Parrillo Nutrition Manual™



Product Description

Dieting can be confusing, whether you’re a bodybuilder, endurance athlete or just someone trying to shed some unwanted body fat. The first thing you need to determine is what you want your results to be. Do you want to add lean muscle mass? Is reducing unwanted body fat your concern? Do you want to do both simultaneously? The Parrillo Nutrition Manual™ will answer all your questions about nutrition and supplementation and teach you how to plan and implement an effective diet based upon your training and nutritional needs. The Parrillo Nutrition Manual™ is based on nutrient dense, metabolism building food and plenty of it! The Parrillo Nutrition Manual™ provides you with an outline, utilizing these nutrients, to accomplish your goals. The Nutrition Manual™ includes: Food composition guide, supplement guide, CapTri® cookbook, sample diets, a food scale and a one month supply of diet trac sheets.

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