Pro-Carb Powder™ – Strawberry


• Net Wt 35oz (992 g)
• Quality carbs for energy and muscle recuperation
• Provides a source of energy for training
• A slow-release carbohydrate source for the dieter

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Product Description

Carbohydrates can be the bodybuilder’s best friend or worst enemy. Carbohydrate supplementation, done skillfully, can burst the user up to the next level of physical development. Parrillo’s Pro-Carb™ powder is designed to give you clean, quality carbs for energy and muscle recuperation without the dreaded insulin spike that causes an increase in bodyfat. In fact, the carbs are what we call slow-release. This means that they provide a sustained energy level during the duration of your training session. Pro-Carb™ is used by a diverse cross-section of athletes. From marathon runners to monstrous bodybuilders, Pro-Carb™ powder provides these athletes with one of the cleanest fuel sources available. Whether you are trying to pack on muscle or just need an efficient form of carbohydrates to fuel long, grueling workouts, Parrillo Pro-Carb™ powder has you covered. Two scoops of Pro-Carb™ powder provide 33 grams of quality carbohydrates, derived from maltodextrin, 6 grams of protein from calcium caseinate and amino acids, zero grams of fat and almost no sugars. Pro-Carb™ comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry flavor.

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