Evening Primrose Oil 1000™


• 90 Softgel Capsules
• Provides critical Essential Fatty Acids
• Reduces and reverses negative side effects of severe dieting

Product Description

Your body needs certain special fats just like it needs vitamins and minerals. These special fats are called Essential Fatty Acids. People who diet hard and long and try and go fat-free often suffer nasty side effects from EFA deficiency: itchy, flaky skin; hair loss; stiff and sore joints and short-term memory loss. Parrillo Performance recognized the need for a product that counteracts problems associated with severe dieting. The Parrillo Performance solution is Evening Primrose Oil™ a concentrated source of Essential Fatty Acids. EFAs keep joints lubricated, hair and skin healthy, and brain neurons firing correctly. Each 1000mg gel cap contains 30iu’s of vitamin E, 100mg of Gamma Linolenic Acid and 760mg of Linoleic Acid. Take one to three capsules daily.


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