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By Scott Canatsey – Lead trainer at the Parrillo Performance training facility

We left off last month with a training regimen and philosophy for the beginning weight training enthusiast. By utilizing many compound movements and pushing as much weight as we can with proper form, the lifter will find a key component to being successful in the foundational training period. Building a physical foundation of strong connective tissue, strong bone and strong muscle in a training program is akin to building a foundation for a permanent structure.

Many of us get our first taste of nutrition for training from a high school coach. Whether track and field or football, the athletes need to perform at high levels. That takes a lot of calories. It is no secret that ice cream and peanut butter are good ways to get lots of calories in a meal. The football coaches all read the same book it seems, as we are all taught early on that lots of indiscriminate calories and heavy weight training will yield results in size, strength and weight gain. How much of that weight is muscle, and how much is fat was not even considered.


The Parrillo Performance principles take into consideration body fat and lean mass gain, as well as strength gains and flexibility. When health becomes part of the equation to be considered, one must begin to look at the body fat accumulation as well as the lean mass gains. This takes looking at the components of the food strategy and formulating a plan that will yield far more lean mass than fat.

“What does a meal plan look like that will yield more lean mass than fat over time?”

One of the vital measures in this strategy is meal prep. Preparing meals for the day or for the week is the way to stay consistent with food intake. If one is out for the day with no prepared food, then expect failure. If you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail. It is that simple.

“What are some ways to make food prep and food carrying easier?”

Purchase a lot of Tupperware and a cooler large enough to carry your food. That is a fundamental step. It is inexpensive and invaluable. This makes it easier for storage in the refrigerator and keeps it easy for “grab and go” meals.

Keep the refrigerator stocked! When we run out of foods we depend on, we are forced to eat outside the scope of our determined meal strategy. This is a problem, but can be resolved in a pinch. Going to the grocery deli and getting some fresh meat and veggies is a good option. If on the road, Subway is not a bad option if you stick to the food that you eat frequently. Turkey and veggies on oat bran bread, if you must go there, is a viable option.

“What do we drink? Just water?”

Firstly, let’s talk about what not to drink. No pop, no dairy drinks of any kind, and certainly no fruit juice. (If you are not aware of the fate of fructose, look it up). Water is by all means the best fluid to drink. No calories and completely cleansing for the body. The best hydration comes from water and water helps to process all the food with amazing efficiency. We are 70% water; consider that for a moment.


This should be enough information for anyone to begin this endeavor with confidence that it will yield the results that you desire. Use last month’s training split with this month’s meal plan and the results will follow. But you need to follow and work 100% of the program to get 100% of the results.

The following meal plan is for a 170-180 pound male, with approximately 3,000 calories. But can easily be used for any active 180 pound person. If you hope to figure out a meal plan for your weight, go to and hit the “Diets” tab at the top of the Header on the Homepage. There are male and female diets for specified weights on the page… and it is free!

Food prep and management is where most enthusiasts wreck their plan. This is the really vital work that makes the difference. Haphazard work deserves haphazard results. This discipline will change your training and fat loss game as well as create better mental acuity and focus by being diligent in keeping the rhythm of the plan.

Until next month!

Meal 1  8:00am

4 oz Oatmeal (rolled oats), dry

5 whole eggs

1 Essential Vitamin Formula™

1 Mineral-Electrolyte Formula™

1 tbsp CapTri® C8 MCT

2 Muscle Amino Formula™ tablets

2 Enhanced GH Formula™ tablets

Meal 2  11:30am

6 oz Turkey breast (pre-cooked measure)

1 cup brown rice (cooked measure)

1 cup green beans

1 tbsp CapTri® C8 MCT

2 Muscle Amino Formula™ tablets

Meal 3  2:00pm

8 oz chicken breast

1 cup asparagus or greens of choice

1 large baked potato

1 tbsp CapTri® C8 MCT

1 Essential Vitamin Formula™

1 Mineral-Electrolyte Formula™

2 Muscle Amino Formula™ tablets

Meal 4  4:30pm

2 Muscle Amino Formula tablets™

2 servings Supplement Meal 50/50 Plus Powder™, Chocolate Flavor

Meal 5  7:00pm

8 oz beef, sirloin, broiled, choice, all fat trimmed

10 oz salad greens

4 oz sweet potato

1 tbsp CapTri® C8 MCT

2 Enhanced GH Formula™ tablets

1 Essential Vitamin Formula™

1 Mineral-Electrolyte Formula™

2 Muscle Amino formula™ tablets

Meal 6  9:00pm

2 serving Protein Powder, Optimized Whey, Strawberry Malt

Drink 1 – 1.5 gallons of water a day.

If you are in need of a between meal snack, a Parrillo Protein Bar™ or Parrillo Energy Bar™ would be the perfect choice.

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