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Kristina Reilly – Her Inspirational Journey Continues

By Marty Gallagher

Kristina Reilly is one of our favorite Parrillo success stories. What is inspirational about Kristina is how dramatically she changed her physique and how late in life these dramatic changes occurred. What makes her physical transformation all the more impressive is that she had no athletic background whatsoever. It is one thing to regain some of what was once had; a kristina-reilly-before-and-afterformer athlete can get back into serious training after a long absence and reawaken long dormant muscle memory. Kristina had no muscle memory to reawaken; she had no prior training or sports experience to draw on. She was a classic midwestern mom, fully formed and mature, yet somehow found a way to reinvent herself at an age when people begin to decline, not improve. Her story shows just how powerful and potent Parrillo methodology is, when done right and done consistently. Mrs. Reilly had the incredibly good fortune to cross paths with a legendary Parrillo personal trainer at just the right time: Henry Lovelace has been renovating humans of all types and kinds for decades. Henry happens to own a facility in Kristina’s neighborhood. She had another unlikely event occur when, at the advanced age of 48, she fell in love with a sport (tennis) that she’d never played. She immersed herself in the bodybuilding lifestyle and she immersed herself in her newfound passion for tennis. She somehow made time to fit all this fitness in: the tennis, the weight training, the daily cardio, the food prep for the coming week, all this while raising four children and nursing her husband back from a near-fatal heart attack. Her fitness journey really begins with a series of health catastrophes.  

Kristina Reilly got a fitness wakeup call when Bob, her husband of 28 years and father of her four children, had a heart attack in 2014. Bob was told that he needed to lose a lot of bodyweight. Regardless how big or how heavy a person is, their heart muscle is approximately the size of their clenched fist. Bob Reilly was driving a 5,000-pound Cadillac body around with a 40-horsepower Volkswagen engine. Bob’s heart attack was a wake-up call on a variety of kristina-reilly-hack-squatlevels: not only was it psychologically damaging for Kristina and the family, it was a call to action for Kristina, “I too was 100-pounds overweight. I too was a candidate for some type of obesity-related health crisis.” Bob Reilly had to get thin and Kristina decided to get on board with this new direction. It necessitated a radically new and different approach towards life and required a new relationship with food and exercise, something she knew nothing about. She would have to be a part of the remedial equation. Kristina began practicing an entry-level version of the bodybuilder lifestyle. In around this same time, the non-athlete fell in love with a sport. “I was never ever athletic. Then in 2014 I happened to take a tennis lesson. I fell in love with playing tennis. Tennis was actually the start of my fitness quest.” From inactive to active, from bad eating to clean eating, the Reilly’s’ were getting traction in their quest to get lean and healthy.

Things really came together for the Reilly’s when they crossed paths with midwestern bodybuilding legend Henry Lovelace. Kristina explained, “Things really took off when we joined Wild Horse gym. We could not have picked a better facility or a better bodybuilding and fitness guide than Henry.” Mr. Lovelace has guided countless competitive bodybuilders, athletes and regular people on their individualized quest for physical improvement. Being a total professional, Henry is equally at ease helping an elite bodybuilder prepare for an important show or helping out-of-shape normal people lose 100-pounds of body fat. Kristina took to Henry’s hardcore approach. “Henry set us on exactly the right path. He showed us how to exercise hard enough to get results yet taught us how to stay safe. Henry educated us on nutrition and introduced us to Parrillo supplements.” John Parrillo and Henry Lovelace have known each other for decades. Henry uses and recommends Parrillo Products to all Wild Horse members. Henry agrees with John’s methods all up and down the line; Henry uses his kristina-reilly-bicep-curlsown variation of the Parrillo approach towards weight training, fascia stretching, high-intensity aerobic exercise and the targeted use of potent (Parrillo) nutritional supplements. In addition to her regular training sessions at Wild Horse, Kristina immersed herself in tennis. The disciplined eating, the high intensity exercise, the potent Parrillo supplementation, plus Henry’s weekly input and adjustments, it all combined and suddenly the body fat was melting off. The Reilly’s made gains past everyone’s wildest expectations. Fast forward to 2019 and Kristina now weighs 135-pounds and has competed in two bodybuilding competitions. From 100-pounds overweight to successfully competing in physique competitions – all in just four short years. This is the very definition of sensational progress.

Kristina is a 51-year old homemaker that lives in Chesterfield, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. “I married my high school sweetheart, Bob, 28 years ago. We have four children, two boys and two girls. Andrew is 26, a tax CPA. Kelly is 24, a labor and delivery nurse. Megan, 22, a graphic designer. Jason is 17, a junior in high school and a baseball player. I spend my free time at the gym, playing tennis, or volunteering at my son’s high school.” Kristina is the prototypical American mom. What magic did she find or discover that enabled her to progress so rapidly? It was a combination of the expert advice she got from Henry (and his constant monitoring) combined with her sudden and complete immersion in tennis. She went from no physical activity to lots and lots of high intensity physical activity. Above all else, she successfully came to grips with nutrition and supplementation. All the hard exercise and good advice can be easily undermined with poor nutrition. She uses Parrillo Products on a daily basis. “I use Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™, CapTri® C8 MCT, Parrillo Soft Chew bars™, Parrillo Protein bars™ and Liver Amino Formula™ tablets.” Kristina takes no less than twelve tablespoons of CapTri® C8 MCT per day and consumes 30 Liver Amino™ tablets, spread out over the day. Liver is loaded with blood-enriching heme iron and has been shown to work wonders combating iron deficiency anemia, a terrible and widespread problem for modern women.

Her rapid improvement was also attributable to her commitment to exercise. “I try and start my day with 45-minutes of cardio exercise. I try to do Parrillo-style fasted cardio first thing in the morning; but that is not always possible. Regardless, I will get an aerobic session in sometime during the day. My usual aerobic device is the Stair Mill. Some days I will spend the first 30-minutes on the Stair Mill and immediately switch to an Elliptical Machine.” If all that weren’t enough, she lifts weights using Henry take-no-prisoner training protocols. Last but not least, “I play tennis 13 to 19 hours every week: league matches, lessons, practicing and drills.” Is this not a mind-blowing amount of exercise for a former non-athlete, non-exerciser? Equally interesting was the adherence to bodybuilding nutrition. When you look at her daily meal schedule, the foods selected, the supplements used, it is “pure Parrillo,” a perfect balanced between regular food and sophisticated supplementation. Because of the totality of her commitment, Kristina made progress at an astounding rate. So much so that as 2017 wound down, the former sedentary mom began considering competing in a bodybuilding show. “In December of 2017, I decided to compete. I was very happy with the progress I had made – but I wanted new goals, I wanted to strive for more. In January 2018 I decided to prepare for a state competition in July.”

kristina-reilly-and-daughterWith six months to prepare, and Henry Lovelace in her corner, Kristina took all aspects of the preparation process to the next level. “My youngest daughter and I did the show together; we prepared together. It was so fun and so rewarding and we got so much better that after we competed in July, we decided to just keep going and prepped for another show in October.” Nothing generates enthusiasm like real progress. Initially her dream was just to lose fat and get healthy. Once that was attained it was time for new and loftier goals. “Prior to the article about me in the Performance Press (this time last year) my goals had all been geared towards losing weight and getting healthy. My husband and I had a wake-up call when he had a heart attack in February of 2014. At that time, I was still 100-pounds overweight and I knew we needed to make changes. We needed a healthier lifestyle. Luckily, we met Henry Lovelace in about this time. His guidance and support appeared at a critical point. Henry has been a huge motivator. Up until 2014, I never in a million years thought I would be someone who goes to the gym every day. That was so not me up to that point in my life.”

kristina-reilly-on-stage-2To show how much of a personality shift Kristina underwent, she noted that, “It used to be that every so often I would take a stab at getting fit; these ‘fitness efforts’ always involved walking outside and never resulted in anything of any significance. Now, to show how much my mindset has changed, I now feel it a necessity to train. Exercising is a necessity for me to feel my day is complete. I have come to enjoy training, I love exercising. I love playing tennis. I enjoy every second when I am in the gym or on the court.” Kristina Reilly changed her entire life four short years ago and has a brand-new streamlined body to show for her considerable efforts. “It is super motivating to feel strong. It is super motivating to push up to, and then past your current limits. It is motivating to see your hard work in the gym pay off in positive, visible physical changes. I love my new lifestyle. One I can share with my kids.” You go girl!

Daily Meal Schedule

  • Meal 1 Parrillo Hi-Protein™ shake with almond milk, egg whites and oats
  • Meal 2 Parrillo Protein bar™ 
  • Meal 3 Chicken, brown rice, green beans 
  • Meal 4 Parrillo Soft Chew bar™ 
  • Meal 5 Chicken and broccoli 
  • Meal 6 Egg whites and PBT Fit mixed with CapTri®
  • C8 MCT 

I take 12 tablespoons of CapTri® C8 MCT and 30 Parrillo Liver Amino™ tablets each and every day.

Training Split

  • Day 1 Chest and Biceps
  • Day 2 Arms
  • Day 3 Legs
  • Day 4 Back and Triceps
  • Day 5 Shoulders 
  • Day 6 Legs
  • Day 7 Repeat Day 1. I don’t have a rest day.


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