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CapTri® C8 MCT Oil – Unflavored


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– 32 Fl Oz (1 Qt) 946 ml
– Pure C8 medium chain triglyceride (MCT Oil) from fractionated coconut oil
– Concentrated calorie source for gaining muscle mass
– Energy source for dieters intent on losing fat while retaining muscle
– A cooking agent for frying foods healthfully
– Parrillo Performance uses Glass Bottles for MCT Oil (no plastic bottles with Chemical Plasticizers)


Product Description

Pure C8 medium chain triglycerides (MCT Oil) from fractionated coconut oil

As most know, the Parrillo Program is based on eating high amounts of protein and complex carbs and keeping fat intake to a minimum. Of course, everyone’s metabolism is different and can handle foods differently. If you’ve worked with the Parrillo program you know that to lose body fat, we recommend cutting carbohydrate calories. We don’t dispute the fact that you can lose body fat by lowering carbs, thus reducing insulin. What is wrong with high fat programs is the use of dietary fat.

Studies have shown that dietary fat is very prone to being stored as body fat. Not only does dietary fat contribute more to fat stores than carbs or protein, but high fat foods are loaded in cholesterol and trans fatty acids, making you a prime candidate for heart disease.

The way you utilize the low-carb strategy on the Parrillo Program is with the help of CapTri® C8 MCT Oil, a fat, containing 8.3 calories per gram. However, because of its molecular structure, it digests in the body more like a carbohydrate.

In fact, it is burned quicker than carbohydrates and has almost no tendency to be stored as body fat. CapTri® C8 MCT Oil is used to sustain energy levels when lowering carbs or adding quality calories to your diet when trying to gain lean mass.

That’s where CapTri® C8 MCT Oil and dietary fat differ. CapTri® C8 medium chain triglyceride oil is the healthy approach to low-carb/high-fat dieting.

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