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How to Eat Five to Six Meals a Day


Like most people these days, I have a busy schedule. Often it’s hard to get my five to six meals every day. Got any suggestions?

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Sticking to a multiple-meals nutrition program is easier and more convenient than most people realize. Here 
Hi Protein Powderare several tips that will help you get all your meals in. First, cook several meals ahead of time each day and pack them in plastic containers until you’re ready to eat them. That way, your food is ready for microwaving. Second, incorporate meal supplements such as the Parrillo Supplement BarTM, ProCarbTM, or Hi-Protein PowderTM into your daily nutrition program. An example of an eat-anywhere meal is a Supplement Bar, several rice cakes, a can of tuna, and some fibrous carbs such as raw broccoli or cauliflower. This works well if you can’t prepare a full meal. Another good idea is to put a couple of scoops of ProCarbTM and/or Hi-Protein PowderTM in your water bottle.

When you’re ready to eat, fill it with water, and drink it, along with some chicken, tuna, or rice cakes, and some raw fibrous carbs. I’m glad that you recognize the importance of eating five, six, or more meals a day. This pattern of eating is metabolically beneficial in three ways. To begin with, multiple meals that include starchy Cardiocarbohydrates help keep insulin constantly present in the body. This powerful, growth-producing hormone helps make amino acids available to muscle tissue for growth and recovery. Insulin’s release is triggered by the conversion of carbohydrate into glucose by the liver. Frequent meals also increase “thermogenesis,” the production of body heat from the burning of food for energy. Following a meal, your metabolic rate is elevated as a result of thermogenesis.

So the more meals you eat, the higher your metabolism stays throughout the day for fat burning and muscle building. Finally, with a constant nutrient supply, you are never forced into a starvation mode. With meals coming at regular intervals, your body learns to process food more efficiently, and your metabolism is accelerated as a result. John Parrillo is the creator of the high-calorie approach to losing body fat and burning muscle. In fact, a leading muscle magazine has called him “an exercise and nutrition genius who knows more maximizing muscle mass and losing body fat than anyone else in the world.” John is the author of the new book HIGH PERFORMANCE BODYBUILDING and his best selling manuals, The Parrillo Performance Nutrition Manual

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