Optimized Whey Protein Powder™ – Strawberry Malt


• Net Wt 28oz (794g)
• Indispensable for building muscle
• Speeds recovery time between training sessions

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Product Description

Protein is the nutrient most responsible for the creation of new muscle tissue. Without an adequate supply of protein, no muscular growth is possible. If you lack protein you radically increase the risk of overtraining. Training hard, while in a protein deficient state, has a disastrous effect on progress. Science has shown that protein consumption after hard training speeds recovery. How much is enough protein? We at Parrillo Performance, based on our extensive work with thousands (literally) of competitive athletes, recommend the serious weight trainer intake 1½-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Champion bodybuilders and strength athletes can go higher. We devised Optimized Whey™ protein to meet a need: the athletes need a “clean” (fat-free/sugar free) source of protein that is assimilated quickly and with maximum absorption. Optimized Whey™ provides 33 grams of high biologic value (BV) protein with every serving. With no fat or sugars, and only 4 grams of carbohydrate, Optimized Whey™ mixes with a few swirls of the spoon in a glass of water and the taste is rich, dense and flavorful. Comes in Vanilla Malt, Chocolate Malt and Strawberry Malt flavors.

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