parrillo-principles-obese-guyThe demonization of saturated fats: With a few glaring exceptions, the main concern in every diet, be it mainstream or fad, is to dramatically reduce calories and eliminatae, as much as possible, the consumption of dietary fat. This American anti-fat obsession is rooted in three widely accepted premises, all of which are erroneous half-truths…

  • Fat consumption clogs arteries and leads to heart attacks: This bit of “settled science” is the fundamental myth upon which all the other fat fallacies are constructed. The fat-clogs-arteries idea was originally based on some very bad science aimed at arriving at a predetermined conclusion. The contention was unchallengeable and sacrosanct: eating dietary fat would make you fat and then kill you! Arriving at this unassailable conclusion made it easy to demonize fat. Eliminate saturated fat from our diets, we were told, and obesity and heart disease would disappear. Now we’re thirty years down the road and we’re fatter and more prone to heart attacks than ever.
  • Low-fat, lite, low-cal and fat-free are better for you: If fat is satanic and murderous, it need be replaced as a nutrient. The problematic part is fat is where the flavor is and fat is where the calories are: at 9-calories per gram, fat is twice as dense as protein or carbs, each of which delivers a paltry 4-calories per gram. Low calorie diets, as free of fat as possible, are the industry standard. The problem was (and is) that fat-free diets lack flavor and flavorless diets are hard to adhere to. The need to get the fat out of our food gave rise to low-fat/fat-free food and beverage products that has become a multi-billion dollar per year industry. The lure is that fat-free products are “heart healthy.” Factually they are loaded with trans-fats.  
  • Obeying the EBE is the wrong solution to the problem: The unchallenged core contention (more settled science) was (and is) that the way to lose body fat is to burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis. To lose weight, take in fewer calories than you expend, consistently and repeatedly and do so for an ongoing and continual basis. The caloric cost of exercise (always some form of mild cardio) is figured in. The problem is this fat-loss strategy doesn’t work. Obese people starve themselves and ride the exercise bike endlessly, and nothing happens – how can this be? Meanwhile bodybuilders are eating 3,000 to 5,000 calories a day (with a large percentages derived from MCT lipids) and getting ripped!

Not all fats are created equal: John Parrillo pointed out the need to be aware of the differences amongst saturated fats and turn this knowledge to our advantage. There are three types of fats found in food: saturated fat, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fat.  Add to these naturally occurring fats, trans-fats, an artificial fat found in baked goods, frozen foods, margarine, chips, fast foods, fries, etc. Trans-fats contain rearranged fatty acids. Cheap to make, trans-fats have long shelf lives and allow packaged foods to last nearly forever. Trans-fats are a chemical nightmare, pure poison; trans-fats have a negative impact on the body and overindulgence results in hormone synthesis being compromised, insulin metabolism being destroyed and immune function and resistance to disease degraded. Long-chain triglycerides, LCTs, are found in animal fat and are easily converted into body fat. Medium-chain triglycerides are derived from coconut oil and palm kernel oil and are impossible to convert into body fat. CapTri® is a pure C8 MCT lipid and its uses and benefits are incredibly varied. Most trainees wince at the idea of supplementing with a FAT. It goes against the orthodox anti-fat settled science propaganda. Why CapTri®? Here are the first ten reasons that popped into our heads….    


Ten reasons why MCT supplementation makes sense

  1. Calories that won’t end up as body fat: CapTri® is a pure C8 MCT oil. MCTs are lipids that are treated by the body as if they were carbs. This is ideal: CapTri® has the density of LCT fat, almost 9 calories per gram, yet without long-chain fat’s predisposition to end up as body fat. The chemical structure of CapTri® works to our advantage. CapTri® has a high caloric density and CapTri® calories are either burned to fuel movement or used to construct muscle tissue – they are not stored.
  2. MCTs go to the front of the oxidation line: John Parrillo once compared CapTri® to super-high octane, highly flammable jet fuel. When MCTs are consumed they are immediately burned. The body treats MCTs as if they were bottled nitrous oxide on a street racer. CapTri® calories are put to use the instant they are consumed. Like alcohol, MCTs go to the head of the oxidative line, ahead of any nutrients already in the body waiting to be digested and distributed.
  3. Use CapTri® for building lean muscle mass: Because of its caloric density, 120-calories per tablespoon, because of its highly flammable oxidative attributes, CapTri® is the ideal nutritional supplement for those looking to add lean muscle mass. Augment a solid, Parrillo-style multiple-meal eating regimen with supplemental protein (use the various Parrillo protein products) and add CapTri® as a powerhouse caloric additive. Drizzle CapTri® atop warm food meals, mix it in with shakes, and use CapTri® to cook with or to make CapTri® salad dressing.
  4. Use CapTri® for getting ripped:  Ironically, CapTri®, the ideal mass-building caloric additive, is also the ideal supplement for those looking to get maximally ripped. Elite bodybuilders “switch out” insulin spiking starch calories with CapTri® calories as they approach a competition.  This switch-out is critical: by purposeful replacing starch calories with CapTri® calories body fat is reduced while muscle mass is preserved. Take the starch out without replacing the deleted calories and the body, sensing starvation, will cannibalise its own muscle. Avoid this catabolic nightmare by getting cut with CapTri®.
  5. Build the metabolism: MCT calories spike the metabolism.  Studies show that MCT oxidation raises body temperature. John Parrillo compares CapTri®’s impact on a sluggish metabolism to parrillo-principles-burning-captri“throwing gasoline on a sputtering fire.” A sluggish metabolism is a curse. A fast metabolism can be created out of a slow metabolism through the skilful combining of regimented diet and hardcore exercise. Intense exercise needs to be done often and combined with a dialed-in Parrillo-style nutritional program. When done consistently and for an extended period, the most sluggish of metabolisms elevates dramatically. CapTri® consumption amps up the metabolism all by itself.
  6. Eat more to lose fat: To hit this metabolic sweet spot, the procedures and protocols need to be highly specific with no room for on again, off again adherence. Multiple meals are eaten every 2-3 waking hours and the classic Parrillo meal has a portion each of lean protein, fiber and starch. CapTri® is drizzled over these potent foods as clean calories are eaten in abundance. Insulin equates to body fat. Lean protein and fiber do not spike insulin. MCTs and other fats do not spike insulin. Starch carbohydrates spike insulin. When starch is eaten alone, insulin spikes. However when starch is eaten with clean foods like fibrous carbs, protein and CapTri®, starch insulin is dampened.
  7. Better energy: Starvation dieting slams the brakes on the metabolism. Starvation diets saps energy and never allows for energy reserves to revitalize. A shattered metabolism needs calories to normalize and revitalize. CapTri® calories are power-packed and dense; they provide pure energy for those dieting strictly. Starch needs to be minimized to achieve maximum muscularity; the mistake lies in not replacing the deleted carbs. CapTri® calories preserve muscle and do not spike insulin.  CapTri® calories provide energy because of their denseness and their high combustibility.
  8. Potential benefits of MCT supplementation: MCTs show great promise for those suffering from various wasting diseases. Anyone afflicted by a malady that attacks the body’s immune system responds well to an influx of calories, particularly if those calories are dense yet not fattening. While the malady attempts to wear the body down, dousing it with supplemental calories is water for fire fighters. There has also been some interesting and promising research using MCTs to treat dimensia. There are some indications that supplemental MCTs can counteract symptoms associated with cognitive memory loss.
  9. Use CapTri® as a cooking agent: Every serious diet bans the eating of fried or sautéed foods. This on account of the fact that the fried or sautéed food will end up saturated with the fattening, artery-clogging lipid.  This is always a bad thing. What if it was a good thing? What if the lipid was beneficial? That time is now: it is beneficial to consume foods sautéed in CapTri®. This allows us to put flavor back into flavorless diet foods. Here are a partial listing of proteins and vegetables deliciously sautéed in CapTri®: chicken fingers, fish filets, potatoes, onions, asparagus, shell fish, flank steak, carrots, bell peppers, broccoli…anything you can think to sauté, you can use CapTri®.
  10. Availability, versatility and ease of use: CapTri® is a potent supplement that can be used to add lean muscle mass or as a way to retain lean muscle mass while seeking to get maximally shredded and ripped. CapTri®’s versatility extends into how it can be used: the most common method is to simply drizzle a few tablespoons of CapTri® over food meals. Are you having a salad? CapTri® salad dressing is easy to make and adds quality calories effortlessly and deliciously. Use CapTri® as cooking oil to infuse foods with additional flavor, potency and caloric density. A giant bottle of CapTri® is never more than a phone call away.

Parrillo-style nutrition: Parrillo nutrition is built on the rock solid foundation of “the expert use of regular food.” The Parrillo nutritional approach starts by establishing a multiple-meal eating schedule. Food selections are then narrowed and only “approved” bodybuilding foods are consumed. The bodybuilder is encouraged to eat ample amounts of “clean” food. The body becomes exceedingly adept at digesting and distributing quality calories every 2-3 waking hours. The trainee is kept in a state of continual anabolism because of the ample amounts of clean calories eaten all throughout the day. This is optimal for maximizing healing, recovery and growth. There are no cheat days or gradualism in the Parrillo approach; the idea is to lock down all the aspects of the diet, the meal prep, the disciplined consumption, the steadfastness, everything is done right from day one.

Parrillo-style supplementation: All Parrillo nutritional supplements were born out of a need. A quick review would reveal that, by in large, most Parrillo supplements are protein-additives.  With good reason, protein is the critical nutrient for bodybuilders and athletes that train as hard (in cardio and lifting) as John recommends. Make no mistake about it, hard training done often is traumatic and decimates the body; yet it is the severity that creates the results we seek and causes the body to muscle-up and lean out in response. CapTri®, within the entire supplement universe, is truly unique and revolutionary. All real bodybuilders have a goal and CapTri® assists serious trainees in pursuit of the goal. Regardless if you are muscling up or leaning out, this clean-calorie lipid should be an integral part of your nutritional game plan.