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DON’T TURN INTO PORKY PIG THIS WINTER – 3 tips to avoid the winter blubber

By Ron Harris

Most of us do it, and I am the poster boy – gaining unnecessary, unwanted, unhealthy, and ugly bodyfat in that holiday season that kicks off at Thanksgiving and often continues well past New Year’s Day. All the factors are in place to throw you off your diet rails. It gets dark sooner and stays dark longer. Our species has been eating more when it’s dark and cold since we lived in caves and hunted Wooly Mammoths. Then there are all the delicious treats you will see spread out at parties, get-togethers, and at your workplace: cookies, cakes, pastries, and all the comfort foods you can imagine: all loaded with sugar and saturated fat. Did I mention all the alcohol? The average American gains about 5 pounds over every holiday season, and many never lose it, meaning it just keeps piling up on their bodies over the years. Here are some tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Never go to parties starving

Knowing there will be a sumptuous spread of food and desserts at the party they are going to, many people skip meals leading up to it in order to maximize their gluttony. Big mistake for anyone who cares about bodyfat! Instead, stay on your meal schedule and have a normal serving of food at the party, and no more than one dessert. Also take it easy on the booze, especially calorie bombs like eggnog.

Cardio is mandatory


Many bodybuilders look at the winter months as ‘bulk-up time,’ and kick cardio to the curb completely. When you combine this reduction in activity level with an increase in food, mainly the wrong foods, it’s a surefire way to pack on blubber. Instead, make cardio a mandatory daily activity. Every day you must do a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably fasted and first thing in the morning for best results. If that’s impossible, do it after your weight training or hit the gym on days you don’t lift along with some ab work. And if you’ve been reading Parrillo Performance Press for any length of time, you know we don’t support wimpy, easy cardio. Get to work! Get your heart rate and breathing up there and break a real sweat.

Treat yourself, but keep it clean

You have a sweet tooth? Just about all of us do. Human beings crave sugar and fat. It’s a survival mechanism that kept our ancestors alive. But you can’t cave into those cravings too often, or else the bodyfat sneaks up on you fast. Luckily, Parrillo Performance offers many delicious products that satisfy that sweet tooth but without threatening to give you a pot belly and a double chin, such as:

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Most people abdicate all responsibility for holiday weight gain, as if it’s inevitable. Yet we are all in full control of everything we eat and drink! Don’t surrender to temptation. Stay strong, have a few well-deserved treats here and there, but don’t fall off the wagon and into a ditch. You can stay in shape this holiday season with the same discipline and dedication you display the rest of the year.

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