By Scott Canatsey – Lead trainer at Parrillo headquarters

The holidays are a few months behind us now and many of us are well into our New Years fitness endeavor. The gyms are teeming with new fitness enthusiasts (some think it is torture) and the drive is high to “lose those pounds!” But does your yearly “do over” yield the type of result you want? Why does the scale drop some, but the body just does not seem to reflect those pounds lost. The answer is easy. Fitness is not a 28 day challenge, it is a lifestyle endeavor. Short term goals for weight loss are not always helpful, as we often see lead to Yo-Yo dieting. Many people tend to just not eat as much in an effort to make the scale drop which is losing sight of the goal. Have we been taught wrong by the mainstream diet industry? The mindset has to change!

trainers-page-scott-with-sethThe goal of fitness, for most all of us who understand the health benefits as we teach here at Parrillo Performance, is to be consistent with our nutrition and training. It is a patient process of creating a fat burning and muscle building machine. Building nuclei and mitochondria, setting up neural and nutritional pathways, and strengthening the immune system takes time. Synchronizing the body’s systems to run as the well oiled machine it was designed to be. This cannot be done without proper nutrition. That means the gross amount of calories needs to be above a person’s *BMR and have enough left to have energy to expend on training and recovery. This allows the nutrients to be utilized for health and repair instead of being used up as energy. The nutritional support is necessary for health and vitality, as well as for fat loss. A body cannot stay in a caloric deficit and be healthy. Ultimately if you stay in a deficit for far too long, as many do, the organs like the thyroid will be robbed of their nutrients to be used as fuel to keep you from starving. This hampers the ability to maintain a lean body and fat will accumulate readily even when little food is eaten. The thyroid issues that are so prevalent are primarily caused by this abuse of the body, restricting calories too far for too long.

trainers-page-scottWhat is the moral of this story? Eat quality foods frequently through the day; avoid sugar, dairy and processed foods. Drink plenty of water and keep that body moving. The best fat burning advice I can give is this – fat only burns readily in the absence of Insulin. So, after a fasting period like sleeping overnight, a person can burn the most fat if work is performed just prior to first meal. After 20 to 45 minutes of fasted cardio (an original Parrillo concept) the body will readily burn fat and raise the body’s core temperature for the day allowing for more fat burn to occur even while resting. 

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Until next month remember our motto, “Health and Vitality through Exercise and Nutrition!”