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Dr. J.B. Winters Medical Doctor, elite athlete: helping people help themselves

By Marty Gallagher

Dr. J.B. Winters is someone that is making a difference. A medical doctor and athlete, Dr. Winters exemplifies a new health and wellness paradigm: a physician that speaks authoritatively, eloquently and plainly to her rural patients about the quality of life benefits associated with adopting a healthy lifestyle. “I practice medicine in Hamilton, Ohio and treat all types and kinds of patients. We have had consistent and continual success working with obese individuals, getting them to overcome a lifetime of bad habits in order to survive and thrive.” Dr. Winters noted that in her area she is fighting against “a lifestyle.” It is sadly ironic that for the first time in human history, obesity has replaced starvation as the biggest health calamity in poor communities. Diet maladies kill far more Americans that automobile accidents. Dr. Winters is busy beyond belief. “Currently, I work with 2,400 patients. I admit patients to hospitals and Hospice care. I run an Internal Medicine Practice, Primary Care, ages 12 and up. I end up treating generations of the same family.” Sodas, alcohol, sugar, fast food, empty calories and cigarettes are the curse of rural communities. She has had great success counseling her at-risk patients on how best to use nutrition to overcome lifestyle-induced health maladies such as obesity, diabetes, heart and circulatory issues. Dr. Winters not only talks the persuasive talk, she walks the authoritative walk, this on account of her incredible physique and just shy of incredible athletic abilities.


J.B. Winters is 5-foot tall and weighs an ultra-lean 108-pounds. This 47-year old dynamo treats patients from dawn to dusk, yet still somehow finds time to dedicate twelve hours each week to resistance training and cardiovascular training. Her training is based on time availability, time being her most precious commodity. J.B. related her background. “I’ve always worked out. I’ve always been in shape and I’ve always done a lot of cardio. Having said that, I did not really get traction with my progressive resistance training until my second year of medical practice 2004. This is when I met John Parrillo” Everything revolves around the continual needs of her patients. “I train early in the day. This is the best way to make sure I get my training in. Once my medical workday begins, things take on a life of their own.” Despite the incredible demands on her time, J.B. makes time to train. “I will perform five weight training sessions and six cardio sessions each week.” Dr. Winters has built a tremendous capacity for training. “I have free time on Tuesday morning, so I make the most of it. I get up on Tuesday super early and I am training by 5:15 AM. I start with a full hour of Spinning.” Keep in mind that Spinning is not casually pedaling at your own pace listening to relaxing music while texting. Spinning is about going past capacities. After an hour Spinning and sweating, J.B. will then swing into a 2.5 hour-long weight training session! Five back exercises, seven arm exercises, six chest exercises and five shoulder exercises. “I super set in order to save on time and keep moving between sets.” And that’s just one training day.


As a sophisticated medical professional, when J.B. sought nutritional supplements to underpin her intense and consistent training, she naturally turned to Parrillo Products. “I am very particular and specific when it comes to nutritional supplementation.” For those that seek maximum purity and potency, all roads eventually lead to Parrillo. “I fell in love with John’s products immediately. I have a very specific approach that I use in my nutrition. Parrillo Products enable me to achieve my daily nutritional micronutrient goals.” Since J.B. and John both lived in the same geographic region, it was only natural that they would meet. She recalled her first meeting with John Parrillo. “It was as if we knew each other already. We had so many topics to talk about; we spun from one riveting training, nutritional or science subject to another. John recalled meeting Dr. Winters and being impressed on a variety of levels. “J.B. is a real doctor – she works with real people on a daily and weekly basis and is making a real difference in the community.” As we mentioned, John Parrillo’s admiration for Dr. Winters is not just professional and academic, “As an athlete, she is incredible!” Now those that know John Parrillo know that he throws compliments around like they were manhole covers. It takes something special to impress a man that routinely competition prepped IFBB pro bodybuilders and Olympia winners.  

“J.B. attended one of our weekend training courses here at Parrillo headquarters. Initially she came off as small and almost frail – by the end of the weekend the other participants were calling her ‘Killer’ on account of her training attitude and incredible capabilities.” When asked for some examples John laughed. “She did three sets of 15 reps in the pull-up, every rep picture perfect, chin over the bar. Then she did three sets of 15 reps in the chin-up! I was blown away!” Her training exploits are numerous. “Every other Saturday I will train my legs and train them heavy. This takes 1.5 hours. I then will follow heavy leg training with an hour of Spinning.” As if that were not enough, “I will later that day train chest and shoulders and then come home and hit abs. On alternate Saturdays I will engage in a two-hour Insanity cardio workout.” Keep in mind, J.B. is not peaking to enter a competition, her amazing workouts are normal and standard for her. “I don’t have any plans on competing. I am motivated by the idea of attaining and retaining a high degree of fitness and then maintaining that fitness late into life. My goal is long-term lifetime fitness, fit for life.” When asked her biggest revelation when introduced to the Parrillo system she responded instantly. “Nutrition. I was in terrific cardiovascular shape when I met John. His approach to nutrition connected a lot of the dots for me.


“I first met John Parrillo in 2004. In addition to hitting it off right away personally, I really liked the science behind his methods. I liked his emphasis on hard work and I certainly liked his supplements. I have used Parrillo supplements for 16 years.” When the two discussed nutrition, John felt J.B. could take her performance and physique to the next level by making some dietary adjustments. “John took a good look at my diet and determined I was eating too many of the wrong kinds of carbohydrates. I began using CapTri and that made a big difference. At the time I didn’t really have a deep understanding as to how nutrition affects performance.” John added, “When I meet J.B. I was impressed by her fitness and her leanness. She was tremendously, almost effortlessly disciplined. She was already doing so many things right.” The prescription for the doctor was classically Parrillo. “The first thing we did was to bump her calories upward. That and deemphasize the carbs and change the carb selections.” J.B. related, “I am carb sensitive and was taking too many carbs. John put me on the right track.” Parrillo introduced her to classical bodybuilding nutritional programing: multiple meals, clean calories, ample lean protein, an emphasis on fiber carb consumption and the expert use of starch carbs. John also shared his insights into targeted nutritional supplementation. John related that Jennifer was easy to work with. “It was a relatively easy thing to increase her clean calories. We would take weekly BodyStat readings that allowed us to make any necessary course corrections.”


“I was in terrific cardiovascular shape when I met John. I was running even though I am not built for running. I have scoliosis. I am short waisted. When I began running, I would run, on average, 4.5 miles per session. I thought, ‘perhaps I should run more.’ I began running longer in training and found that I loved it. I ran a half marathon and loved that. Now my thoughts turned towards running a full marathon. I began running marathons.” Twenty-six miles is a lot of stride steps for someone 5-foot tall and built all wrong for running. “John introduced me to Parrillo Liver Amino Formula. I took 40 tablets a day. Iron deficiency anemia is a real problem for female endurance athletes. To this day, despite not long distance running anymore, I still take ten Liver Amino tablets, spread out over the course of day. I probably should take more.” Unfortunately, somewhere along the line she developed strong allergies that curtailed her outdoor long-distance running. “I’d love to run outdoors more – but I have been limited on account of my allergies. I still run on the treadmill. I always have a heavy cardio component in my training regimen. I perform cardio five days a week. Monday’s and Fridays are dedicated solely to cardio exercise.” The classic Parrillo prescription for attaining ultra-leanness is to combine lots of high intensity cardio combined with a highly disciplined approach to nutrition and supplementation.


Dr. Winter’s eating is unique. “My work schedule is so tight and packed that I do not have time to sit and eat meals in the classical bodybuilder style. I am so busy that meal prep is not an option. My breakfast is a pre-workout shake, ½ of a cucumber blended in a Ninja with a serving of Parrillo Hi-Protein™ powder. Along with my vegetable protein shake I will take my Parrillo pills: Liver Amino Formula™, Muscle Amino Formula™, Ultimate Amino Formula™, Max Endurance Formula™, Mineral Electrolyte Formula™, Essential Vitamin Formula™, Evening Primrose Oil™ and Advanced Lipotropic Formula™. I will not eat again until lunch.” This is J.B.’s first food meal of the day. “I eat a portion of protein; chicken breast or tuna, and I will have a portion of rice or oats. I put CapTri® on the rice or oats. For my fiber I try and eat two pounds of vegetables each day.” J.B. literally eats bell peppers like they were apples. “For lunch I eat a one-pound portion of greens beans.” That seems like a lot of green beans. “The idea is to slow down the digestive process.” The emphasis on fiber intake is right out of the Parrillo playbook. “For dinner I might have an egg white omelet made with more fiber vegetables and some brown rice with CapTri®. I like popcorn with butter flavored CapTri®. For a snack I love Parrillo chocolate syrup. At night I might have a Parrillo Energy bar™ or a Parrillo Soft Chew bar™.” Despite her rather spartan workday eating regimen, the good doctor encourages variety. “You have to have a life. I go to Happy Hours and love to eat in good restaurants. It’s about having a workable, livable lifestyle that is beneficial, not detrimental.” Dr. Winters has dedicated her life to helping others while simultaneously developing the healthiest, fittest version of herself possible. It would be hard to imagine a more fulfilling life.

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