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Parrillo “Stacks” Formulating supplement combinations that accelerate and amplify results

By Andre Newcomb

Regardless your age or size, regardless your gender or degree of fitness or unfitness, regardless if you are thin and seek to add muscle or if you are overweight and seek to lose body fat, nutritional supplements used right will accelerate results – particularly if you “stack,” i.e. combine supplements to turbocharge results. The effective use of nutritional supplements is predicated on the assumption that the bodybuilder/athlete/hardcore fitness adherent is training with the required intensity and consistency. In the Parrillo approach bodybuilders train hard and they train often; using the Parrillo approach, bodybuilders will preferentially perform fasted cardio each morning before breakfast. The Parrillo adherent weight trains hard, heavy and often. Unless the trainee is cracking it hard in the weight room and being conscientious about cardio, results will always be subpar. On the other hand, the bodybuilder can be killing it in the weight room, crushing it in cardio – and undoing it all with bad nutrition. Strike the balance: train like you should and eat with precision. The expert use of nutritional supplements will take physique and performance to the next level and the expert use of “stacking” is the highest and best use of supplementation.


What’s the goal? We don’t weight train, perform daily cardio and eat with discipline in order to stay the same. We seek dramatic physical change in return for our dietary efforts and our hardcore training. A serious bodybuilder is always working towards a goal. In season, the leadup to a bodybuilding competition, the bodybuilder seeks to maintain lean muscle mass while trimming off body fat. In the off-season (anytime other than a prep phase) the bodybuilder will seek to add lean muscle mass without adding an unacceptable amount of body fat. There are three generalized directions the serious bodybuilder/athlete/hardcore fitness adherent can pursue…

• Reduce body fat: a bodybuilder cannot be a true bodybuilder without attaining a low bodyfat percentile. John Parrillo created a methodology for leaning out that is a skillful blending of precision eating and intense, consistent training, with an emphasis on cardio. The strategy is to systematically reduce bodyweight on a week-by-week, month-by-month basis. This gradual, systematic approach enables the bodybuilder to reduce body fat while retaining hard-earned lean muscle mass. Starvation dieting melts muscle tissue and is to be avoided.

• Add lean muscle mass: a real bodybuilder needs real muscle. No one is interested in seeing a ripped and shredded 13-inch arm or a defined set of pecs on a 38-inch chest. To build muscle, the eternal Parrillo prescription has been to combine high-intensity weight training with a high protein/high calorie/clean calorie nutritional approach. In order to build new muscle mass, the body must have a surplus of calories. The additional calories are used to construct new muscle. If the additional calories consist of lean protein and clean calories, muscle gain will be lean and not marbled with an unacceptable amount of body fat. Train big, eat big – but eat clean.

• Reduce fat while simultaneously adding lean muscle mass: this is bodybuilding at the highest level. The degree of precision needed to create muscle while losing body fat requires the ultimate in precision and balance. Weekly BodyStat readings are required to monitor changes in body fat percentiles. There are no cheat days and there is no room for nutritional error or skipped training sessions. To be successful, every day must be absolute perfection: perfect eating, perfect nutrition, perfect supplementation, perfect training day after day, week after week. One bad eating day and the bodybuilder is thrown out of the “metabolic sweet spot” and it will take many wasted days to regain the delicate balance.

Supplement with a purpose: the first order of business is to select an overarching goal. In bodybuilding there are two generalized goals: add lean muscle mass without adding an unacceptable amount of body fat or become maximally lean without losing an unacceptable amount of muscle mass during the process. The highest form of the bodybuilding art is adding lean muscle while simultaneously stripping off body fat. The degree of experience and precision required to be successful makes the ‘lose-fat-while-gaining-muscle’ approach suitable for advanced trainees. Pick a generalized direction and devote all your efforts towards adding mass or getting lean. Regardless the direction selected, the first order of business is to establish a rock-solid Parrillo-style nutritional program based on the consumption of multiple “Parrillo meals.” A Parrillo meal is a portion of lean protein, a portion of fiber carbs and a portion of starch carbs. Food meals, high in lean protein and quality carbohydrates, form the foundational backbone of the Parrillo nutritional program. When consumed, potent, powerful foods cause the metabolism to spike during digestion, a good thing. Proteins and fiber carbohydrates are eaten in combination with complex starch carbs to dampen the insulin spike associated with starch. The amount of insulin secreted by eating starch carbs can be reduced by 50% (or more) using food combining. 

Turbocharge supplements by stacking them: atop a Parrillo-style multiple-meal eating schedule centered on lean protein, fibrous carbohydrate and complex starch carbs, the expert use of nutritional supplementation supercharges the process. Supplements are meant to supplement, not replace eating real food. In the Parrillo approach, expert use of regular food is augmented with expert use of nutritional supplements. Parrillo supplements can be used to amplify the nutritional benefit of food meals. Parrillo supplements can be combined to create “supplement meals.” When supplements are purposefully selected in order to aid the attainment of a specific physical goal (add muscle, lean out) they are “stacked,” i.e. combined. The Parrillo nutritional supplement selection is so vast and varied that all kinds of unique combining are possible and encouraged. We have provided you with some favored supplemental combinations that have proven incredibly effective. The old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life” and by being creative and innovative in your supplement stacking you can not only spur progress but keep your taste buds excited: Parrillo Performance Products are famed worldwide for combining potency and taste.


Summertime lean-out stack

Starting in May, this bodybuilder wanted to be maximally lean by the time August vacation rolls around. Food meals are eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Supplements are taken with and between meals. Cardio is critical. Every day is begun with a fasted-cardio session followed by breakfast. The Parrillo nutritional strategy is wedded to a high-volume/moderate intensity weight training approach. Each successive week for 12 consecutive weeks, the bodybuilder sheds 1.5 pounds of bodyweight.

6am (post cardio)             Optimized Whey shake w/ CapTri® C8 MCT, Max Endurance™, Advanced Lipotropic™

9 am                                      CapTri® C8 MCT over oatmeal, Essential Vitamin™, Mineral Electrolyte™

Noon                                     CapTri® C8 MCT over food meal

Mid-afternoon                  Hi-Fiber Soft Chew bar™              

Post-workout                    50-50 Plus™

6 pm                                      CapTri® C8 MCT over food meal

9 pm                                      Parrillo Contest Cookies™, Optimized Whey™ shake, Liver Amino™capsules

Chocolate Blitz: all day all the time – and lose fat!

This busy real estate agent is the mother of two youngsters and is 25-pounds overweight. Diminutive, 5-2, this individual had one serious vice: chocolate and sweets. She successfully “switched out” bad chocolate loaded with sugar with Parrillo “chocolate” that contains no sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Her taste buds “accepted” the Parrillo flavors. It was then a simple matter to satisfy her sweet tooth and chocolate cravings with Parrillo chocolate flavored supplements consumed throughout the day. This 40-year old mom was also diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia: every few waking hours she would consume three Parrillo Liver Amino™ tablets. This consistent dousing with liver tabs caused her energy to skyrocket.

Chocolate & Ripped Stack

6am                                       chocolate Optimized Whey™ Shake w/ CapTri® C8 MCT, Ultimate Amino™, Liver Amino™

9 am                                      chocolate Hi-Protein powder™ mixed w/oatmeal, Liver Amino Formula™

Noon                                     chocolate Contest Cookies™, Liver Amino Formula™

Mid-afternoon                  chocolate Hi-Fiber Soft Chew bar™, Liver Amino Formula™

Post-workout                    chocolate 50-50 Plus™

6 pm                                      chocolate Contest Cookies™, Muscle Amino™, Liver Amino™

9 pm                                      chocolate Fix™ Protein shake, chocolate almond coconut Parrillo Energy bar™

Mass Attack Stack

Not everyone is looking to get ripped and shredded. Some bodybuilders seek to add lean muscle mass. The trick is to add size without adding body fat. The way to ensure weight gain is all muscle is to make sure all calories consumed are clean calories. Optimal muscle size results are realized when training is intense and protein intake high. In this scenario the goal is to add lean muscle mass each successive week for ten successive weeks. Supplemental protein is used to jack up protein intake. Hardcore weight training takes a tremendous toll on the body. Amino acid stores are exhausted at the conclusion of a Parrillo-style training session; glycogen stores are depleted and desperately need replenishing if the body is to heal and grow.

 Protein Barrage

6am                                       Optimized Whey Shake w/ CapTri® C8 MCT & Creatine, Muscle Amino™, Liver Amino™

9 am                                      Parrillo Maple Pancakes w/butter flavored CapTri® C8 MCT, Liver Amino™

Noon                                     Parrillo Energy Bar™, Liver Amino™, Creatine Monohydrate™

Mid-afternoon                  Parrillo Muffins, Liver Amino™, Ultimate Amino™, Muscle Amino™

Post-workout                    50-50 Plus™ shake w/ CapTri® C8 MCT and Creatine Monohydrate™

6 pm                                      Parrillo Hi-Protein Pudding w/ CapTri® C8 MCT, Muscle Amino™, Liver Amino™

9 pm                                      Hi-Protein™ shake w/ CapTri® C8 MCT, Parrillo Cake w/Hi-Fiber chocolate syrup™

Beginner Stack

For those new to bodybuilding, nutritional supplementation can be a ball of confusion. The Parrillo approach towards nutrition begins with training: the Parrillo nutritional approach assumes that the trainee is engaging is serious weight training and engaging in equally serious aerobic training. Assuming the athlete is weight training and doing cardio with the requisite intensity, Parrillo recommends (at least) one gram of protein consumed per pound of bodyweight per day: a 180-pound bodybuilder would require 180 grams or more of protein per day. By adding three supplements – two Hi-Protein shakes per day; one 50-50 Plus™ shake per day and one Parrillo High Fiber Soft Chew bar™, the athlete consumes a staggering 104 grams of protein – plus intaking post-workout glycogen replenishment from slow-release carb powder in 50-50 Plus.

The 100-Gram Protein Blitz

6am                                       Hi-Protein™ Shake

9 am                                      Essential Vitamin Formula™, Mineral electrolyte Formula™

Noon                                     High Fiber Soft Chew bar™

Mid-afternoon                  Essential Vitamin Formula™, Mineral electrolyte Formula™

Post-workout                    50-50 Plus™

6 pm                                      Essential Vitamin Formula™, Mineral electrolyte Formula™

9 pm                                      Hi-Protein™ shake

Create a supplemental game plan and stick to it: regardless if you plan on adding mass over the winter or getting ripped for the beach or a class reunion, all your physical and physique goals are rooted in hard, intense consistent training augmented with classical Parrillo-style bodybuilding nutrition and amplified by the expert use of potent Parrillo supplements. The training, eating and supplementing all enhance one another and when everything is in place and balanced, results occur at a lightning-fast pace. Regardless the goal, add mass, get ripped, the smart bodybuilder stockpiles supplements ahead of time. When progress is rolling, don’t risk derailing results by running out of key supplements at critical times. Optimally order a month’s worth ahead of time; three weeks into the cycle reorder. Figure out the goal, create a training plan and create a Parrillo-inspired nutritional program that compliments the goal. Create a supplement stack that enables you to heal and recover from the constant pounding you are subjecting your body to. Think smart, think ahead.

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