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Liver-Amino Formula™


• 400 Tablets
• Keeps the user in the ultimate metabolic state
• Allows the bodybuilder to stay anabolic during sleep

Product Description

Strength athletes have known the value of beef liver for decades. Why? Because of the amazing, growth promoting qualities. High potency beef liver tablets, taken at reoccurring intervals throughout the day, combined with sensible eating, will allow an athlete to have a better recovery rate all day long! Parrillo Performance updates this classic nutritional supplement and the sheer mega-tonnage contained in each tablet is awesome! Each tab contains a whopping 1.5 grams of high BV protein plus a handful of B-12, Choline and Dibencozide thrown in for good measure. We recommend athletes take 5-8 tablets with each meal, depending on your size, and a handful before bed. These nighttime tabs will provide you with a nice anabolic jolt as they dissolve deep into the sleep cycle.

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