When the Bodybuilding world let the ladies on stage, back in the early 80’s, there were many naysayers and skeptics. Should a woman be really muscular? Is it sexy? What is too much? Those were the immediate questions raised. And those questions are still being asked today, nearly 40 years later.
When Figure was introduced in 2001, a radical shift took place in the Bodybuilding community. Bling came in and heels went on. And these woman have more of a Fitness model look, and basically do a “catwalk” presentation. The Figure Division was born. To the chagrin of many hardcore Bodybuilding fans, this was not bodybuilding and was not well received by them.
Now, 16 years later, and a few more divisions added, male and female, the landscape and look of the sport have changed. Many are positive and welcome changes, but, many seem to not fit so well with the hardcore Bodybuilding scene, which is the root of all of it. But, that is another story to unpack.
Carrie Rapp is one who fell in love with Old School Bodybuilding. Before the advent of the new divisions, she had visions of someday being really muscular, like Cory Everson. Cory and Lenda Murray are Carrie’s favorites, and in her mind, they represent ladies muscle at it finest. That is the look Carrie was after.
Nearly 8 years into her “journey into muscledom”, Carrie has become a slender and muscular female. Very long with incredible lines and quality structure. And her skin, (from years of superior nutrition and supplements from Parrillo Performance) has snapped back almost completely, and she has no significant stretch marks that are noticeable once tanned up. That is the most amazing part of her transformation.
This look that Carrie has created is really a much better “fit” for the Figure Division. Though, Carrie has never seen herself as slender and sexy, she certainly has all of the tools to have success in the Figure division. This has been reinforced by many of our friends and Industry contemporaries who are encouraging Carrie to “cross over” and give it a try. The proof will be in the pudding.
Carrie has had to change her training slightly to bring her very muscular legs down just a bit, but keep them lean and tight. So, I had her begin running and doing more plyometric work. The posing and presentation is a little different. She is in heels now and practicing the Model walk.  She is keeping the diet very much the same.
Carrie will be competing at the NPC Kentucky Derby Festival in Women’s Physique and will be having her Figure debut. We are very excited to see what this move yields. Stay tuned in and follow Carrie Rapp on FB and Instagram.

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