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Tired all the time – The 400 pound bench press – Behind-the-neck press? – Prison muscle – Fish fan? – Fair game!

By Iron Vic Steele Good morning, I successfully lost 16-pounds over the summer. I basically trained every day either lifting or performing some form of cardio exercise. My eating was extreme. I basically ate some protein and a salad once a day. For 2.5 months this worked great and I lost weight every week. Then [...]

2019-12-09T01:03:08-05:00 December 9th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

Mass time! – Reawakening dormant muscle memory – Bodybuilding greatness – Box squats – Building the metabolism – Weak chest remedy

By Iron Vic Steele Hello, Now that summer is over, I want to shift from leaning out to adding some muscle. I had an excellent spring/summer, losing 21-pounds, mainly from (finally!) getting super serious about a Parrillo multiple-meal eating schedule. I would consume a meal or supplement meal every three waking hours. I hit a [...]

2019-10-21T20:21:47-05:00 October 21st, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

The ideal supplement meal – Never enough training time – The mythical Arnold press – Save the muscle – Chocolate Fix™ – Assimilation myths – Dumbbell newbie

By Iron Vic Steele Hello, I read about ‘supplement meals,’ could you give an example? I work a job where eating more than lunch is a problem. I am thinking that a mid-morning and mid-afternoon supplement meal might be the way to get in the quality calories I need. Is there any strategy where you [...]

2019-10-17T02:09:27-05:00 October 17th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

Fire those antagonistic muscles! – CapTri®, MCTs and body fat – BodyStat possibilities – High school strength benchmarks – Desert cardio – Bottom-heavy? try fasted cardio

By Iron Vic Steele Greetings! Is it better to use a fast or slow rep speed? I read about explosive reps and reps that are purposefully slowed down. I just kinda push and pull without really thinking about it. I suppose I used a “normal” rep speed. Should I be speeding up or slowing down [...]

2019-08-11T22:09:18-05:00 August 11th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

No energy during cardio – Lateral raise questions – Ban the decline – Alternate cardio modes – Tyson power replication – Warming up madness

By Iron Vic Steele Greetings Sir! I have been having a problem ‘power through’ cardio. I start off strong but fade within 15 minutes. From then till the end of the aerobic session I am dragging myself across the finish line. It was not too long ago when I could power all the way through [...]

2019-06-23T12:05:20-05:00 June 23rd, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

Lack of energy – Back attack – Chocolate switch out – Leg extension yay or nay – Fishing boat refuel – Symmetrical impasse?

By Iron Vic Steele Howdy, I am a pretty good female bodybuilder up here in Montana. I am 50 and have been competing off and on for 20 years (more off than on, recently.) I am naturally lean and wiry. Being overweight has never been an issue. For me, the battle has always been adding [...]

2019-05-17T17:39:25-05:00 May 17th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

Training partners – Back after sickness – Triceps exercise ranking order – Recovery accelerator – What is the best trap exercise?

By Iron Vic Steele Greetings! I was recently asked to join a training group of four guys. They asked if I wanted to become one of their training partners. These guys get together three times a week to train at the local Gold’s Gym. I would classify them as intermediate level bodybuilders. They don’t compete [...]

2019-04-16T23:42:52-05:00 April 16th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

10 sets of 10, old school plateau buster – Men’s divisions and Fabio – Purposeful partials – Injuries and specialization – Dinky exercises – Weak hamstrings

By Iron Vic Steele Vic, I was reading about how a “plateau-buster” widely used by guys in the 1990s: after a few warm-up sets, they would perform 10 sets of 10 reps with a static weight. Gruesome! That sounds so horrible that I am tempted to try it. I am a bit of sadist in [...]

2019-03-14T15:17:36-05:00 March 14th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks|

Stagnant shoulders – BCAAs and recovery – The Oak vs. The Myth – Social media madness invades the gym – Soft Chew™ and sugar addiction

By Iron Vic Steele Greetings! I need to build some shoulders. I have narrow clavicles and wide hips. As you probably have guessed I am bottom-heavy with big thighs and calves. While my chest, arms and back have really grown and strengthened, using the Parrillo approach, I could really use some shoulder width. Currently I [...]

2019-02-16T14:56:40-05:00 February 16th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks|

Vacation from bodybuilding? – How to create an anabolic burst – Building eagle-claw grip strength – Eat more in Manhattan – MMA training is tough but incomplete

By Iron Vic Steele Hello! I am burnt out on bodybuilding. I am coming off peaking for a contest and I am in the best shape of my life coming off the best training year of my life. In large part due to the great advice I got from you. I had been using halfway [...]

2019-01-17T14:02:56-05:00 January 17th, 2019|Iron Vic Speaks, The Press|

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