Parrillo Energy Bar™ – Chocolate Cherry Cordial


• 12 Bars/Box
• High energy in a wrapper
• Slow release carbohydrate source
• Stay anabolic throughout the day

Product Description

We work with a lot of national and international level athletes helping them in their preparation for competitions. It is due to that level of involvement that we have developed the Parrillo Energy Bar™. What we found is that the athletes we work with need energy. Due to the strict dieting and high level of energy requirements, they wanted a portable source of high quality, energy producing nutrients. The Parrillo Energy Bar™ provides 5.5 grams of energy producing CapTri®. With 35 grams of a slow-release carbohydrates and 14 grams of high-quality protein the Parrillo Energy Bar™ is just what you need. Perfect for a mid-morning snack, pre-workout energizer or just as a great source of nutrition when you are on the go. Portable, nutritious, energy-packed and delicious.

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