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50/50 Plus Powder™ – Chocolate


• Net Wt 32oz (907g)
• Accelerates recovery after training
• A perfect balance between protein and carbs
• Fat-free, sugar-free source of “clean” nutrients

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Product Description

Is 50/50 Plus™ the perfect nutritional supplement? Top athletes discovered that if they ate a light, balanced meal after an intense training session (the only kind of training that triggers progress), muscle gains increased and energy sapped by training returned quicker if depleted muscles were quickly doused with quality nutrients. Science even established a “window” of opportunity that snapped shut within an hour after the training session. If the athlete were smart enough to replenish hard trained muscles immediately after training, nutrients were transported to starved and depleted cells quickly. This “smart bomb” nutrition is commonplace among champion bodybuilders: they understand that this simple replenishment procedure exponentially multiplies muscle gains. Parrillo Performance devised 50/50 Plus™, a post-workout “smart bomb” that provides a perfect blend of high BV protein and slow release carbohydrates – exactly what the body craves after the slaughterhouse of high intensity training. The result is a fabulous tasting drink in powder form that when mixed with water provides 20 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbs, and no fat or sugars per serving. 50/50 Plus™ comes in four delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange Cream and the revolutionary 50/50 plus™ “milk” flavor . Milk-flavored 50/50 Plus™ powder allows you to recreate a perfect milk substitute with as much calcium but without the fat, lactose or sugar of real milk!

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