Ultimate Amino Formula™


• 150 Capsules
• Provides a broad spectrum of amino acids for muscle growth
• A source of ultra-concentrated amino acid building blocks

Product Description

If you’ve ever dieted for a contest, you know that holding on to your hard-earned muscle can be even harder than the competition itself. During this period of intensified training, increased aerobics and caloric restriction, you need to give your body increased amounts of protein to feed your threatened muscles — and that’s where Parrillo Ultimate Amino Formula™ comes in. Ultimate Amino Formula™ contains a profile of seventeen “free form” amino acids. This means that they’re more bio-available (easily assimilated by your body) and bypass the long digestive process of food. They take the fast train to your muscles where you need them. Taken with each meal, Ultimate Amino Formula™ will help you hold onto all that muscle you busted your butt to acquire in the first place. Use it for your next competition, or year round if you want to stay super-lean.™

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