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High Fiber Chocolate Syrup Mix™


  • Net Wt 16oz (454g)

Product Description

Yes, you can have Chocolate Syrup even if you’re on a strict diet! With Parrillo’s High Fiber Chocolate Syrup Mix, you won’t blow your diet because one serving is only 20 Calories, has no fat or sugar, plus you’ll be getting 12g of prebiotic fiber. Our Chocolate Syrup is so easy to make: For 4 servings, just add 1 tablespoon of water to 2 level scoops of Chocolate Syrup Mix and stir until smooth. For an extra special treat, how about this: a Contest Brownie or slice of Hi-Protein Cake, topped with a scoop of Parrillo Protein Ice Kreem and drizzled with Chocolate Syrup! Now that’s the way
to diet.

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