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Total Performance Package™



Product Description

The Total Performance Package™ is more than taking supplements and lifting weights.

Much more. It’s a comprehensive program of nutrition and training techniques designed to provide you with the information you need to get results. If you are serious about building a stronger, healthier body, this program is for you.

The Total Performance PackageTM was developed by John Parrillo, a nutrition and training expert who has trained bodybuilders and athletes over the past 20 years. His program has brought successful results to those who have followed it, including many of the top professional and amateur bodybuilders in the world.

The backbone of the Total Performance PackageTM is nutrition. Eating the right food, in the right amount and combinations, is the most important concern for anyone trying to improve their health and physique. The Parrillo Nutrition ProgramTM answers virtually every question athletes have concerning nutrition and supplementation. Included in the Parrillo nutrition is the Nutrition ManualTM, Food Composition Guide, and a month’s supply of Diet Trac Sheets, Catpri Manual and Supplement Guide. The Parrillo Nutrition Manual provides step-by-step instructions for planning and implementing an effective diet and has sample diet menus ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 calories.

Body Composition testing is another important aspect of the Total Performance PackageTM. And the Parrillo Body Stat KitTM gives you all the tools you need for convenient, accurate body composition charting. By monitoring your ratio of lean mass to body fat, you know if your nutrition and training efforts are having the desired effects. And you’ll know when to adjust your calorie and nutritional requirements for improved results. The Parrillo Body Stat KitTM includes an instruction manual that details how to take the measurements, record the information and interpret it, skinfold calipers and a year’s supply of BodyStat Sheets for charting your progress.

Effective training is also paramount to developing a strong, healthy body. The Parrillo Training ManualTM combines nutrition with weight and aerobic training to improve your overall physique. The manual contains individual chapters for each muscle group and features sample workouts for each group. It has illustrations of both individual and partner-assisted fascial stretching techniques.

The Total Performance Package™ emphasizes information and results.

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