short years ago, at age 28, Carrie weighed 340-pounds. That is not a typographic error. “In grade school and high school, I was tall, trim and athletic. Starting at age 5, I began tumbling and gymnastics. I played basketball and volleyball and was a track athlete.” Carrie attained her full height, 6-foot, while still in high school. Naturally the basketball and volleyball coaches were eager for her participation. “I played softball every summer. Oddly, my athletic participation was sidelined when as a senior in high school I decided to dedicate myself to intellectual pursuits: I joined the Scholastic Bowl team.” The study, preparation and practice required Carrie cut back on organized athletics. “I had been extremely active in a wide variety of individual and team sports. During my senior year in high school, my focus shifted from athletic to intellectual.” After high school Carrie headed off to college. “As a freshman in college, I started to add bodyweight. At first, I wasn’t too concerned. After graduating college, I moved back home. This is when my bodyweight really skyrocketed.” Over the next five years Carrie Rapp kept adding weight. By age 27 Carrie weighed 340-pounds.


A couple of chance comments started her on the road to renovation. “I was at my heaviest bodyweight when within a two-week period, two people on two totally different occasions asked me when the baby was due – both innocently thought I was pregnant. For some reason those comments started me on the path back to real health and fitness.” A lifechanging event occurred in November of 2009 when Carrie began working with Scott Canatsey. Currently Scott is the head trainer at the Parrillo Performance Training Headquarters in Cincinnati. “I met Scott in Indianapolis in 2009 where we were both living at the time. I’m not from Indianapolis originally. I had moved there from a small rural town in central Illinois. Scott became the head trainer at Parrillo in 2014. We started out in Indianapolis.” A friend of Carrie’s happened to mention that they’d met someone that Carrie should meet. “I first met Scott through a mutual friend who knew I was into bodybuilding. Scott and I met at a Starbucks and discussed training and diet.” This was Carrie’s first introduction to the Parrillo approach towards bodybuilding. To say that she was intrigued would be an understatement: she began using the Parrillo approach. In a terrific twist, years later Carrie ended up marrying Scott! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. “Scott introduced me to the Parrillo philosophy of bodybuilding. It was so logical that I took to it immediately.” Scott invited Carrie to train with him and the workouts were a revelation for Carrie. “I weighed over 300-pounds when I met Scott in 2009. I wasn’t at my all-time heaviest, but I was certainly well over 300-pounds.  I started training with Scott once a week. Those sessions were incredible, like gold. I wanted more so I began training with him twice a week, then three times a week.”


She got traction immediately: the hardcore training, the constant cardio, the Parrillo approach towards nutrition and supplementation, it all made sense. “I began to train more and more frequently; I began to eat and supplement with greater precision; I began to enjoy the cardio.” Nothing fires a person up more than seeing actual results from their bodybuilding efforts. Most earnest trainees are deprived of solid training and nutritional advice. If the resistance training is insufficiently intense, no muscle will be built; if the cardio is insufficiently intense, no body fat will be burned; if the nutrition and supplementation is undisciplined and impotent, no results will be forthcoming. If, on the other hand, like Carrie, you happen across a profound method (the Parrillo approach to bodybuilding) and are supervised by a master trainer (Scott) then real results appear quickly. Within weeks of commencing a full-blown Parrillo-style lifting/cardio/nutrition blitzkrieg Carrie was feeling better (cardio excites the heart, lungs and central nervous system,) feeling stronger in all her lifts and she was lighter, fitter and more energized. To make a long story short, over a period of years Carrie reduced from 340-pounds to 190. Can we stop for a long minute and ponder how truly amazing this feat is, in and of itself? The lady lost 150 pounds, put differently, Carrie lost 44% of her body.  


To compound the profundity of her weight-loss feat, Carrie began competing and winning in bodybuilding competitions. She lost the weight in an intelligent way, slowly and steadily.  Simultaneously she was building muscle. During the protracted process of whittling down, Carrie entered no less than 14 physique competitions. With each succeeding competitive outing Carrie became leaner and more muscular. “I started competing officially in 2010 in the Bodybuilding category. I moved to Physique in 2014 and then to Figure last year.” Carrie had used Parrillo methods and Scott’s monitoring to create nothing short of a physical miracle. Carrie’s new look was statuesque, her physique was sleek, a muscled-up panther.  “In 2018 I entered the NPC Kentucky Derby Festival. I decided to crossover at this show and compete in both the Physique and Figure division. There had been changes made to the judging standards in the NPC. I wanted to see how my physique would score in each. I had no idea. I won all four classes I won the master’s Figure and master’s Physique. I won the overall. It was a great day competitively.” Two short weeks later Carrie entered a much bigger NPC show, again in multiple divisions. “I entered the NPC Mike Francois Classic several weeks later and earned a second and third place in the two Figure divisions I had entered. I also entered the Physique division and took fourth.” As is her habit, Carrie sought out the judges and asked how she might improve in the future. “The judge’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”


Her future competitive goals are lofty. “My goal is to compete in the Figure Division at the Olympia. I am working towards that goal. I am currently preparing to compete at the NPC Universe show that will be held July 5th. My goal is to win an IFBB pro card at this show. That would qualify me to compete as a pro.” Only by winning or placing at a pro show can you appear at the Olympia. “If I fail to win a pro card at the Universe show, I will compete at the Masters’ National Figure Championships at the end of July. This will be another opportunity to win a pro card.” Ten years ago, Carrie was overweight and unfit, now she is a force to be reckoned with in national level bodybuilding. The synergy that Carrie and Scott have is obvious and irrefutably working. Is there a greater testament to the bodybuilding lifestyle than the mind-blowing progress she has shown? And Scott is no arm-chair quarterback; his sculpted physique is a testament to his expertise. Their training sessions are epic. “It is an interesting and challenging balance and partnership. Scott being both trainer and husband. He really wants me to be my best. Having a personal trainer who is also my husband does make for some tense times, as in ‘Don’t eat that Carrie!’ Ultimately it has made me a better bodybuilder and a better person.”  Scott provides Carrie whatever assistance is needed or required. “In 2013 I competed at the Junior Nationals and took second place in the bodybuilding division. Scott supervised my preparation. The day after the competition, he asked me to marry him.” Where do two fanatical bodybuilders get married? At the Olympia! Who is the best man when two fanatical bodybuilders get married? An ex-Mr. Olympia! “Scott and I were married the day after the Olympia in Las Vegas. Sammir Bannout, the 1983 Mr. Olympia was Scott’s best man.” At age 38, Carrie is perfectly positioned to make truly sensational gains and actualize her goal of becoming a pro. That will put her one step closer to that dream of being onstage at the Olympia. She has traveled such a long way in a short amount of time and her rate of progress has been nothing less than astounding. In all the years of publishing the Parrillo Performance Press, we would be hard-pressed to come up with a more dramatic transformation – and we have seen a lot of transformations. How much more progress lay dormant and ready to be untapped?

Training Split

Sunday legs (quads)

Monday delts & abs

Tuesday arms

Wednesday legs (hamstring, glutes)

Thursday back

Friday chest

Saturday off

Sessions usually last 45-minutes. I will typically perform 2-3 exercises per body part, usually 8-12 reps for 3-5 sets per exercise. Learn to develop your mind to muscle connection! Training heavy works! Learn to really work the target muscle and connect with it. The mind/muscle connection is critical in order to develop the physique you envision. Cardio is done every day and twice a day when preparing for a competition.

Daily Meal Schedule

Meal 1 egg whites, oatmeal

Meal 2 Parrillo Soft Chew bar™

Meal 3 turkey, green beans, rice

Meal 4 Parrillo Soft Chew bar™

Meal 5 cod, salad greens, sweet potato


When you’re dieting, there may be points when you get bored of eating the same thing every day. On days like this, I remind myself that I need maintain consistency: each meal gets me closer to my goal. I think of food as FUEL that I need. Taste or monotony are disregarded.

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