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May 2019 Parrillo Performance Newsletter


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Recipe Of The Month
Green and Crunchy Salad

• 100 g. quartered brussel sprouts
• 100 g. green beans cut into 1/2 inch pieces
• 100 g. chopped celery
• 50 g. chopped bell pepper
• 25 g. chopped green onion

• 5 tbsp. CapTri® C8 MCT
• 3 tbsp. lemon juice
• 2 tbsp. fresh OR 1/1/2 tsp. dried basil
• 5 g. chopped parsley

Microwave sprouts and beans until tender but crunchy. Drain and chill. Chop remaining vegetables and combine them with sprouts and beans. Mix together ingredients for dressing. Shake well and pour over salad. Toss to coat vegetables and chill for one hour before eating.

Variation: add 1/2 cup cooked rice.

Article Of The Month
The Case for Casein

By Duke Nukem

It takes science awhile to catch up to bodybuilding and it takes bodybuilding awhile to catch up to John Parrillo. Case in point: casein. Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™ is a casein protein, one of nature’s highest quality proteins. Casein protein had been somewhat eclipsed with the widespread introduction and popularity of whey-based protein. A lot of bodybuilders mistakenly think that when it comes to protein whey trumps casein: that is a wrong understanding. It is not an either/or situation, it is a use and timing situation. Whey is a hammer while casein is a screwdriver; both (whey/casein) are legitimate tools with legitimate uses. Bodybuilders need to know when to use a hammer and when to use a screwdriver. Think of casein as being synonymous with the slow-release of protein; think of whey as a quick-release of protein. From a bodybuilder’s perspective there are times when a fast-acting protein is appropriate (upon awaking, after training) and there are times that a slow-release of protein is ideal (before bed, mid-afternoon.) John Parrillo alerted the larger bodybuilding community to the benefits of casein decades ago. Now science, late to the party once again, has discovered the benefits of casein protein. It was major news in Britain this past month when scientists released results from a University study that showed that supplementing with casein protein increased lean muscle mass. That was expected, what was unexpected was that study participant simultaneously lost body fat. Click here to read entire article

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