By Andre Newcomb

Six months ago Ron had gotten a card announcing the date, time and location of his twentieth high school reunion.  Initially the idea of attending repulsed him. He had a hard time of it in high school. As an overweight nerd he had been awkward, timid and anaemic. In college he found his confidence and now as a highly paid cyber security expert, he had a lovely wife, a beautiful home, lots of friends and a large extended family. Still, in many ways, he was still awkward, timid and anaemic. Ron now had the time, money and inclination to do something about his flaccid physique: he decided to use the reunion as motivation for finally getting into shape. Truthfully he secretly wanted to attend his high school reunion; he wanted to flaunt his success and strut a bit. What was holding him back was his shapeless body, he felt slovenly and unhip. He was the prototypical modern man and his success came with a price: he was about as non-athletic as humanly possible.

Ron didn’t use his body. His body housed his brain. His brain made the money. Everything else was secondary. Now was the time, he vowed, to make that super-serious fitness effort he’d always talked about. He would drop 30 pounds of fat and show up at that reunion looking like a movie star. In his mind’s eye he saw how he looked renovated, trim and tan. He saw a sleek new body and that image fired him up to do something about it. He began researching training facilities and using his Google skills quickly found the finest fitness facility in his immediate neighborhood. Being a man of business, he called and arranged a meeting with the owner. He arrived the next day and liked the look and feel of the facility. The owner seemed extremely knowledgeable and was very friendly. Ron signed up for a year and procured the services of facilities finest personal trainer.  Not coincidentally, Lou, the club’s premier PT also happened to be a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer.  Lou and Ron hit it off immediately.

This particular personal trainer wasn’t the prototypical PT mouthing fitness platitudes and exhorting clients on with inane clichés like “One more rep!” and “Feel the burn!” Lou was college educated, soft spoken, well read and had a list of transformed clients a mile long. Ron and Lou got together and set about creating a goal. Once they had the goal, they created a game plan. They then set the goal into a timeframe. The agreed upon goal was to lose 30 pounds of body fat and add ten pounds of lean muscle mass. Lou felt this was doable, given the about of time they had, how unfit Ron was and his intense motivation. Lou felt this guy would actually do what was required. The timeframe was fifteen weeks and the plan called for Ron to drop two pounds of bodyweight each successive week, no matter what. Lou set up Ron’s multiple-meal Parrillo diet plan and used BodyStat to take Ron’s “baseline” body measurements against which all future progress would be measured. Lou put Ron through a 25-minute weight training routine that included Parrillo fascia stretching between each set. After lifting, Lou had Ron ride the Nordic Track push-pull cardio device for 20 minutes. Ron was drenched in sweat and exhilarated when his first workout was complete. He was hooked.

Fast forward six weeks and Ron was a changed man; he was deep into the Parrillo Process and had gotten real traction. He was already lighter, leaner, fitter, more muscular and stronger. Ron was energized in ways he didn’t think possible. His amazing results created additional motivation and his dramatic progress caused him to redouble his already praiseworthy efforts. His sky-high enthusiasm grew even larger as each successive successful week he lost body fat and was starting to muscle up. Lou had pointed out that because Ron was totally untrained (“A fitness virgin!”) he would realize results rapidly. Ron was on the Parrillo nutritional plan and was thriving. “Nutrition is the cornerstone on which everything is constructed.” Lou stressed repeatedly. He wove into the Parrillo multiple-meal food regimen a Parrillo supplement regimen that “rounded out” the food; it was the classical Parrillo approach. Ron’s days were studies in time management. He seemed to make use of every waking moment. His typical day wove together working out and work plus family and church.

parrillo Performance PrinciplesRon’s alarm would go off at 5 am every morning. He would roll out of bed and change into workout gear before heading downstairs where he would mix and drink a protein shake: a serving and a half of Parrillo Optimized Whey™, 34 grams of protein with only 3 carbs. He had purchased a Nordic Track push-pull stepper device and placed it in his spacious three-car garage. Ron put some heavy metal on his iPod, mounted the machine and proceeded to tear into a 30-minute cardio session that had him dripping and drenched in his own sweat by the time he was finished. Lou explained to Ron the importance of intense, sweaty cardio. “Intense cardio not only burns calories at an accelerated rate, it spikes the metabolism. Over time, intense cardio builds additional mitochondria in the working muscle. “This kind of hard science was right up Ron’s alley. He loved how energized he felt after cardio. He took a hot shower and made his way to the kitchen to eat his breakfast. This would be the first of six daily meals, or “feedings,” as Lou called them.

With an efficiency that comes from practice Ron methodically diced and sautéed (in butter-flavored CapTri®) onions and bell pepper. He added eight egg whites plus two yolks and created a delicious vegetable omelette. Along with his eggs, he ate a portion of oatmeal mixed with a half-serving of chocolate Parrillo Hi-Protein powder™. He headed to work.  Mid-morning and mid-afternoon Ron would go to a file cabinet in his corner office and extract his Parrillo Products. He would fill a Tupperware shaker bottle with a serving of Optimized Whey™ protein and mix it at the water fountain.  He would augment his shake with a Parrillo Soft Chew bar™.  Each “supplement snack” provided Ron with a whopping 50 grams of protein. For lunch Ron liked to go to a little restaurant a block from his office where he would order roasted chicken or some type of shrimp. He would always have a fiber vegetable to go with the rice or potato. The food was delicious. Since being on the Parrillo nutritional program he was never hungry. For dinner that night he would have a delicious chunk of grilled fish, perhaps some shrimp or a steak. He would always have a big salad. He avoided starch with his final food meal or the day in order to “deepen” (Lou’s phrase) the next morning’s low glycogen status. The lower the morning glycogen stores the better the fat burning.

Lou had Ron on a six-day per week weight-training schedule. Sessions were relatively short, but extremely intense. Before every workout Ron would take four Muscle Amino Formula™ capsules loaded with branched-chain amino acids. An intense weight training session exhausts and depletes the targeted muscle’s supply of amino acids. Lou wanted Ron to “pre-load” aminos that were about to be depleted. Lou had shown Ron the key exercises, how to perform them and how to log results. Once a week Ron would train under Lou’s direct supervision. The lifting was mind-blowingly difficult. Ron took to the bodybuilding-style weight training and found that he had a surprisingly high pain tolerance. Lou exposed Ron to forced reps and showed him how to perform drop sets when he trained by himself. Each week Lou expected Ron to handle slightly more poundage or squeeze out extra reps. They used a classical Parrillo weight-training template: Monday and Thursday was leg day; Tuesday and Friday, chest and arms; Wednesday and Saturday, shoulders and back. The body part exercises would be different in each of the two weekly sessions. If on Monday Ron did squats, leg extensions, lying leg curls and standing calf raises, on the second leg day, Thursday, he would perform Hack squats, leg presses, seated leg curls and seated calf raises.

This type of exercise variety, workout-to-workout, week to week, kept the training fresh and interesting. Each weight training session only lasted 30 minutes, but these were the most intense 30 minutes Ron had ever experienced: the degree of pure effort Lou demanded was way past what Ron would have believed himself capable of. The moment the weight training session was done, Ron would drink a serving or two of Parrillo 50-50 Plus™, the powdered supplement designed specifically for post-workout replenishment.  Science has shown that if intensely trained muscles are supplied with quality nutrients at the end of a training session, muscle growth is dramatically accelerated. By supplying the body precisely what it needs to commence the healing process (healing must precede muscle growth) results are accelerated and maximized. Ron drank his 50-50 Plus™ and washed down four more Muscle Amino™ capsules with his half-protein/half-carbohydrate replenishment concoction. He would head home, maximally pumped, maximally glowing and feeling fulfilled.

Every evening Ron would have a leisurely dinner and before bed, while watching TV with his wife, Ron would have Parrillo Cake: he was addicted to Parrillo cake and looked forward to this high protein taste treat. Each successive week Lou would increase Ron’s clean calorie intake, ever so slightly. Each successive week Lou would ever so slightly increase the intensity and duration of Ron’s cardio. Each successive week Lou would have Ron add slightly more poundage or squeeze out an extra rep. Under Lou’s guidance, Ron had gotten complete traction and as predicted, the initial results appeared quickly. When those first gains slowed, Lou seemed to know exactly the right tweak or adjustment to make at just the right time to keep the progress coming. Every week Lou used the Parrillo Body-Stat kit to quantify Ron’s progress. A nine-point skin-fold calliper test was administered by Lou to determine where Ron stood: had he lost body fat? Had he added muscle? BodyStat appealed to the science side of Ron, who was intrigued with the procedure. As Ron edged ever closer to the reunion date, he redoubled his efforts. Ten weeks into the process and he had dropped 25-pounds of fat and built 8-pounds of lean muscle. A beautifully sculpted body began to emerge from beneath a thick blanket of body fat. Lou was guiding Ron across the finish line with seasoned expertise.

By this time, all the easy gains had been gotten; now the gains came far harder but attaining them during the final two weeks was not a problem because Ron was a tiger in the gym and his diet discipline was effortless. In week 12, the final week, Ron met with Lou for his final, pre-reunion BodyStat session. He had started off three months ago weighing 209 pounds with 28% body fat. He now sported a 12% body fat percentile weighing 177 pounds. He had three rows of abs, a chiselled face and a nice degree of muscular delineation. He looked like a different man and inside he felt like a different man. Formerly worn down and worn out, now he was a ball of frenetic energy. His lighter, leaner stronger body was energized and vibrant. His progress had been so pronounced and so dramatic that his petite wife had become a client of Lou’s. Needless to say, friends and family, co-workers and acquaintances were baffled and amazed. Lou even had Ron use a few competitive bodybuilder prep techniques the final week before the reunion.

The reunion itself was a bit anticlimactic in that he no longer wanted to rub his financial and physical success in the faces of his high school tormentors. First off, most of the losers (as tormentors usually are) didn’t show up and those that did were fat and pathetic. Still, he felt fabulous. While to Ron it all seemed miraculous, to Lou it was all very ordinary. “This is what I do for a living.” He told Ron by way of explanation. “You are another in a long line of transformed clients. The Parrillo approach to nutrition, training and bodybuilding works every single time it is enacted and executed with the disciplined adherence that you exhibited. The system always works, assuming it’s done the way it is supposed to be done.” Needless to say, Ron became a walking, talking billboard for the effectiveness of Lou’s methods and the Parrillo approach. Anyone anywhere that institutes and executes the Parrillo approach with all the fire and passion Ron displayed can and will reap those self same sensational results.