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Muscle Amino Formula™


• 150 Capsules
• Research grade branched-chain amino acid formulation
• BCAA supplementation increases power and strength

Product Description

Professional bodybuilders and world champion powerlifters have known for many years that concentrated doses of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) will result in significant muscle growth. Iron Curtain sports medicine doctors were the first to recognize the benefits of isolating BCAAs to aid athletic performance. Parrillo Performance uses research-grade amino acids in all of its formulations and Muscle Amino Formula™ is a particular favorite of some of the most prolific bodybuilders of all time that use or have used our products. Take 2 Muscle Amino Formula™ capsules with every meal, and take 3-5 capsules particularly before or after muscle blasting, iron pumping workout or a high intensity aerobic session.

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