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HI-Protein Cake & Cupcake Mix™ – Vanilla


• Net Wt 24oz (680g)
• Incredible Taste!
• Packed with 13 grams of protein per serving
• Only 5 Net Carbs

Product Description

Now the serious bodybuilder can literally have their cake and eat it, too. Incredibly potent and tasty, the finished product produces either an 8-inch cake or 6 cupcakes. Bakes in 12-minutes in a countertop toaster oven. Each cupcake contains 90 calories, 13 grams of high BV whey protein, 11 carbohydrates (5 net carbs) with no sugar and only 1 gram of fat. The taste is amazingly good and is so potent and “clean” that “competitive bodybuilders can consume cake or cupcakes right up to the day of competition.” A canister makes four cakes or 24 cupcakes. Available in vanilla, chocolate, and spice cake flavors.

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