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Parrillo Performance Reviews and Testimonials

“Hi, my name is Deanna Rabosky. I’m from Boston Massachusetts. I’m here with Dr. Mike Feulner and John Parrillo at the training camp here and I’ve had an amazing experience and learned so much that I can apply with my training and my upcoming competitions. I can’t wait to come back for round two. Thank you so much guys.”
Deanna Rabolky and Dr. Big Mike
Hi, I am Deazie and I am at the Parrillo Performance and with Dr. Mike’s Fitness, Figure, Bodybuilding Camp and I am from New York but I really hail from Houston Texas. Go horns. Former Longhorn, had to throw that in there.

So I am a former UT Cheerleader. I am a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, do some fitness modeling on the side, do video choreography, video background work and I am a figure- used to be fitness competitor but figure competitor and this camp has been absolutely amazing. I mean I almost didn’t make it to this camp but I had to figure out a way to make it happen and it has been amazing and life changing and just for the simple fact that you know that I’m intense by myself but once you get among everyone else who is also as intense it just takes it to a whole different level and to experience that makes you feel like you’re not alone.

So it’s pretty amazing, on top of all the education and the science to back up everything I’ve always done or questions I was always wondering why I do this, why I do that, John just answered everything and of course just backed up all the things that Mike has been making me do. Even though he’s been killing me, It’s all for good reason. It’s all for the love. So I have to say that this camp has changed my life. The girls, the guys, It’s just been amazing and I’m glad I’ve met them and now we can all kind of root and cheer each other on as we head to our victories and our goals and our wins and our pro cards and whatever else have you. But it’s been amazing and John’s facility is one of a kind. So my hat goes off to mister John Parrillo and of course, Big Mike.

Deazie Gibson and Dr. Big Mike
Hi, my name is Tito Dudley. I’m from New York , a bodybuilder and I’m here in Cincinnati, Ohio at the John Parrillo Training Camp. I’m learning about nutrition, diet, proper supplementation. I’m learning how to do cardio right; intensity, increasing intensity, just learning how to train. And this past week spending time with John himself and Dr. Michael Feulner has been an excellent experience of learning the proper nutrition for everything that I need for bodybuilding and for those who are not interested in bodybuilding but just want to lose weight and stay fit and stay healthy. It was a great experience. Thank you very much.
Tito Dudley
IFBB Pro Jen Hernandez and Dr. Big Mike

Hi, my name is Jennifer Hernandez. I’m an IFBB Pro and three weeks out of doing my first, well my Pro debut in Phoenix, the Phoenix Pro and I’m here in Cincinnati at John Parrillo and Dr. Mike Training Camp and I’ve learned so much this weekend. It’s an amazing experience. Oh my God, the information, the knowledge, just you know the right way to do the right thing. It is so amazing. I would highly recommend and not just for competitors, just for people in general if you enjoy working out and you just want to take it to the next level this is something I would highly recommend. And I just want to say thank you to Dr. Mike Feulner and to John Parrillo and his wife Dominique and you know Peggy and that this weekend is just so memorable and there’s not words for me to express what an honor it is for me to be here and I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart.

IFBB Pro Jen Hernandez and Dr. Big Mike
Hi, my name is Cathy Oh and I’m from New York City. I’m here at Parrillo Performance out in Cincinnati, Ohio and it’s like a factory here. It is a factory here. Here we’re in the workout area and back there is the factory where they make all the products for Parrillo Performance. The past couple of days it’s been a really, really good torture session. It’s been I’m really grateful for this experience. It’s taught me a lot about what I’ve been doing wrong as a trainer, what works great a trainer and I’m just grateful for being here with a great group of girls and guy that was here and I would like to thank Dr. Big Mike and John Parrillo of course. His wife Dominique was so helpful for everything that she’s done and Peggy and I guess that’s it. Peace Out.
Cathy Oh and Dr. Big Mike
Hi, my name is Jennifer Iritano and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts and I came here this weekend to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend the Parrillo Performance Center and meet with Dr. Mike and John Parrillo and we had a excellent training session and schooling on nutrition and supplementation and working out. It was a very valuable experience. I’m going to take home lots of knowledge and I look forward to potentially competing in the very near future. So I would like to give my thanks to Parrillo Performance, Dominique, Peggy, John and Dr. Mike for having me here to attend this great camp. Thank You.
Jen Iritano and Dr. Big Mike

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