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Tammy Cortez: Spectacular results for 52-year old grandmother

By Marty Gallagher

Tammy Cortez is a 52-year old mother and grandmother that decided to get serious about fitness at a relatively advanced age. Since 2015 Tammy has melted off 40-pounds of body fat, added considerable lean muscle mass and renovated her out-of-shape body to such a degree that she began competing in bodybuilding shows. In her first competition in 2018, Tammy had an auspicious debut when she took 1st place in the 50+ age group in the Bikini division at the Rocket City Classic held in her hometown of Decatur, Alabama. What an amazing transformation. And how reaffirming it must have been for her to have all that hard work in the gym and dietary discipline outside the gym pay off. Winning first place in your first competition is the stuff of dreams. In 2019 Tammy entered the Body Be show in Dothan, Alabama. She took 2nd place, again as a Bikini competitor. She competes at 124-pounds, sporting a 9% body fat percentile. Her magical makeover is made even more impressive by the fact that her dramatic improvement occurred at an age when most women begin to regress, not progress. 


One reason for her spectacular improvement was she began working with one of the finest personal trainers in America: Robert McAdory. Robert is well-known to longtime readers of the Parrillo Performance Press. He helped her with her training, nutrition and the subtleties of supplementation. She could not have chosen a better advisor. Tammy began working with Robert McAdory in January of 2018. Robert has been obtaining outstanding results for regular people on a regularly reoccurring basis for many, many years. Robert first obtained amazing results for himself, developing an outstanding, chiseled physique using Parrillo-inspired methods and strategies. John Parrillo and Robert have a relationship that dates back for decades. John noted that Robert always had a way of getting the optimal results for his clients. Robert and John see eye-to-eye on all thing’s bodybuilder-related. Tammy Cortez began working with Robert and despite having very little recent athletic background, managed to morph from fat into fit. In 2015 the 5’4” executive assistant weighed 162-pounds. When she happened to see a photograph of herself, she was shocked into action. At first, she did not recognize that the person in the photo was her. It was at that moment Tammy decided to get serious about fitness. She was hardly the ideal candidate to undergo a dramatic physical transformation. 

Tammy Cortez was not someone you’d single out as destined for great gains. Tammy was in her late forties, a mother of three and a grandmother; she wasn’t some star athlete coming back after years in hibernation, awaking long-dormant athletic genes. Tammy was starting from zero, making her rapid progress even more impressive. Married for 26 years, she lives in Decatur, Alabama and as a child, teen and young adult, was fit without having to work at it. She related that she was athletic all through high school, running cross country, generally being healthy and not really becoming body conscious until after her children got older. When she ballooned up to over 160-pounds she knew she was at a tipping point: she didn’t want to fall into life-threatening health situation that many in her family had experienced. She sought to use fitness to avoid diabetes, pulmonary hypertension, cancer and high blood pressure. She promised herself that she would not travel that road. The road to optimal health is identical to the road used for optimal bodybuilding: the skillful combining of diet and exercise is used to attain (both) a better physique and better health.


 How do we define a fuzzy term like “health?” Bodybuilders improve heart and lung health as a result of their constant cardio. Bodybuilders improve strength and retain function as they age, this a result of their intense weight training. Bodybuilders improve insulin and blood screening profiles through the expert use of regular food, by limiting sugars and saturated fat, and by expertly using powerful nutritional supplements to accelerate workout recovery. The bodybuilding lifestyle, done right, is the heathiest lifestyle on the face of the planet. Not only does the bodybuilder become healthy, by any definition, they also become lean and muscular. Super trainer Robert McAdory introduced Tammy to two powerful Parrillo supplements, CapTri® C8 MCT and Liver Amino Formula™ at just the right time. The CapTri® C8 MCT helped her add clean, potent calories, MCT calories, calories impossible to end up stored as body fat. Tammy felt strongly that CapTri® C8 MCT helped her add lean muscle. CapTri® C8 MCT supplementation also improved her energy. She began supplementing with Parrillo Liver Amino™ tablets and discovered that the liver tabs accelerated recovery from her daily training sessions. Tammy engaged in intense weight training and intense cardio and Parrillo supplementation helped her body recover from the pounding she continually subjected herself to. 

Her nutritional template is pure bodybuilding and pure Parrillo: lean protein, fiber carbs and a smattering of natural, complex starch carbs form the backbone of the nutritional approach. Food is augmented with powerful Parrillo supplements. All trash food, empty calories, sweets, baked goods, and all types of refined carbs and industrial ‘foods’ are avoided. Once she got locked into a tight, bodybuilding/Parrillo-style Robert McAdory-inspired nutritional approach, her body fat started to melt. Tammy also discovered she had a love of hard training. She trains every day and sometimes twice a day. On most days she hit the weights in the daytime and comes back at night to blast away at some form of cardio. Tammy might do some kickboxing, use a cardio machine or perform compound multi-joint Olympic weightlifting movements, these done in a cardio format. Tight consistent dieting combined with hard continuous and consistent training is the only way in which a person undergoes a transformation and spectacular as Tammy Cortez. Asked about her future plans, she indicated that she wants to continue to compete “as long as possible. My hope is to bring a more polished package to the stage every time I compete.” 


It is a cliché to say someone has “barely scratched the surface,” however this overused cliché seems completely appropriate. Because she is working with Robert, he will be able to point out and allow Tammy to sidestep all the pitfalls, dead-ends and potholes other trainees with her level of experience encounter. At the risk of sounding clichéd we’ll say it, at age 52 Tammy has just scratched the surface of her potential.

Training Split

Monday legs

Tuesday chest, back, abs

Tuesday Night cardio, compound weightlifting

Wednesday shoulders, biceps, triceps

Wednesday Night kickboxing

Thursday legs 

Friday back, shoulders, calves

Friday Night cardio, compound weightlifting

Saturday biceps, triceps, abs

Sunday Cardio

Daily Meal Plan

Breakfast 3 egg whites with ½ cup of onion and bell peppers

Morning snack 3oz chicken,1 serving of almonds

Lunch 3oz lean 90% hamburger, celery

Midday snack 3oz chicken, 2 oz sweet potatoes

Dinner 3oz Salmon,1 serving of asparagus

Optional snack egg whites

Parrillo Products used: CapTri® C8 MCT for extra clean calories and energy. Liver Amino Formula™ for accelerated muscle recovery. Fights iron-deficiency anemia.

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