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Mysha Enneking – Going at things differently

By Marty Gallagher

Mysha Enneking came to fitness and bodybuilding in an unusual way. As a child and teen, the Ohio native was athletic and fit. She played tennis in high school and was agile and adventurous. Mysha was born with outstanding legs. Her legs were large in comparison to her normal sized torso. As a child and teen her fabulous calves became targets of opportunity for teasing, and its harsher cousin, mockery. Ironically, years later, when she began competing in Physique competitions, her muscled legs were considered her best attribute. “My entire life I had been made fun of for my calves. Guys, girls, everyone, would comment on how ‘big’ my calves were – and not in a complimentary way. I developed a complex about my physique from a very young age. This resulted in a lot of self-doubt and a negative body image.” Mysha graduated high school and continued her education. “During my college years I joined a big-name chain gym that I could walk to from my house. This gym had an old school vibe which I loved: cement floors, dark lighting, dirty and dingy weights lying all over, and big-muscled guys grunting. I fell in love with the atmosphere. This felt right.” Despite finding the right facility, she was still unsure about her own direction. “I was never quite sure what I wanted to look like. I was never quite sure what my goals should be. I held a lot of fat in my lower body. I craved the definition that came from bodybuilding. I didn’t know anything about nutrition or training.”


After college Mysha’s life took an unusual turn. “I signed up for professional wrestling training in Cincinnati. I began training twice a week. This was rigorous, physically demanding training. Pro wrestling is very dangerous and extremely painful.” Blows to the head and body slams are routinely dispensed and received. Mysha recalled “I spent two years training to become a professional wrestler.” After her two year wrestling apprenticeship, Mysha spent one year as a professional wrestler. “It was demanding and intense work. The highlight of my wrestling career was performing with my husband, Greg Harris, a professional wrestler known as “Angel,” in the biggest NWF show of the year.” While Mysha successfully “learned the ropes” of pro wrestling, the skill sets, the moves, the agility and the timing, her training and nutrition efforts outside of the ring were proving counterproductive. Her goal was melting off body fat. She obviously had shapely muscle hidden underneath excess body fat. She was using ineffectual methods. “I would starve myself and then do hours of cardio.” This bad combination produced negligible results. “I had a ton of self-doubt. I was uneducated about how to eat correctly and how to train correctly. My starvation diet and all my cardio were not working. I was being stubborn and naive.”

Mysha came into wrestling “skinny fat and bottom-heavy.” Things changed in 2016. “I joined World Gym in West Chester, Ohio.” She got good advice on diet and training. Once Mysha adopted classical bodybuilding nutrition and training tactics, her progress took off. Her rapid transformation did not go unnoticed. Mysha morphed from World Gym member into fitness professional. “I had overheard that the gym was short-staffed. They were looking for help at the counter. I approached Ken the owner about becoming a trainer.” Ken was investing in Mysha. Ken expected Mysha to increase her knowledge base. “Ken gave me insane amounts of learning materials; things for me to look up and study. Ken gave me an office at World Gym. I quit my salon job in April of 2017. I then started my training business, which I call No Lateral Movements.” She has been certified through American Council of Exercise and obtained a nutrition certification through ACE. She served an internship at World Gym in Cincinnati and has studied biochemistry, physiology and sports nutrition. She mentors under John Parrillo and meets with him to train under his supervision and obtain his nutritional council. 


“In late 2017 I was introduced to John Parrillo through Ken. The two had been friends for many years. Ken knew that I wanted to take my physique to the next level. I wanted a more muscular look. He knew John Parrillo was the one to get me there. I had heard all about John through my learning materials and I had been using his products religiously.” Mysha was extended an invite and ventured to Parrillo Performance Product’s headquarters. When she saw the Parrillo training facility, she was amazed and enthralled. “I went to John Parrillo’s place of business and was shown around. This proved to be a life-changing catalyst. John’s facility was a scientific mecca. The bodybuilding photos all over the walls were inspirational. His custom-built exercise machines were modified in ways that I had never seen before. He sparked my imagination in every way. What was all of this used for?! I was determined to find out.” John and Mysha talked at length and in depth about where she wanted to get to. The two hit it off. John agreed to work with Mysha on a regular weekly basis. “John mentored me. Every Friday afternoon for over a year I would travel to The Parrillo Performance office and speak with him. In addition to John’s guidance, I was training three times per week at the Parrillo Training Facility with Seth Drake. 


This sudden immersion in all things Parrillo sparked an incredible burst of progress. Mysha underwent a rapid-fire transformation. She combined super-intense Parrillo-style weight training with fascia stretching and high intensity cardio. She underpinned all the hardcore training with Parrillo-style nutrition. “Working with John Parrillo on a weekly basis allowed me to learn and understand the science behind bodybuilding. John showed me truly effective, time proven methods. He also related which methods were complete wastes of time.” Parrillo only works with serious people, ones that will adhere to the training and nutritional advice he offers. “John Parrillo was a knowledge source. He knew what I had been craving to know. I didn’t want to just be another trainer at a gym – I wanted to know what I was talking about. I wanted to learn the techniques that worked.” And she wanted to look the part. “I started training at the Parrillo Training Facility three days a week. Within four months I had obtained the physique I had always wanted. For the first time in my life, I was proud of my body. The training was the most intense physical activity I have ever done. These same sessions are also my best gym memories.” 


For those new to Parrillo-style weight training and cardio, intensity and effort are taken for granted. “John was a big proponent of training to failure (and beyond) and I have been bought to tears by intense pain.” With the Parrillo approach “mental acuity” is a big component. The Mind of the bodybuilder must be “taught” to stride deeper into the lactic acid zone, the “pain zone” as Arnold labeled it. Discomfort always accompanies training taken past current limits and capacities. “When I trained with John, I felt I was building up my Mind as well as my body. By conditioning my Mind, my physique improves.” Hard training must be supported by an equally serious nutritional effort. No more starvation eating. John showed Mysha how to eat more to lose fat. What a joy to go from listless and starving to eating loads of wholesome delicious food every 2-3 waking hours. Mysha has transitioned from “skinny/fat” into fitness professional and Physique competitor. “I now have a thriving personal training business that I call No Lateral Movements. I operate out of World Gym owned by Ken and Ruth Reynolds. I have a circle of beautiful clients who support each other. I get to teach and lead by example on a daily basis.” 

Mysha debuted her renovated physique in April of 2019. Her legs, once the subject of ridicule and embarrassment, morphed into her outstanding body part. “I coached myself for the Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championship. I took home 1st place in true novice Physique division. I also won my class.” Her showing was verification and vindication; obviously she was on the right track. Her transformation had been nothing short of amazing. “I track my foods and log my training and programs all year long. Growth is the goal.” Mysha has every intention of entering more competitions. “My goal is to compete at the Arnold as an Amateur in 2021. More shows are definitely in my future. I am building lean mass and John is helping me think about my symmetry.” She has done a terrific job of “bringing up” her upper body and back – which could be overshadowed by her outstanding leg development. If Mysha can replicate the degree of progress and the rate of progress she has attained to this point, she will most certainly be striding onstage at the Arnold at some point in the not-to-distant future. “Thank you to all the people who have worked with me over the last few years and supported my dream. The old-school vets of bodybuilding at world gym, Ruth and Ken, John Parrillo and of course Greg Harris, my husband, my family and my clients. Thank you for seeing in me what it took a long time for me to see in myself.”


Training split 

Monday shoulders 

Tuesday back 

Wednesday legs 

Thursday arms, abs 

Friday chest 

Saturday off

Sunday off

I am using a strength program. All my top sets are 70% of my 1-Rep max. All exercises are done for 6 sets of 6 reps.


Daily Meal Schedule

6 am egg whites, CapTri® C8 MCT 

8 am Parrillo Pancakes, egg whites, chia seeds, Parrillo Hi-Protein Powder™, CapTri® C8 MCT 

Pre-workout Parrillo Optimized Whey™ shake, trail mix, fruit

12 pm beef, basmati rice, vegetables, CapTri® C8 MCT

2 pm Parrillo Soft Chew bar™

5 pm chicken breast, salad, rice 

8 pm Parrillo Protein bar™

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