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Performance Package™



Product Description

The Parrillo Performance Package™ is the most effective way to get your body into the best shape ever. The combination of the Parrillo Performance Nutrition Manual™ and the BodyStat Kit™ ensures that your physique will look better than ever. The Parrillo Nutrition Manual™ provides you with the information necessary to build lean mass and strip away bodyfat by not only telling you how but why. Parrillo gives you the power to control your physique. “But how will I know if I am on the right track?” That is where the Parrillo BodyStat Kit™ comes in. Complete with a how-to manual explaining how to take accurate skinfolds, enough comparison charts, complete with formulas to calculate bodyfat, to last one full year and a heavy-duty set of skinfold calipers. And if you need to make a change to supercharge your physique, you have the most powerful nutritional tool in the world: the Parrillo Nutrition Manual™. As you can see, this combination is unbeatable.

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