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Parrillo Training Manual™



Product Description

With the Parrillo Training Manual™ you will learn specific exercises that have proven effective for some of the nation’s top competitive athletes. It will help you determine the optimum rep/set scheme you need to maximize muscular density, cardiovascular density and muscular endurance. The manual is designed to help you increase your mental acuity, perfect your form and intensify your workouts. It also contains individual chapters for each muscle group, featuring sample workouts used by John Parrillo with some of the top professional and amateur bodybuilders in the world. Each chapter has illustrated movements to show you the proper form for that particular exercise. The ParrilloTraining Manual™ also gives you information on the importance of aerobic training and how it can help improve your physique. In addition to this, there are chapters on fascial stretching, a revolutionary way to stretch your muscles for maximum growth and a chapter on proper posing. Including all of the mandatory poses for most bodybuilding organizations.

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