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Parrillo Body Stat Kit™



Product Description

One of the most essential tools in building the ultimate physique is theParrillo BodyStat Kit™. The Parrillo BodyStat Kit™ provides everything necessary for you to calculate your ratio of body fat to lean mass, percent bodyfat and pounds of lean mass. Including: the BodyStat Manual which tells you exactly where and how to take skinfold measurements; a year’s supply of BodyStat Sheets which contain the formulas and allow for week to week comparisons; and a high-quality skinfold caliper. You’ll find that BodyStat testing is extremely accurate, convenient and an excellent way to gauge your progress. TheParrillo BodyStat Kit™ tells you when to adjust your diet and training as your body composition changes. This way, you can continue to achieve your goals by eliminating the guesswork from dieting and training.

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