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Dr. Ken Davis – Mind-blowing progress for and oldster new to bodybuilding

By Marty Gallagher

Dr. Ken Davis is a highly successful health and wellness professional. He is a 66-year old master chiropractor with incredibly broad experience and an unusual and interesting background. Starting in his twenties, Ken travelled the world, studying various esoteric medical and healing traditions. Intensely curious, Dr. Davis continually sought to expand his knowledge base. “I traveled the world seeking the missing pieces to the health and wellness puzzle. I travelled to Peru, India, The Canary Island, Nepal, Portugal, Japan, the Azores, England, Egypt and Israel. I studied the healing practices of various cultures, ancient and modern.” Young Davis further formed his emerging philosophy after meeting his “life mentor” Dr. M.L. Rees, the man who guided and further focused Ken’s approach. “Dr. Reese got me to look at things with a fresh perspective. Along the way I studied and practiced Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Taoist Herbology. I am also an Equine Chiropractor.” In 1986 he met and married his soulmate, Lisa, who shared Ken’s passion for healing and wellness.

Over the past forty years, Dr. Davis established a highly successful practice that incorporated all that he’d learned and absorbed. A few years back the man with the eclectic background, a ken-davis-trainerman in his mid-sixties, a man that knew nothing about bodybuilding, suddenly decided to immerse himself in bodybuilding. Dr. Davis explained that it all came about because of his interaction with a patient. After witnessing a seemingly magical physical transformation he became intrigued. “I took a strong interest in bodybuilding after seeing one of my patients undergo a dramatic physical transformation in a short period of time. The young lady was a one-time elite competitive bodybuilder. She had let herself go. When she commenced her comeback, she looked terrible; overweight, out of shape, haggard and sluggish. She got back into training full bore and whipped herself into phenomenal shape – and in a really short period of time. She then entered and won a bodybuilding competition. Her transformation was so rapid and profound that it caused me to look hard at the activities that bestowed those kinds of obvious benefits.” The more Ken looked at bodybuilding, the more he liked what he saw.

He wondered what type and kind of results he could garner for himself if he took up bodybuilding in a serious way? He could be his very own lab experiment and his very own test subject. Dr. Davis stands 6’3” and weighed 238-pounds when he began bodybuilding. He holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was in excellent condition when he commenced. After all health and wellness is his business, his life’s work, his passion. “On April 6 of 2018 I began my bodybuilding journey. That is the exact day I began training and the ken-davis-stage-sideexact day when I began to practice bodybuilding nutrition. My goal, right from the start, was to enter a bodybuilding competition. I needed a big goal, a motivating goal – not just, ‘I want to get into shape.’” By putting himself on the spot, psychologically, Ken knew he would take his game to the next level. With every passing week, the contest grew closer. Ken knew he would soon be parading his physique in front of an auditorium full of friends and strangers. No pressure there. But a good pressure. A motivating pressure. He spent seven months getting things right. He was also smart enough to get guidance.

“I sought out professional help and hired an amazing personal trainer. I was lucky enough to find Kathy Pourakis. She introduced me to the specifics of bodybuilding. Kathy and her daughter Stephanie Pourakis own Destination Fitness in Closter, New Jersey. I would travel 70 miles round trip to work with this incredible mother/daughter team of trainers. Kathy showed me the bodybuilding ropes: how to weight train, how cardio fits in and of course, the basics of bodybuilding nutrition.” There is no bodybuilding without a disciplined approach towards nutrition. “Kathy was instrumental in my transformation. Her integrated approach was very balanced and logical. Kathy introduced me to the different bodybuilding exercises and their specific techniques. I was shown how resistance training and aerobic training are woven together. I was introduced to bodybuilding nutrition; multiple meals eaten every three waking hours. I saw how it all fit together, the lifting, the cardio and the nutrition.” Dr. Davis was also introduced to Parrillo Products and it was love at first taste.

Dr. Davis was coming to bodybuilding late in life. Way late. At age 65 he had zero bodybuilding experience, yet, Dr. Ken decided to become a bodybuilder. He did not just “take up” bodybuilding, as a retiree might take a “strength training” class at the local YMCA, Dr. Davis immersed himself, wholly and completely, in the bodybuilding lifestyle. He went at it hammer and tongs from day one. Over a seven-month period Ken lost 50-pounds of body fat and added ten pounds of lean muscle. His bodyweight plummeted from 238 to 197, which is what he weighed on the day of his contest. He took his first-ever bodybuilding workout in ken-davis-weights-cableApril of 2018. In November of 2018 Ken competed in the NPC Eastern Regionals held in Teaneck New Jersey. He walked onstage sporting a 7% body fat percentile. His 197-pounds was spread over a lean and proportional 6’3” frame. “I competed in the Men’s Master Classic Physique class, this was the over 40-years of age division. I had intended on competing against other men my age. No one over 60 had entered, so I competed with the younger guys. I was thrilled with the entire experience. I learn so much from the extended, seven-month preparation phase and the actual competing was unique and quite exciting.”

Dr. Ken had a large contingent of friends, family and supporters at his competition. Like the female bodybuilder that had first inspired him, he too was inspiring friends, family and patients with his obvious and ongoing radical transformation – and at such an advanced age. The ease with which Ken took to the disciplined world of serious bodybuilding was a testament to the effectiveness of his health and wellness strategies. Dr. Davis has been a medical professional for forty years. He created Davis Advanced Health Systems and the breadth of the services offered is staggering, applied kinesiology, Craniopathy, Energetic Nutrition Assessment technique, Soft-tissue Orthopedics, Sacro-Occipital Techniques, Visceral Manipulation and Temporal Sphenoidal, Natural Force Healing and Bio-vibrational healing…this is just a partial listing of services and treatments offered. There is an overarching philosophy behind his work that ties in well with body-building.

Age aside, Ken had a terrific foundation for someone taking up bodybuilding. “My approach is what I call Functional Medicine. We integrate hi-tech scientific testing with age-old health solutions. These solutions can be for weight loss or to counter fatigue, we fight depression, ken-davis-weightscure digestive problems and correct hormonal imbalances. The solutions are, by in large, simple lifestyle changes. The goal is to attain optimal health and wellness. Constant monitoring provides feedback. The technical feedback is used to make adjustments and corrections on a continual and ongoing basis. Functional Medicine’s practical solutions have helped thousands of my patients attain health and wellness.” Dr. Ken’s bodybuilding goals were very specific: he wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition. He would do what was required. Ken indicated to Kathy that he was ready to fully commit. “I told her I was all in. Once I make a decision to commit to something like this I adhere to the protocols and procedures with the exactness required.” From a trainer’s perspective, Dr. Davis was the ideal client. He embraced the full-on bodybuilder-style diet without complaint; he began high intensity progressive resistance training and performed the requisite sweat-inducing daily cardio.

“I was routinely driving seventy miles round trip to Destination Fitness. I went from never having weight trained to weight training six times a week. I went from no cardio to an hour of aerobic exercise every day. I began adhering to the classical bodybuilding multiple-meal eating schedule. Kathy had me consuming a meal every three waking hours.” Ken would dutifully obtain and prepare protein, vegetables and starch. He would make food in bulk and distribute the power foods amongst his stack of Tupperware containers. He was all in from day one: for seven straight months he never bobbled, never took a mulligan or fell off the wagon. The payoff for his steadfast adherence was a 50-pound reduction in bodyfat and a 10-pound bump in lean muscle mass. Ken was put on a Parrillo-style, high protein/clean calorie nutritional game plan. A high protein intake retards muscle loss in the face of declining calories leading up to a competition. Protein shakes are the convenient way to attain a high intake of protein on a consistent daily basis.

Parrillo Optimized Whey™ protein power delivers 34 grams of high BV protein with no sugar or LCT fat and only 4 grams of carbohydrate. Ken loves the Parrillo Soft Chew bar. Each High Protein/High Fiber Soft Chew bar contains 22 grams of protein, 13 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of fat. All that protein and fiber and with only 1 gram of LCT fat and 2 grams of sugar. Containing only 120 calories, this delicious bar is the dieters dream. Ken’s nutrition was extremely strict. His training was all out. This was not a mild “strength training” class done by a retiree at the local YMCA. His weight training was properly brutal, Kathy showed him the degree of effort needed to trip the adaptive response and grow muscle. Ken was routinely performing an hour a day of cardio: his indoor tool of choice was the treadmill and his outdoor cardio were runs around his rural farm. “I trained seven days a week. I did all my own food prep and created some innovative meals. In addition, I maintained my usual heavy work ken-davis-stage-backschedule.” This level of work activity, this level of intense physical training – plus the highly-disciplined eating and requisite perfection can be backbreaking for a 30-year old. It is a testament to the efficacy of his methods and borders on incredible that a man of 65 could experience this degree of measurable progress.

Ken indicated that he has his sights set on another show. “Many of my patients came to my NPC show. I continue to train and have decided to compete in a show on May 25th in Albany New York.” Ken Davis is now training with one of the nation’s premier NPC master bodybuilders, Bill Reisen. “I love Kathy to death, but the 70-mile commute was a killer. Bill is local and has shown me so many new things and so many different techniques. He is very precise. I feel certain that I will be dramatically improved by showtime in May.” Ken is starting prep for the May show weighing a tight and taunt 205, what a great jumping off point compared to the near-240 pounds he started out at last time around. It will be interesting to see how much progress this 66-year old can make. Ken wanted to thank Lisa and son Austin for their incredible support during his transformational journey. “It was great to get positive reinforcement from those closest to you.” Ken Davis is a walking/talking billboard for the benefits of resistance training combined with cardio and disciplined nutrition. A strong case can be made the bodybuilding tactics and protocols are the greatest age-retarding system known. Serious bodybuilding extends and improves our quality of life. Bodybuilding enbables us to retain function deep into life. Dr. Ken Davis is the old cliché taken flesh, “You are never too old to get started.”

ken-davis-stage-frontTraining Split

Monday chest, arms
Tuesday back, shoulders
Wednesday legs
Thursday chest, arms
Friday back, shoulders
Saturday legs
Sunday off

Sessions were done six days a week and typically I would work through two body parts per session using 3-4 exercises per body part and generally performing 5 sets of 8-10 reps per set.

Cardio is done every day starting 12-weeks before a show. I would start out performing 30-minute cardio sessions and add five minutes per week until I reached 60-minutes.

Daily Meal Schedule

Meal 1 1/3rd cup (dry) cream of rice, egg whites
Meal 2 ½ cup jasmine rice, 1 cup broccoli, 5 ounces turkey breast
Meal 3 5 oz of cod, shrimp, tuna or tilapia; ½ cup jasmine rice, 5 stalks of asparagus
Meal 4 post-training…Parrillo Optimized Whey™ Protein shake, Soft Chew Bar™
Meal 5 30-minutes after training: 1/3rd cup cream of rice, 5 ounces of turkey breast
Meal 6 5 ounce of 96% lean ground beef, large green salad with red wine vinaigrette
Meal 7 Parrillo Optimized Whey™ shake


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